Monday, August 1, 2011

Light-Seeds Almanac - Beyond Disclosure

We live on a very strange mysterious world - and that world is even more strange than we can imagine. However, there is a 'paradigm struggle' taking place on this planet between the metal-fire 3D power base and the planet itself. This has nothing to do with ETs or UFOs .. this is between man and the planet.

The Earth is also a crossroads for Interdimensional Travel and Time Travel, life forms come and go across all the planes merging with each other and that are connected to the light-fibers of the planet. To most of these highly developed travellers humans on Earth are like an 'ant hill'.

The more mundane area calling for the 'disclosure' of secret alien interactions, is nothing new. There always have been these kinds of interactions as long as there were humans on the planet. At every level of human civilisation so-called Extra-terrestrials have interfered in human affairs and have given key humans access to various forms of technology.

Ancient Greece had secret access to forbidden technologies, so too did the Trojans, so too did the Hindu civilisations. They giveth and they taketh away... the technology interference is hidden and new interactions are formed as civilisations rise and fall. This game has been going on for thousands of years.

Earth humans have the capacity to create and develop their own planetary technology .. create new power sources and develop their own unique energy technologies. The real issue is that humans are about to evolve and to move beyond the metal-fire 3D power structure.

The immense changes taking place throughout this Galaxy are not going to come to Earth and influence man to change his or her ways. Changing planets from the outside is how "The Empire" works - control and influence.

In a way, what is happening on Earth now is much more difficult - because people are going to have to figure it out for themselves. The relationship with the rest of the Galaxy is organic .. it is from us to them. They wont come here and impose a stucture or give us 'technology'. We don't need to be given technology from outside (another form of control and influence).

The beauty of this change is that it moves through all layers of society leaving no one behind. It is natural and organic.

The idea of 'disclosure' is part of the problem of today's world. Human beings - in the future - wont be using that 'dark' technology .. based on obtaining power .. based on extending 3D limitations into spheres it should not go. Based on control and maintaining a superior position over one's fellow man. People wont be using that to create their future.

If humans were to develop certain types of technology without inner spiritual balance and awareness - they would completely destroy themselves in a very short period. Of course, the moment a planetary society forms on spiritual basis and develops its own form of spiritual base technologies, how they connect to the rest of the universe changes.

If we use this other dark-projects technology .. that is what we will connect to.

Beyond 'disclosure' requires a shift of human awareness from within - not looking outside - not focusing outside... A shift in awareness that connects with the power-base of the planet, out of which men and women form their own planet based technology.

Each planetary species is like a unique contribution to the cosmos and they bring with them a unique manifestation of their flowering as a species. If someone comes from outside and gives you that seed, then you are never going to germinate your own seed or bring about your own flowering.

There is no way advanced off-world civilisations are going to come down here and give humans 'technology'. That would be like giving an oak tree it's seeds - where the oak tree does not flower into seed on its own.

When creating a powerful Empire .. that is what you do .. you go into a society and you reform it in your image. There is nothing new about that and it requires destroying the original skills of the people you want to control. The Empire reforms society in its own image. The Empire model is based on limiting original expression of any unique species.

A planetary species learns to advance itself through its inner co-operaton with the planet it inhabits. That is the only way you are going to have peace among the inhabitants. Where there is intelligent co-operation. Where spirit and science are one.

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