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The following is a progression of the twelve signs from 2010-2050. This horoscope is both vast and broad in context as it covers over forty years or half a life time for all the signs. The text is still in development.


Everyone, to some extent, whether born in Aries, Taurus, Pisces or whichever sign, will gradually experience a tremendous shift in his and her inner priorities and the perception of events. Everyone will adapt to inner and outer changes in a manner consistent with the personal purpose and destiny.

From 2009 to 2024, we will witness first the gradual and almost non perceptible changes, and at times - particularly between 2014 and 2018 - we will be part of quite tumultuous transformations going on in the outer world. These changes range from the relationship between the sun and the earth, coronal mass ejections from solar energies, to magnetic field changes in and around the earth, and many other quite scientific and astro-physical phenomena.

These changes have begun, and are increasing in size and scope, and in frequency. They are - even to scientists - not predictable, although models exist whereby solar activity phenomena based on sun spots and solar flares can be predicted a few hours ahead. This is of course quite meaningless for our preparedness here on this planet.

It is enough to know that our climate is changing drastically, and that with it also the weather, the economy and society is undergoing massive changes that will have an effect on everyone.

Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer are the signs most touched by inner changes happening between 2009 and 2024. This is a long phase in which the four cardinal sun signs will face their inner world. One of the challenges inherent to these four signs is the management and useful transmutation of the human condition known as "anger" and it is vital here that a new perception of what goes on in the mind comes to bear on the choice for right action.

2025-2044 is a phase one can characterize as "relative inner peace" for the mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces. The inherent challenge of the four signs that adapt best to outer changes via inner mind is really the transmutation from ignorance to wisdom. Here it is crucial to gain a knowing that can be put to use. The phase in which this will happen lasts a full generation, or twenty years.

Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus - the four fixed signs - will be quite radically transformed during the decades 2025-2044. Their inherent challenge is the transmutation of desire, or wanting something. Massive discoveries in human mind technology are foreseen for that phase, breakthroughs that will transform science, medicine, culture, myth, society, and humanity with it in a manner in which human history - as written so far - has never seen before. The twelve signs adapt - react - to this according to their talents.

Acting - or reacting - in a conditioned manner will cause problems after 2011 and be seen as a negative expression of the life force. Life-altering experiences and enlightening events are now on the horizon. The focus for positive development is to become un-conditioned, and this is a tall order, much easier said than done.

The planetary forces impact the twelve signs mainly in phases that can be distinctly shown in relatively short seven years intervals when Uranus makes an aspect to each sign, and within these cycles, there will always be a highlight lasting 12-13 months when Jupiter moves through one sign at a time. The angles made between Jupiter, Uranus, and other outer planets define to a great degree how the cycles are lived by each sign.

The following twelve megatrends are a synopsis only, a summary, and they are discussed in much greater detail, under a magnified time-zoom lens, in form of cycles. They are applicable of course also to moon and rising signs for those who know their own birth charts more intimately well. It is one of the reasons this astrologer feels it behoves the reader to know his or her chart of birth.


People born in Aries or with important birth placements in Aries began in 2008 a journey of self-discovery much more profound than ever before, and they are in many respects ahead of their time when compared to all other signs. This journey will last well into 2018. To temper self-assertion and inherent ego-drive in order to come to well-formed value judgments by 2023 is the guide line for success.

Planetary forces suggest from 2011 to 2018 when Uranus is liberating and awakening Aries that at times certain events that can be perceived as disruptive are in fact for the better. Aries will not accept the status quo once 2011 transforms into 2012. Aries frees itself during many years of the misunderstood concept of "selfhood" and transforms into a leader of the untried.

Unforeseeable energies will appear, giving Aries a chance to test new waters and to blaze new trails. During this phase the best is to go into a deeper search for the inner purpose of life. Certain Aries born people will address this early on, while others will only really face these issues after 2025 when Neptune enters their sign.

In any case, by 2018 a new direction becomes self evident. Simultan the demands on career and status issues lead to a complete transformation of how Aries perceives the world around them, and how others see the Aries person. This change lasts well into 2024. Afterwards and until 2039 there is the potential of both an inner identity crisis and of a slow erosion of personality boundaries. This results over many years in a new sense of recognising right action within an enlarged siritual realm. Ambitions of Aries will be redefined.

Key quantum leaps that lead Aries to enlarge its scope of action are during the following phases when Jupiter is in visit in Aries, once every twelve years: June 2010 to June 2011; May 2022 to May 2023; April 2034 to April 2035, and April 2046 to April 2047. These are four phases in which Aries gets a chance to assert itself massively, while each time having a better understanding of the new reality that emerges by that time.

February 2026 to April 2028 is a zone of time, a span lasting over two years, when Saturn visits Aries, and this can be perceived by action orientated people as a moment when delays can set in and yet also as a phase when form is being brought to projects untested. Added responsibilities will be encountered then, much work, some delays, and form bringing events are among the potential developments of this phase.

By 2048 Aries will have mastered the art of what can be done. It is a lot more and much better than what Aries might envision today, and this not saying much. Aries remains ahead of the curve of knowing for many decades.


Jupiter enhances Taurus matters considerably during these four phases: June 2011 to June 2012; May 2023 to May 2024; May 2035 to May 2036, and April 2047 to April 2048. During these years Taurus is able to solidify its existence and to enjoy life to the fullest. From May 2025 to April 2028, Saturn visits Taurus, which results in ponderous and enhanced responsibilities, more focus on earth matters, and some potential delays. During these years Taurus will have no choice but to dig in and stand the ground it walks upon.

From March 2019 to April 2026 Uranus spends its seven years in Taurus. This time is akin to discoveries of "free" earth energy, probably it is then that the energy explored by Tesla will make its breakthrough and become available to humanity. Taurus finds during these phase a giant reawakening to its own potential. After March 2039 Neptune begins its decade long stay in Taurus, suggesting people born in Taurus assimilate what was acquired by 2026 in terms of spiritual breakthroughs.


Jupiter prompts Gemini into a veritable information gathering and wisdom dissemination quest during four phases: June 2012 to June 2013; May 2024 to June 2025; May 2036 to May 2037, and April 2048 to May 2049. Saturn visits Gemini from June 2030 to July 2032. During that time Gemini has to focus its mind like never before. The validity and usefulness of any information will be severly tested then. Uranus spends seven years in Gemini from July 2025 to August 2032. It is during that phase we will see the breakthroughs in languages and in worldwide communications. Gemini receives massive energies of telepathic imprint during these years, suggesting that it can live in two time lines simultaneously.


Pluto opposes Cancer natives from 2008-2024, which is a time of testing and quite severe transitions. This theme gets enhanced in 2008 positively by Jupiter and in 2020-21 rather severely by Saturn.

This can be experienced as a difficult period for relationships, because you are likely to get involved in power struggles with others. It plays out in two ways, either that you will try to force others to take a certain course of action against their will, or others may try to do this to you. In either case do take evasive actions in order to avoid real difficulties.

If you are attempting to dominate others, you should stop, no matter what your motives are. You may think you have reasons for controlling people, and perhaps you believe that you are only doing it for their own good, but that is not likely so. It is more likely that you simply cannot leave well enough alone.

If you are the victim of others' interfering, the problem is difficult. Probably unconsciously, you give a signal that you will allow yourself to be treated this way. And having set off this reaction, it is hard for you to stop it. On the other hand, you may gain something by fighting back. It is often useful to experience a test of wills with someone, and it is much less dangerous to you when you are asserting your independence of someone else rather than the other way around. You may need to prove to yourself that you are stronger than your opponents.

One dangerous aspect of this influence is that it may trigger off a conflict with persons in authority over you. These people can do you more harm than most, and you should be very careful.

At its most positive, this Pluto transit gives you energy to accomplish things, provided you can keep down the negative effects so that you don't arouse too much resistance and opposition from others. Your personal ambition is likely to be very high during this time, and you can succeed, for this is not an unpleasant influence, because its energies are very powerful, prompting you to be cautious.

Jupiter enhances the concern for security and emotional safety and the enhanced building of safe places during these four phases: July 2013 to July 2014; June 2025 to June 2026; May 2037 to June 2038, and May to September 2049.

Saturn - bringer of form and discipline - profoundly marks Cancer from July 2032 to August 2034, during which time issues of women, mothers and children, and the safety of homes will be looked into deeply. This is a time for which Cancer needs to prepare itself well in advance. During that phase Cancer undergoes a soul searching period, cmparable to the years 2003-2005.

Just as Saturn begins its serious stay in Cancer, Uranus also moves in there, making 2033 and 2034 the ultimate Cancerian years. It spends its seven years in Cancer from August 2032 to August 2039, suggesting that safety issues can be experienced in new ways, and that the notion of family is to be seen in a more tribal fusion. These years will be experienced by Cancer as both liberating, awakening and at time disruptive. Untried approaches will be needed after 2034. The years 2037 and 2038 will show the new beginning for Cancer.


Jupiter enhances the fire sign four times: July 2014 to August 2015; July 2026 to July 2027; June 2038 to July 2039, and September 2049 to January 2050. Saturn is in Leo from August 2034 to July 2037. Uranus visits Leo from August 2039 to July 2046.


2012 to 2025 is a time zone with the potential of delusions and snares, as Neptune opposes Virgo while making challenging aspects to other planets in the mutable signs.

This transit influence can be challenging as it asks you to test the realities around you. In your relationships, in particular, make certain that you present yourself to others as straightforwardly as you can. Do not leave people in any doubt about your intentions. If others have any reason to misunderstand you, they will, and they are likely to work against you because misunderstanding easily turns to fear or mistrust.

For the same reason, avoid any involvement in underhanded or devious schemes, as they will work to your detriment. Work only with people whom you can trust and communicate with, so that if there are any accidental misunderstandings, you and they can straighten them out without becoming suspicious of each other. Give anyone who enters your life plenty of time to prove that he or she is honest before you trust that person.

The problem at this time is that defeats in connection with others can be unusually debilitating. Feelings of inadequacy, discouragement and futility are a great danger and can make you want to give up, thus creating even worse results. If you are not careful, you may come out of this period feeling very badly about yourself.

If you follow these precautions, this influence can show you a more spiritual dimension to life. You can become aware of a deeper meaning in life than you have ever been aware of before. However, the road to this understanding is full of dreams and illusions, or imaginations you must carefully find your way through. 2015-16 is a moment when wisdom and feeling, or knowledge and intuition need particular focus from Virgo so as to balance in what can be summed up as discernment.

Jupiter adds several times to the technological excellence inherent in Virgo: August 2015 to September 2016; July 2027 to August 2028; July 2039 to August 2040. Saturn began its visit in Virgo from September 2007 to July 2010 and returns into Virgo from July 2037 to September 2039.

Uranus begins its revolutionary trek through Virgo in July 2046, leaving Virgo in 2053; and it will see itself opposed by Pluto in Pisces immediately in 2046 and until September 2048. The years 2046-48 will therefore be a phase for Virgo where a great deal of polarisation will happen. Tensions in the mind will run high. New ways of tending to the balance of earth and water will be sought. Virgo will have to be a technological leader during that time.


From 2008-2024 Pluto makes a very challenging aspect that will catch Libra in several different ways and since this undercurrent is strong and longlasting it deserves a close analysis:

This time is a test of strength and the energy with which you have established yourself in your world will be undergoing certain changes. The test may take many forms, but in any form it will require that you should know who and what you are, and how you relate to your roots. If you do not really know yourself, this time is likely to bring about crises that will cause major changes in your life. This theme is even more accentuated from 2010-2012.

Your sense of self-control as you try to get ahead in the world comes under scrutiny. This influence stimulates your ambition out of proportion. If there is a ruthless side to your personality that will do anything to destroy opposition, it will come out. But, at the same time, forces in your world will try very hard to stop you. To overcome these forces, you will require extreme resiliance. On the other hand, you may know precisely what you need to succeed and go after just that, being willing to compromise and make your success also the accomplishment of others. This is the proper course to take for Libra.

If you are of a more peaceful disposition, you may experience this time quite differently. Instead of being the person on a power trip, you may have to contend with someone else who is. Here again you must determine exactly your rights and needs as an individual and stand up for them. The problem here is not that you will overstep your bounds but that someone else will do this. But you must at least resist. Either of these power struggles is most likely to occur in your family and home, but possibly also in your profession, quite possibly with someone in authority.

This energy may also surface in the outer expression of your life. You may be surrounded by conditions of breakdown and decay, due also to societal upheavals, which are an outward sign of the need to rebuild from within. Under extreme conditions, this influence can release its energy in a single explosive burst as an injury or physical assault. Avoid conflicts with others that may lead to fights, because the energies here are quite dangerous. On the whole, this phase will be tumultuous for Libra - the sign professing harmony.

Jupiter visits Libra three times, adding beauty and wisdom to the years in which this occurs: September 2016 to October 2017; August 2028 to September 2029, and August 2040 to September 2041. Saturn is in Libra from July 2010 to October 2012 and from September 2039 to November 2041. In 2040-41 both Jupiter and Saturn are simultaneously in Libra. October 2040 the alignment Jupiter Saturn is precise at 18 Libra. This is the year when harmony and balance are sought world wide, putting people born in Libra into the spotlight.


Jupiter in Scorpio: October 2017 to November 2018; September 2029 to October 2030, and September 2041 to October 2042. Saturn in Scorpio from October 2012 to December 2014 and again from November 2041 to October 2044, simultan with Jupiter in Scorpio in 2042.


During 2012 to 2025 - and particularly heightened from 2014-17 with Saturn, and in 2019 when Jupiter is in Sagittarius - Neptune in Pisces (sign ruled in ancient times by Jupiter) challenges the sign Sagittarius by a 90 degree square, which can lead to a sense of feeling paralyzed or confused. And this comes just on the heels of major changes, as the transformative quest that came to an end in 2008 was seemingly survived well.

Until 2025 life can be experienced as a period of uncertainty in which your essence, direction and career become unclear. Even if you have previously felt that you knew what you were doing and why, now you may encounter circumstances that force you to question your assumptions.

Your will may seem to be temporarily paralyzed, and you won't have your usual energy. In fact this influence can coincide with times of low physical vitality and low psychological energy. For this reason you should avoid unnecessary physical stress and follow good health habits to maintain strong overall resistance to mysterious or difficult to diagnose illnesses.

Most likely this Neptunian influence will result in disorientation, when really wisdom and intuition collide. You may experience disappointments in your work, career or even in your home life in 2012, trends that make you feel defeated and dispirited.

But you must not sit back and allow this reaction. Certainly you may suffer defeats during this time, but these defeats occur only when you do something that is not a true reflection of yourself. Because your total energy as a human being is not behind your actions, you don't push through with the vigor that would guarantee success: hence your failure. You truly have to believe in yourself in the times ahead.

You should avoid several types of activity during this time, because your insecurity about yourself will make them turn out badly. First, this is not a particularly good time to become involved in spiritual or mystical movements or sects. Your sense of self needs nourishment and growth, not denial. You are not yet ready for greater leaps in knowing, and the teachings of certain groups are likely to confuse you and retard your development as a human being. Similar warnings apply to the study of the occult in general.

Second, avoid risky or speculative ventures, because your sense of reality is too weak to appraise the risks accurately. If you are having trouble in your work, avoid the temptation to change jobs now. Later, when you understand your needs better, you may be able to make the change. Any new work you start now would not be an improvement over the present one. This is more likely a time to assimilate what you know.

Jupiter adds optimism in the sign it rules from November 2018 to December 2019; October 2030 to November 2031, and October 2042 to October 2043. Saturn in Sagittarius from December 2014 to December 2017 adds weight and energetic focus to the above.


Pluto in Capricorn from January 2008 to November 2024. Jupiter in Capricorn from December 2019 to December 2020; November 2031 to November 2032, and October 2043 to November 2044. Saturn in the sign it rules from December 2017 to December 2020, and again from January 2047 to February 2050. The conjunction to Pluto by Jupiter in July 2020 is a once in every 250 years event, signalling the shift to the new age.

2009-2024 is a time of total change in your life, when you will strive as never before to accomplish your ambitions. It is a thoroughly uncompromising and long lasting phase in which you will work harder than ever and not allow obstacles to prevent you from achieving your objectives. If you handle the energies of this confluence appropriately, you should be able to go far with it, but you should be aware of certain challenges. 2018-2020 this theme gets even more highlighted. This time can under certain conditions be experienced as rather heavy-handed, and not seen as light-hearted at all, but it is a phase Capricorn has to face.

While you can work to remove old outworn structures in your own life and in the lives of those around you, so that all of you can experience a new life, you must observe limitations. First, this influence gives tremendous drive and energy, but only for the elimination of the truly old and outworn, not for doing anything you want. And second, it is a transcendental influence. Therefore its energies are not easily harnessed to the purposes of unenlightened life styles. In short, you are under the control of something higher than your own self.

What you do with this influence should be for the eventual betterment of everyone around you, not just yourself. You are the steward of this energy, not the owner. If you use it for purely selfish ends, you will provoke opposition that you will eventually be unable to do anything. Similarly, if you use this energy to remove structures that are not yet ready to pass away, you will be unable to make progress. This influence signifies the need to replace an old, inferior state of being with a new and truly superior state. It does not just arbitrarily replace one with another. Therefore you have to see this as a long process, or a work of art in progress.

The last point to remember is that you must do something. You cannot simply sit back and let this time go by without making some changes. If you do not make them consciously, circumstances will take over for you, probably with unpleasant and rather painful results. You may have to face some aspects of yourself that you do not like, but this is part of the process, and you will find that those aspects are not really so negative as it would seem. They only looked bad because you have never given them a place in your conscious personality to play a constructive and transformative role in your life.

This is an extremely important phase changing the entire course and direction of your life and what you will actually accomplish. It is also a rather long lasting influence, whose effects will be manifested over a period of several years.

The central issue here is your life direction. Where are you going? What are you doing? How are you going about doing it? This is a time of profound scrutiny when you will probably examine everything that you have done and you will transform completely in your essence by 2024.


Jupiter in Aquarius: January 2009 to January 2010; December 2020 to December 2021; April 2032 to November 2033, and March 2044 to March 2045. Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius in December 2020 simultaneously and Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 2023 making, this a technologically transpersonal time of greatest discoveries that can be applied by Aquarians. Networks will thrive by then. Pluto spends a very long time -- exactly twenty years or a full generation -- in Aquarius, from January 2024 to January 2044. This is time under consideration when everything which rules the networks and grids around our planet will be transformed for good. February 2033 Jupiter passes in line of Pluto in the 15th degree or exactly in the middle of the sign of the water bearer.


Jupiter is in Pisces January 2010 to January 2011; May 2021 to December 2022; April 2033 to April 2034, and March 2045 to April 2046. Saturn prompts Pisces into some introspection from March 2023 to February 2026.

Uranus leaves Pisces on March 11, 2011 as Jupiter catches up with it. The opening days of January 2011 see Jupiter and Uranus jointly in the 27th and 28th degree of Pisces. This marks the end of a long phase and the beginning of something completely untried.

From April 2011 to January 2026 Neptune, ruler of Pisces will be in Pisces during 15 years, something that happens only once every two centuries. This marks the clean-up of things spiritual. During this time the world - by then in greatest inner turmoil - will look at Pisces for guidance, which puts a great deal of rsponsibility on those born in the last sign. Escape is not well indicated for the sign that must show the highest degree of wisdom or knowing applied by then.

The fifteen years of Neptune in Pisces coincide with the great changes the world will live through. This influence will greatly increase Piscean sensitivity and compassion for the people around and allow Pisces to help others in new ways. It elevates your concern with metaphysics and makes you much more concerned about the ultimate meaning of life. You are inclined to subordinate your own drives to the needs of others, to feel that what benefits them is as important as what benefits you. This can have its downside. Be careful not to become so self-effacing as to forget what you are here for.

If you are well prepared for this, you will experience this influence in the positive ways of bringing your ego into a harmony with what it is needed for, but if you are not ready for life under strange circumstances you will experience the negative effects, which are the following: This influence rechannels the normal energy that your ego requires, but it is not clearly apparent where it is going. It seems at times that your energy gets lost, as if it evaporates into nothingness. A common thread during this influence is a lack of energy leading to fatigue, ineffectiveness, and the feeling that everything is futile. This can then also lead to depression.

You may tend to be disappointed in or even sorry for yourself. Often this sense of weakness surfaces as confusion, aimlessness and purposeless actions. If you see such symptoms showing up, you need to go into a retreat and begin listing the priorities of your life and adhere to strict plans, food regimen, healthcare and all. The best way to channel this energy is to put it to creative and artistic use.

Another result of this influence is that you may be inclined to deceive others, as if your energy is trying to make you appear as something other than what you really are. This influence has an embarrassing way of letting the truth come to light at inconvenient moments. Conversely it is also possible that others deceive you, and in any case you have to be on guard during this time lasting many years so as to see clear about yourself and others.

You are likely to be unusually idealistic, altruistic, and spiritually inclined during this time, even more so than you already are by having the sun at birth in Pisces. Be sure that your ideals are rooted in reality and are not merely a device for escaping it. If they are an escape trick, great disappointment is almost certain. This can be one of the most intriguing times ever lived by Pisces, and it requires sharp planning skills, and attention to detail. Awareness and psychic perception is enhanced when Neptune is put to use effectively.

In January 2044, Pluto begins its own once every 250 years and two decades long passage in Pisces transforming Pisces fundamentally and further than Neptune did. Many Pisceans are not yet born who will deal with this signature marking an entire generation of seers, and of small prophets. Pluto in Pisces is a subject deserving of its own chapter in the book FORESEEN. It coincides with Uranus in Leo and Virgo (in opposition to Pluto in Pisces in 2046-48) and in Libra, and with Neptune in Taurus and later in Gemini.

These are the most transpersonal decades ahead ever lived on this planet, and Pisces is the sign that will deal with it for the most part of its whole existence on this earth, almost a life time type occurrence. Needless to say people born in Pisces chose this moment to be incarnated here now to live through it.

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