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OUTLOOK 2009-2050

We want to stay “non-aligned” to teachings and systems or methods of any sort so as to be able to move with fluidity -- like dolphins in water -- when the new dawns, and it is about to dawn - as we will see very soon. Even my astrology is undergoing massive changes and upgrades are due.

The seekers who share their knowing are noble as they respect their own evolution of assimilating new concepts, and they honor the overall Cosmic Intelligence and fluid consciousness more than the “indoctrination part” of any system, method or teaching.

Some rare teachings came from beyond the space time continuum and can serve as guidance.

They are, however, not teachings per se. They are merely meant to be “pointers” in a different or untried direction, so as to help seekers to think anew, which is what Aries Uranus would suggest we do by 2012.

There will soon be an irrefutable explanation for -- and scientific discovery of -- the human soul, and an uncovering of what this means for us, sometime between 2014 and maybe 2048. There will come with it the realization that we are quantum fields within quantum fields able to connect willingly to cosmic intelligence. Some of us are testing this out now.

It is an epochal event of which mankind was dreaming for millennia, to be able to take our proper “space” in the bigger scheme of things, to act as miniature creators within creation itself. As Jupiter will meet Pluto in the galactic center in December 2007 we will see how far we have progressed in this realization of truth.

Some seekers see the discovery associated with the arrival of more findings more likely by 2060 or 2080, but I am more optimistic as some of us have already found out for ourselves how close we are to the thinning veils and new passageways. Some of us have seen the opening doorways of the soul.

What I have shared with you so far -- and there is a lot more in my book narrated by the master of the light -- might feel to some like a collection of accounts of a science fiction story, reminiscent to me of my “Silver Surfer” comic books times when I was a kid.

The silver surfer was the kind of guy who always thought he had to come help people. It is an impending and large scale reality paradigm shift, to discover what links us to Cosmic Intelligence and how, and it marks a complete transition or shift in the most fundamental structures of humanity.

The discovery of who we really are, and where we came from, and what we are about to embark upon in the next accelerating decades is the passage -- shamanic for most who will witness it -- into a trans-dimensional time space of Cosmic intelligence, or a multi-verse.

This will show us that mankind is not an isolated “experiment” of Creation, but rather part of an amazingly diverse coordination of intelligent and guided life that spans multiple universes and many more dimensions and warp spaces than we can fathom right now. But we will be able to experience all of it very soon, minus the conditioning.

First contact means first hand or first soul experience.

The old brain thought structures and belief systems (thought and belief are all fear-based things) will try to create walls around the new knowledge we will gain. The unknown will tend to scare quite a few. But like the scarab of the Egyptians, we the more adventurous ones will move the knowing forward and use it well.

The seekers journeys on this planet will undergo amazing changes following the discovery of the integrated and newer sciences: such as our true cosmology, the new mathematics, the particle physics and molecular biology – as they will soon begin to completely restructure the planetary institutions of society, religion, government, philosophy, education, and culture.

We will experience time-travel, tele-portation, anti-gravity, and more to come. All these developments are overdue when Pluto traverses the last three and trans-personal signs of the zodiac, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, beginning in 2008 and going towards 2060. By 2048, with Uranus across from Pluto, the impulse for change will be self-generated.

The discoveries that await us, and that we have been working for and evolving towards -- for at least the past 12,000 years -- since Atlantis vanished, will change the destiny of this space vessel, earth itself, for the better.

Until then there will be readjustments necessary. Needless to say this knowledge was here all along - since Cosmos is a living library - and it is not really “new” as such, but it will be re-discovered and then applied.

Going through some of the BIG check points in the galactic clock, we see certain dates that stand out, and they are elaborated further below:


2006/2007: Neptune - Saturn opposition. 2025/2026 Neptune - Saturn conjunction. A cycle ends, a new one opens. The place of action in this meeting between the planets ruling the real and unreal is in the cusp zone from Pisces to Aries - the 12th and 1st signs of the Zodiac - or the slice in the heavens known as the alpha & the omega, where eternal wisdom comes from.

Zen masters see this as the point where merger and unity take place. Oneness comes there from experience of having seen and done it all. If you click on the link "Tibetan Book of The Great Liberation" shown at the top right of this presentation, you see why this is so...

The blessings of Pisces are intelligent compassion coupled to enlightened disbelief. Pisces says to the other time-travellers: "I see you there then -- when you have also grasped it."

Neptune - planet ruling dreams, psychism and inspirations - sails through the sign it holds sway over from February 2012 to March 2025, definitely dissolving the boundaries of thought and preparing an inauguration or passage of zones of "time" into the unseen realms of techno-spirituality. It will enter Aries in April 2025.

"Techno-Spirituality" is a notion I created as it came to me by transliterating the planetary alignments in the times we engage into now, and it means - as translated from Greek and from archaic pre-Sumerian language: "Knowing how to follow the bright light." For this language mystery decoder you must acquaint yourself with The Secret of The Dark Stars by Anton Parks.

In early 2025 - what I term the apex of the age of techno-spirituality - Pluto will just have entered visionary Aquarius, making this phase past 2025 and until early 2044 a networked venture indeed, after years of testing what is of use in Capricorn.

Only in 2044 will Pluto take the spot of Pisces 1 - the one that Neptune engages into in early 2012. At this point we enter a phase manifesting the phrase "The meek will inherit the earth" as it is said that Pisces can muster "meekness" and with it fluidity and enlightened insights into the ways of the peaceful and shamanic warrior-magi archetype.

Thus the 22nd century of our "time" ahead sees Pisces and its inherent mystery written very large over the firmament of the heavens. Right now as you read this in 2006 and until 2011, Uranus is in Pisces. You see Uranus prepares this whole saga of our new mankind, awakening the DNA of people to this Piscean music of the spheres, while Neptune will mystify and dissolve these matters, giving them a new form of formlessness, whereas Pluto will later transform them yet again.

Shape shifting the zones ahead from now until well into 2060 with agility and subtlety, when we ought to reach the acquisition of BST - blank slate technology as explained by Master Fifteen from the Labyrinth Group in WingMakers . . . Awakening - Dissolution - Transformation - in that order: 2012 - 2025 - 2048, and beyond.

In 2025 and 2026 Saturn will be conjunct Neptune for a while in the interesting switching-zone of Pisces 30 and Aries 1, where the Alpha meets the Omega. Aries 1 has this suggestive Sabian symbol of *A Woman Just Risen From The Sea; A Seal Is Embracing Her* (keyword: Realization); whereas Pisces 30 has as its Sabian symbol: *A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face - Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, And As He Grows Up, He Begins To Look Like It* (keyword: Discernment). See these two symbols with the eyes of a seer! What does it signify to you?

This Saturn-Neptune conjunction phase tells us that 2025/26 will be the era when ideals transform, when form and formlessness merge to begin something totally untried. This is the moment of multiple paradigm shape-shifts, from what we have now entered into in 2006 -- the quest of Pluto in the Galactic Center -- to the new realizations of our own origination, until we make first contact with first source. Separation is illusion. Granted some of us have already realized all this eons ago and we have already seen this future and have certainty of inner guided knowing, and yet we all will learn a lot more as 2025 becomes 2048. The age of time-travel . . .

Neptune was discovered in 1846 when it was also just conjunct Saturn, in Aquarius - ruled by Uranus, when Uranus was in Aries, blazing a new trail and opening up the thought process of humanity in terms of "science" and connectivity. But the planetary inhabitants had way to go until they would see clearer, and so here we have again the reality meets surreality test of time, Saturn-Neptune, from "reality" to "illusion" and from form to formlessness. This is a form of inter-dependent origination at its best. While at that time the Communist Manifesto was being disseminated, by 2048 we will be moving into a society that might be more tribal.

Two centuries later as in soon now - by 2048 - is when we experience the calm clout, which Neptune the ruler of imagination develops in matters of spiritual cosmology and connectedness. So far we had no clue about cosmology, the origin of the universe.

We do not even care to know where we came from. We live based on what Gerry Zeitlin calls the "SCAM" - Society’s Common Approved Myth. Yet we do not even honor our ancient Myths. Then - 1846 - science came along with Uranian Inspiration and showed some new frontiers. Now as then we will aim for early ubiquity. Everywhere at once in the advanced stages.

We know that we have very soon reached the ending of time and the end of thought and move by 2012-2025 into the "time of limitless seeing" when only direct knowledge will be of use.

2048 is the moment also when Pluto in Pisces opposes Uranus in Virgo, in the same degree axis as it did in 4-5 BC when the trans-human soul of Christ entered the realm, and so we see a Piscean and profound progression in matters of intelligent compassion. Zen of Stars - the book - shows this progression applied.

" F O R E S E E N " - sequel to Zen of Stars - is published.
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For what follows, see also: 360 SABIAN SYMBOLS and EARLY UBIQUITY

Appendix to "The Narrative" of FORESEEN

"The Narrative" of FORESEEN -- explaining the actual trends world wide and the the trends for the 12 sun moon and rising signs -- is based on precise calculations of planetary moves over the next 40 years, plus on guided materials.

The mathematical alignment calculations have led this astrologer to consider his own commentaries at the time of computing them, and his annotations are important enough to be replicated here in short summary that follows here.

This following list is the annotation section - known as "Appendix 1" - of the book which gives those familiar with astrology the mathematical data to see where this astrologer considers the alignments of outer planets to be of most impact on any given year until 2050. Outer planets as defined by this author are Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Readers who know in which degree point and sign their sun was at birth -- for example Aries 8 or "8 Aries" corresponds to those born on March 28 as a sun sign degree -- might find this list of great help. The same is useful for those who know their exact moon and rising sign degree, which only requires knowing what time and place one was born, plus getting a birth chart print out for free.

Astrologers knowledgeable in nations charts might find this section of considerable help to track the most probable futures of any given country.

St.Clair has given a vast world wide outlook of matters pertaining to affairs of the state for the major nations; and certain readers at work in international think tanks and intelligence agencies have said that every world leader should have the book "ZEN OF STARS - Futures of Planet Earth" on his or her work desk so as t better understand what forces are manifesting over the next decades.

St.Clair has also considered the 360 SABIAN SYMBOLS for all the degrees mentioned in this appendix, and the interpretation of both approaches -- mathematics and Sabian imaginative imagery -- have produced the actual narrative and the suggestions made for the twelve sun, moon and rising signs. Those familar with Sabian Symbols and their deeper meanings might find it interesting to look into the symbols of the respective degrees to draw further personal conclusions.

Readers unfamiliar with astrology will find the "central clock graphic" made by St.Clair of great interest, as it shows in one image simulating a clock face the simultan moves of PLUTO, NEPTUNE, URANUS, and CHIRON, depicting simply how the BIG FOUR move over the Zodiac.

From 1.1.2009 to 1.1.2050, the four big ones move respectively in the following manner: PLUTO covers the ground from 1 Capricorn to 8 Pisces. Neptune covers 23 Aquarius to 24 Taurus, exactly one quarter of the Zodiac clock. Uranus covers a half cycle, from 20 Pisces to 12 Virgo; Chiron covers during this same calendric time frame the area from 19 Aquarius to 3 Sagittarius, or almost 11 signs.

Saturn makes a full revolution plus one third of the Zodiac from 22 Virgo to 22 Virgo by May 2039 -- and from then to 1.1.2050 it moves to 28 Capricorn where it makes a grand trine to Uranus at 21 Virgo and to Neptune at 24 Taurus, a most progressively functional alignment.

Jupiter makes over three full and one a half trips around the Zodiac. 1.1.2009 it begins at 29 Capricorn and ends by 1.1.2050 at 2 Leo and it is the alignment of JUPITER that shows us most precisely how it clocks in with all the other outer planets.

May-July Jupiter aligns with Neptune at 27 Aquarius with Chiron close by.

May-June Jupiter aligns with Uranus at 28 Pisces to 1 Aries and reaches opposition to Saturn which moves from Virgo into Libra.

June 26 an eclipse builds at 5 Cancer to 5 Capricorn, involving Pluto in T-square to Jupiter and Uranus at 1-3 Aries.

July 11 a total eclipse forms and a long lasting zone of time spanning July and August involves Saturn at 1 Libra in opposition to Uranus at 1 Aries, both squared by Pluto in Capricorn.

September and October Jupiter aligns again with Uranus at 29 Pisces.

January Jupiter and Uranus at 27 Pisces. End of February Jupiter has advanced to 8 Aries where it squares Pluto at 8 Capricorn. December 10 a total eclipse forms at 18 Sagittarius.

2012 is the subject of a long discussion of its own due the fact that this year is seen by the Mayan star gazers as the overall most important marker in their ancient time calculations.

May to November Uranus squares Pluto in the range 10-12 Aries to 10-12 Capricorn. On August 1st Jupiter triggers this tight alignment in Cancer as it opposes Pluto.

January and until May, Mars in Libra (its opposite sign) opposes Uranus in Aries, and triggers a grand cross in the cardinal signs, as Jupiter in Cancer opposes still Pluto in Capricorn.

March 17 Uranus at 16 Aries squares Pluto at 16 Capricorn. April Jupiter in Leo forms a beneficial trine aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius and to Uranus in Aries. By September Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces in the 8th and 9th degree, which is the same axis in which by 2048/49 Uranus in Virgo will oppose Pluto in Pisces. This means 2015 is a clear foreboding time marker for 2048.

December 26 Jupiter at 21 Libra opposes Uranus at 21 Aries and the two form a beneficial aspect to Saturn at 22 Sagittarius.

From January to March to November, Jupiter opposes Uranus three times in the range of 22-28 Libra in line of 22-28 Aries.

May/June Jupiter at 17 Scorpio in trine to Neptune at 17 Pisces. August September Saturn at 3 Capricorn in trine to Uranus at 3 Taurus. These two double trine aspects augur well for tangible results and a smooth transition into the third decade of the third millennium. Uranus in Taurus can be interpreted with a breakthrough in "free energy" and matters concerning electricity and earth. This is the signature in which Nikola Tesla was born in the mid Fifties of the 19th century, and his inventions, insights, and his imagination will see the day of Light and of Lightning harnessed by 2020.

Twenty/Twenty. The BIG year.

March 21, on the Celtic New Year, until April included, a very rare alignment occurs, as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and PLuto all align in the sector 24-30 Capricorn, covering (and ultimately empowering and transforming) people born between December 16th and 21st, and people who have strong planets by birth in that late Capricorn sector.

June 21st, on summer solstice, an annular - ring form - eclipse forms at exactly the 1st degree of Cancer, while Jupiter aligns with Pluto at 25 Capricorn.

December 20th, winter solstice, a half a year later, Jupiter and Saturn in tandem, simultan, move into the 1st degree of Aquarius, inaugurating the Aquarian and transpersonal view of earth. It is this alignment, Aquarius One, at the end of 2020, which this astrologer considers to be one of the most important alignments of the 21st Century.

January and February, Jupiter and Saturn progress in tandem from 1 - 7 Aquarius, the sign of the visionary and of knowledge, ruling networks and electronics, while forming a challenging double square aspect of 90 degrees angles to Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) at 7 Taurus. This speaks to large scale breakthroughs in matters related to free energy, electronics, world wide web, internet, computers, and the application of cosmic energies.

April 9, Jupiter aligns with Neptune (for the second time) but at 24 Pisces. The previous alignment - see above - was in 2009 at 27 Aquarius. In 13 years, Jupiter will have covered 13 signs symbolically enough, to meet Neptune again, which by then will have covered one sign, Pisces.

April 21, Jupiter aligns with Uranus at 22 Taurus, triggering what was prepared in 2021.

January 1st Jupiter begins at 14 Gemini, a degree point that gives the tone of the year ahead: "Bridging Physical Space And Social Distinctions, Two Men Communicate Telepathically." by June-August, Jupiter in Cancer forms a square to both Neptune and Saturn in Aries, which is a difficult alignment in terms of economics, as Jupiter in Cancer highlights housing and security, while Saturn in very early Aries insists on testing the validity of the newest approaches. This gains more importance because Saturn aligns at the same time with Neptune at 2 Aries. The Saturn Neptune conjunction lasts for quite some time, and speaks to us about a large scale test of reality, a reality check point of sorts. The Jupiter-Neptune alignment by square pits two forces against each other which require careful balancing: Wisdom and Spirituality, or knowing and feeling.

February to April, Saturn still aligns with Neptune in the range of 1-6 Aries, and both are then joined by Mars which rules Aries. By July 18/19 a multitude of alignments forms as Jupiter in early Leo beneficially trines Neptune in early Aries, and opposes Pluto in Aquarius, while Uranus at 5 Gemini (in line of fixed star Aldebaran) beneficially trines Pluto in early Aquarius. Here the preponderance of forces are in fire and air signs, giving 2026 a very fast moving outlook when ideas travel at the speed of thought. However, Saturn will transform -- and bring form to -- the Neptunian new feelings in Aries.

November 15, Pluto passes in line of the invisible point known as the South Node, at 5 Aquarius. The South Node points to the Karma of planet Earth's inhabitants as a collective. The 5th degree of Aquarius -- commonly read as "A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing The Efforts Of A Young Leader" in sabian symbol language -- portends to a large scale accountability of all human beings, and augurs mixed blessings, as the 2026 and 2028 alignments show.

June 21st, summer solstice, Saturn at 8 Taurus squares Pluto at 8 Aquarius. September, Jupiter at 8 Libra opposes Neptune at 8 Aries, again pitting knowing and feeling against each other.

December, Jupiter at 19 Scorpio opposes Saturn at 19 Taurus

From April to November, the above Jupiter-Saturn opposition unfolds over a longer time span in the degree range covering the axis 29 Scorpio Taurus to 7 Sagittarius Gemini. This means that by the end of 2030 the two most important planets to give an economic societal political reading of the situation oppose in the all-important ancient fixed star axis -- Jupiter in line of Antares in its own sign vis-a-vis Saturn in line of Aldebaran. This is a very important alignment given its interpretation in the nerrative.

January to June, Jupiter advances between 20 and 24 Sagittarius while opposing Uranus at 20 and 24 Gemini. During this time Saturn in early Gemini, still in line of the watcher in the East Aldebaran, forms a beneficial trine to Pluto in Aquarius; by October Saturn catches up with -- and passes in line of -- Uranus at 24/27 Gemini, while being opposed by Jupiter at 27 Sagittarius, which is the Galactic Center, passed by Jupiter and PLUTO simultan on 12.12.2007. This is another extremely important alignment, bringing together the forces at work between Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus at two overall portentous points in the Cosmos.

The above alignment unfolds further, by June, to the last degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. A trigger point is the first week of June when Mars forms a stellium by passing in line of both Saturn and Uranus in the 24 to 27 Gemini range. This is of great import to those born on June 14th to 19th.

February 4th, Jupiter aligns with Pluto at 15 Aquarius while both planets are in a most constructive alignment to Neptune at 15 Aries, and this bodes well for a longer term development as Pluto and Neptune now form the 60 degree angle seen as helpful to transpersonal matters. May and June, Jupiter in Pisces by then, forms a helpful spiritual trine to Saturn in Cancer.

February, Jupiter continues to helpfully aspect Saturn, while Saturn at 15/16 Cancer, however, forms the challenging square aspect to Neptune at 15/16 Aries. Saturn in Cancer is difficult, both for women and for children, as it stands there in its opposite of fall sign. This can bring also trouble to housing issues and be foreseen as a paramount check point for safe places world wide. In May, Jupiter by now in Aries, forms a charged square aspect to Uranus in Cancer. In October, Jupiter in Aries forms an economically beneficial trine to Saturn, by then in Leo.

May, Jupiter now in Taurus challenges Saturn in Leo, while furthermore Saturn by October 17th at 18 Leo opposes Pluto at 18 Aquarius. This opposition line is alluded to by Nostradamus in a key prediction omen in which he discusses Geneva as the "Sea of The People", alluding, I am certain of this, to a form of world management.

The heavy-handed Saturn-Pluto opposition continues to transform as its axis progresses and is being triggered in February by the two BIG ones: Jupiter aligns with Mars in the 14th degree of Taurus, directly in T-square (double 90 degrees angle) to BOTH Saturn in mid Leo and to PLUTO in mid Aquarius. This is a very stern grand cross preparation in the most fixed sectors of the four fixed signs. The exact trigger day is when the moon moves over 14 Scorpio on 17th and 18th February. Of interest here is degree 14 Taurus: "On The Beach, Children Play While Shellfish Grope At The Edge Of The Water." By August, half a year later, while Saturn and Pluto still oppose each other in what amounts to a longstanding and thus very important aspect akin to power struggles, Jupiter at 22 Gemini helpfully aspects both Saturn and Pluto, potentially bringing resolution to the issues of the year. Jupiter in Gemini is in fall position - or its opposite sign - and suggestive there of a multitude of information processing and management of languages.

April, Jupiter 23 Gemini trine Pluto 23 Aquarius and related by orb, Saturn 27 Leo still in opposition to PLuto, in helpful trine to Neptune at 27 Aries. This is breakthrough time for the major issues facing humanity and can be seen as of paramount and positive portent. By September (9.9.) Jupiter aligns with Uranus at 23 Cancer, and both planets form a double square aspect to Neptune at 29 Aries. On the last day of September 2037, both Jupiter and Uranus pass in line of the invisible but all-powerful point known as the North Node, the omen of earth's destiny. 26 Cancer: "Guests Are Reading In The Library Of A Luxurious Home."

February, Jupiter still conjunct Uranus and still in square to Neptune in Aries. June, Jupiter now in the 1st degree of Leo square Neptune in the 1st degree of Taurus. This sets an entirely new tonality as Neptune now moves into Taurus until well past 2050. By September, Jupiter at 23 Leo in opposition to Pluto at 23 Aquarius.

March, Jupiter at 25 Leo continues its long opposition to Pluto at 25 Aquarius, and on March 22nd-24th, Mars acts as a most powerful trigger when passing in line of Pluto, and into a therefore most explosive alignment. October 3rd, Uranus at 3 Leo in square to Neptune at 3 Taurus.

October through December, Jupiter aligns with Saturn at 18 to 23 Libra and both form together an empowering trine aspect to Pluto at 25 Aquarius.

November, Jupiter at 13 Scorpio in square to Uranus at 13 Leo.

January and February, Saturn at 6 Scorpio in opposition to Neptune at 6 Taurus. In June, Saturn backs into the last 30th degree of Libra to trine once more Pluto then at 30 Aquarius; and simultan the square between Uranus at 10 Leo and Neptune at 10 Taurus unfolds further, to involve yet another fixed sign grand cross.

January, Saturn 17 Scorpio square Uranus 17 Leo; and in August the T-square involving Neptune builds, with Saturn at 13 Scorpio, Neptune at 13 Taurus, and Uranus at 18 Leo. Every time a faster moving planet of the inner league goes into the middle of Aquarius, the grand cross is triggered during all of 2043.

January 21st, Pluto enters Pisces. This then is the start of an entirely new mega trend. In February and March, Saturn in very early Sagittarius makes the first high level aspect to Pluto, by square, before it backs to 23 Scorpio in August and September, to square Uranus at 23 Leo, once more. Uranus is slowly approaching the out of sign opposition by orb to Pluto.

February 28th, Jupiter at 25 Aquarius opposes Uranus at 25 Leo, moving at higher speeds. April 12th, Jupiter aligns with Pluto at 4 Pisces. It will align with Pluto in the bandwidth of the 2nd to 4th degree of Pisces until well end of 2045. Halloween is one more pass of Pluto/Jupiter at 3 Pisces, while Uranus reaches the 2nd degree of Virgo, triggering a massive first opposition, of magnitude one by character, and millennial in its importance.

September 22nd, Uranus at 4 Virgo continues its opposition to Pluto at 4 Pisces.

Valentine's Day, Uranus 5 Virgo vis-a-vis Pluto 5 Pisces. April and May, Jupiter by now advanced to 5 Taurus forms a "kite"-type alignment, in grand trine to both Saturn at 5 Capricorn (there in its rulership sign), and to Uranus at Virgo 5, which sits in a many year long opposition to Pluto at 5 Pisces. This kite alignment moment is extremely constructive, involving all the earth signs and Pluto in Pisces at a dynamic trigger location. July 23rd, Jupiter aligns with Neptune at 22 Taurus and sits in that aspect also by November 17th. August 16th, Uranus 6 Virgo in opposition to Pluto 6 Pisces.

February 24th: A rematch of 2047, with Jupiter again in conjunction to Neptune at 22 Taurus, showing the two "spiritual" planets well in synch, and down to earth. Jupiter moves fast to 8 Gemini and in line of the "watcher in the East", fixed star Aldebaran, where it triggers by T-square the opposition formed between Uranus and Pluto, which by June 30th and July 1st reaches the exact alignment: Uranus 8 Virgo opposes Pluto 8 Pisces.

The undercurrent and overall signature of the whole year is the prolongation of 2047 with the long lasting grand earth trine, formed between Saturn in rulership in late Capricorn, Uranus in mid Virgo and Neptune in late Taurus. While in May Uranus at 12 Virgo again opposes Pluto at 12 Pisces, and the kite of 2047 repeats, Jupiter moves by August into the 23rd degree of Cancer, where it opposes Saturn at 23 Capricorn, again adding yet one more kite formation. At that point an almost perfect six pointed star forms in the geometry, with the ponderous planets in the water and earth signs. Inner planets moving through Scorpio in 2029 will be the trigger for building a perfect harmonic aspect in the heavens.

1.1.2050 begins with the moon in Aries, and with a powerful Sun/Venus conjunction in the 11th Capricorn degree, in good aspect to Pluto at 8 Pisces; while Jupiter opens 2050 at 2 Leo, and the earth signs grand trine formed by Saturn, Uranus and Neptune comes to its conclusion. With this, it is the end of the "Forties" of the 21st Century that define a new paradigm.

The opposition of Uranus in early Virgo to Pluto in early Pisces is the subject of an indepth discussion, as it occurs in the same degree axis it happened for the last time only in 4 BC. We immediately recognize a message in this alignment axis, which is symbolized BOTH by the fact that the last one mirrored down the birth of the sage shaman Chirst, and by the two Sabian symbols:

VIRGO 9: "An Expressionist Painter At Work"
PISCES 9: "A Jockey Spurs His Horse, Intent On Outdistancing His Rivals"

What will 2050 and beyond signify? This is the subject of FORESEEN's (the book) part two

We see several things clearly: Jupiter spends about one year in each sign, and it is quite clear which sign gets the impulse of the largest planet at any given time, whereas Saturn covers about 12 degrees in one year, or it spends about two and a half years in one sign, bringing form to the issues governed by that sign.

Chiron - planetoid ruling classically and traditionally the issues around healing, teaching and magic - a very important point in evey chart of birth, makes an irregular passage through the Zodiac, so that an average per sign is not indicated. It does take fifty years to go through all 12 signs. The aspects made between Chiron, Saturn, and Uranus are revealing because Chiron can also be seen - due to its erratic orbit - as the bridge between the old established and the new and untried. Chiron/Neptune alignments are impressive because they help us gage the spiritual level of humanity.

2010, 2011 and 2012 see the long tandem passage of conjunct Neptune and Chiron (with Chiron slowly approaching and then passing Neptune) in the area of 25-30 Aquarius, leading into Pisces. If 2012 has any relevance at all, it is THIS alignment.

Liberator, awakener and "disruptor" Uranus - in 2008 in Pisces - moves at a rate of about 4 degrees per year and spends seven years in one sign - advancing by 2050 (in 43 years exactly a half cycle) in Virgo; and by 2047 Uranus is in opposition to Pluto in the same degree position as it was at about 4 BC.

Neptune and Pluto move at differing but similar rates (speeds) of about one a half to two degrees per year and they give each sign a decade long imprint, as they cover three signs from 2008 - 2050. Neptune (from 2008 in Aquarius, to Pisces, Aries, and in Taurus by 2050) begins to move faster than Pluto and changes its angle to be in 60 degrees to Pluto by 2032, which is a very favorable moment and time zone, while the angle becomes larger (76 degrees) by 2050.

Now in 2008 Neptune makes a 52 degree angle to planet Pluto, which is rather fearful as a generational outlook. This means we move from fear-based behavior to cooperative peace attitude. Pluto covers the sector Capricorn, Aquarius, and the first few degrees of Pisces by 2050. Of great import is the millennial opposition Uranus-Pluto by 2046/48 following the long 2014-17 Uranus-Pluto square (90 degrees) -- discussed at length in St.Clair's books ZEN OF STARS and FORESEEN.

FORESEEN adds a forty years plus outlook analysis with trends for every sun and moon sign - set against the back drop of the events foreseen by St.Clair. FORESEEN is both a companion book to ZEN OF STARS as well as a journey into the 21st Century, a handbook every reader (whether amateur star gazer or novice) will appreciate, which gives succinct suggestions as to how to move into and out of these forty years described in great detail.