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Surfing The Impossible

जेन ऑफ़ स्टार्स शोवेद पार्ट वन ऑफ़ थे फुतुरेस ऑफ़ प्लेनेट एअर्थ।
फोरेसीं - आउट ब्य थे एंड ऑफ़ २००८, विल देलिनेते पार्ट तवो। थे अलिग्न्मेंट्स।

The above link contains a video you must see (3 minutes) to understand what it means to be a magician of the coming age.

Intelligence is defined by the purpose of its use. Using advanced spiritual technology to create orgone energy resonators to bring light and power to the earth for free is intelligent or right action. The fragmented ego using a similar technology with a fragmented mind to create weapons of mass destruction with the purpose to annihilate earth is a lesser use of intelligence, put to a purpose which is essentially non human by design.

This is why The Master of the Light downloaded once more the same message into my mind: “Intelligence is defined by the purpose of its use.” How will people who read this use my astrology? To which purpose will you put the knowing presented here?


© 2006 by St.Clair

Having read Zen of Stars you know that to overcome doubt and fear is the basis to exist in a state of being set free, and yet it is also the hardest thing for a human being to do. This is also the prerequisite to really understand the book and to apply the freedom navigations, for yourself, inside your own mind.

To activate the teachings of The Master of The Light means to apply the guidance of your own higher self, from the future into this moment of your life now.

This is where FORESEEN - the spiritual thriller and sequel to Zen of Stars - begins in reality, in 2009, when The Master of The Light had initiated operation Dragon Gold on planet earth.

Dragon Gold was neither specifically defined by a purpose or intent nor was it strictly speaking classified - since it did not exist - but it was known nevertheless in its outline to a handful of humans who had connected with him.

The technological transfer breakthrough known to me as Distant Compassion and the integration of the extra- terrestrial force known to the author of the book Zen of Stars as "The Guidance" had taken place by 1999.

That amazing achievement was not of a physical technological hardware transfer, as no physical technology is needed. The achievement was a breakthrough related to the ability of certain human beings coordinating the frequencies between the art of seeing and the art of foreseeing. I have to point out early in my narrative that thought is not seeing.

The Guidance had shown the Master of The Light how to work in a synchronized manner with the Guidance·s forces; however, it had already established contact with the Master of The Light during a time line that preceded humanity by at least ten thousand years.

That was a fact which most technicians and scientists, and even spiritually advanced beings on earth, had overlooked by 2009. Several off planet races that preceded mankind had been in contact with The Guidance for a time span unimaginable to human beings.

The question was if time line 1 was time line 2 or vice- versa. This question had the scientists in both the installations of the Russian and American underground bases in a quandary in 2009 -- and about which ET race was really on their side there was a great deal of confusion particularly among the intelligence agencies in the know.

No one was able to understand which one of the ET races was really beaming in the correct future to the Master of the Light who by 2009 had become the most sought after man on the planet.

As to the assumption among the scientists that the Master of the Light was actually The Guidance alive on earth in human form there was some debate. Yet, therein resided a small beginning of correct knowing, which would become its own right action, but only at some ´laterµ stage.

By "later" the time lord meant some time beyond time itself, but certainly later than 2020 in our calculation, or when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were to be aligned in one spot of the Zodiac - Capricorn - the structural piece of the time clock in the cosmic system management.

He reminded his information technology team of a truth infinitely more more powerful than any scientific axiom, the one which the American remote viewers at NSA and CIA had never quite understood: Seeing is its own right action.

This meant that if you had the ability to see and to foresee then you had - action without thought - by definition also the ability to act in a manner consistent with the Shaolin masters, by non doing. But would the technology searchers use this knowing in 2009?

The Master of The Light knew they were too fearful to go there because thought blocked their sight.

At that point The Master of The Light looked at his fancy wrist watch, a red faced piece of art made by Tissot in Switzerland, which I called "The Watch of Time Line 2" - that gave him this human touch to his inter-dimensional incarnation. He pointed to me that it was time to get moving. We proceeded to enter the time portal in the way he has shown me time and time again in Chillon Castle.

It was now November 11th, 2008. The new President had been elected, and we both smiled at each other. He asked me which time I wished to look at in more depth. I suggested we see into 2020 for now. Or, say after the major part of the earth changes was over and done with, when less people would pollute earth with thought.

The information technicians who cooperated with the time lords of The Master of The Light in sub structure 77-11 were convinced that the entities who worked for the dark lords (known also to some scientists as The Greys or JRods or P45s) were able to alter all the time lines.

They were looking into our reality of 2020 from a time say 40,000 years in the future when the earth no longer existed - so they wanted the human scientists to believe. But The Master of The Light had pointed out to me early on that something did not add up in those reports floated in the bases inside the underground or hollow earth.

In reality these entities had come from some planets and star systems they had blown up in previous wars tens of thousands of life times ago and now they lived in some sort of vacuum or timeless zone one could call the nether world. But they were real nonetheless.

From that non world they purported to be able to affect our world. It was a rather ingenious trick they had played on mankind for about ten thousand years and anyone who pointed out the truth lived potentially a more dangerous life than those who purported to blow the whistle on these entities.

They lived in bases and realms in which they functioned like clones in hive mentality - under orders of, or in cooperation with, the Reptilians and their dark lords. They had abducted humans and bred a sub race over thousands of years.

This is something which was well known to all the native people who had inhabited earth thousands of years ago and whose traces are all but lost.

Ancient texts and tablets had warned of these phenomena. It is known to some searchers that the Egyptian pharaohs, the Toltec mages and a few Tibetan masters knew about these things. They had withdrawn their power before they left, leaving the humans to sort things out for themselves.

Meanwhile, the G69s or Nordic Blonds and the Pleiadians were looking at it all from at least 80,000 years in our future - with distant compassion.

They had been working through and with The Guidance from a time line not known to mankind, but they had essentially not been able to save the earth, neither via technology, nor via spiritual or intellectual teachings.

They had tried to achieve certain improvements but eventually reassessed their role during the treaty negotiations between Orion, Sirius, Mars and Earth.

The dark lords had already, with the help of reptilian sub races, accomplished a complete fabrication of time holes and with it also a falsification of human history on earth, including the genetic breeding of the human-reptilian clones, and they had in essence created an anti-reality known to people as "The Matrix" - or The Cave - wherein people were looking at shadows, while taking them for the reality they were living in. This was of course a logical consequence of using thought as the means to move action.

Some of these clones were in action already by 1933 and were wandering among us, by now in diluted fourth or fifth generation. Each younger generation was mentally more debilitated than its predecessors. It was in fact easy to distinguish them from real humans, by observing their actions.

If I was able to detect thought it was hybrid entity or clone, if no thought it was human by design as opposed to reptilian by design. By 2012, when the big cleansing began, there were practically speaking more hybrids among us than original humans. But the hybrids had lost the ancient human gift of the sight, precisely because thought had replaced the sight.

This is where The Master of The Light had come into the picture, in 2006, in his Zen of Stars time travel tale, to explain phase one or plan A, which was essentially speaking his prediction, whereby he taught that humans would be their own solution.

The dark lords were shocked by what they saw when they realized that their hybrid experimentation for the take over of planet earth had gone wrong in 2012. By 2008 they knew that they could not see their own genetic incarnation lines go down memory lane due to the unplanned behaviour of a few world leaders they had placed at the switches - hybrids who started to tell their controllers they decided they had a brain of their own. The nightmare of the dark lords was in full swing by 2009.

The Guidance had been advising the dark lords for hundreds of thousands of years that this experiment would eventually backfire when the Kali Yuga would end. However, the dark lords wanted none of The Guidance·s advice.

By 2020 the Guidance had turned the tide on planet earth.

The fact that humanity was living in a net of illusion for at least 25,000 years was known to the time lords and to some sages who had frequently pointed it out to people.

Most time fabrications on earth were the product of the dark lords· entities. The Master of The Light had shown me in Chillon Castle time portal how these things were done, undone, and redone. As the Nordic Blonds had taught me in their crafts when I was a kid, one had to have silence of the mind to work through these subjects.

That much was established as reality by those in the know. But they were arguing about the purpose of the operation Dragon Gold, and about the direction the Master of The Light would take -- would he throw the switch on planet Earth, or would he begin a new experiment in the name of The Guidance?

Who and what The Guidance really was and how it worked was something which he had shown me ages ago, and I am not sure if I can share it. Essentially it was a tool of the primordial ancient life force one could call The Tao, which is a nameless thing in its own right.

This ancient force was creation of Cosmos itself, and The Guidance was its anticipatory intelligence network, so to speak. It was essentially all seeing and all powerful, and yet, it did nothing of its own, other than observe and create energetic lines of incarnations over spans of times and space so large as to be called Cosmic.

All these issues, and this whole business of creating a new mankind, were relatively speaking big questions. All of which were well beyond the clearance level of any head of state - by the way. This was another thing which the scientists of the dark lords had not quite understood.

Even ecological movements had by 2009 admitted that The Master of The Light had its leaders in a need-to-know-type camouflage, telling people one thing about earth changes, while teaching scientists something else about ETs.

Few knew that Gorbatchev had been met by The Pleiadian ETs in 1981 and had been shown the future; and that this is why he had suggested Glasnost Perestroika to the world. Even fewer knew that JFK was a Nordic Blond himself and that his job had been in reality to take out the entities and the Greys in Area 51.

Some people had asked me what I thought of 9-11-2001 in terms of astrology, Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto etc. and also about who I "thought" had "done" it, andy more irrelevant questions of that kind, and I had passed these questions on to the Master of The Light for his own amusement. He shrugged, which is about what I expected he would do. Who but the entities could have pulled this off? Not even a secret government had the technology to do it.

Later, things had become a bit clearer. The chase into the Middle East had been about both oil and gas resources and the star gates. India and Russia also represented huge power bases of both resources and star gates, so what about those? Who would control them? China?

The Nordic Blonds had almost, but not quite, given up on mankind as such by 2008 -- as they had nevertheless left a few of their best human assets (Indigos and Crystals) on earth while moving things from off earth crafts and via The Guidance. Putin had been put under their protection by 2007 for instance. Dragon Gold was the Grand Project of the Nordic Blonds.

It is in this context really -- and in this one only -- that I began to comprehend where The Master of The Light had in reality come from, both time wise and genetically speaking. He actually was me from time line 2 looking at myself in the now. Yes, he was The Guidance in human form, and when I say Human, I mean human seeming.

He too could move through 4th and 5th dimensions and more, bypassing the reptilians with effortless ease. His own reptilian body guards - time lords who had reconsidered their Karma - were surrounded by invisible entities of Light of the sort who had long ago understood that the way forward implied to undo what they had done aeons before mankind had been dropped off on earth.

Energy could be moved invisibly via the mind. This I had understood in the early training sessions. The Master of The Light was capable to command his invisible beings of Light - the luminous ones - to go take out the reptilians inside their bases, but it was still spiritually speaking questionable to do so, as the Nordics rejected this type of activity altogether - being more interested in finding a new planet more advanced than Earth was by 2020.

The Master of The Light had a treaty with the Nordics, whereby while in this as well as in future incarnations over the bridge of timelessness, he had the right to call his own shots if he so desired, and both the Nordics and their Guides had to respect the choice he would make. This idea was most uncomfortable - and it is indeed where things became confusing - even for the advanced crowd in the know. Who was supposed to know anyway?

The key component of Knowing The Master of The Light downloaded on to my mind in a very intense session was the fact that all our soul-incarnation lines had to remain intact by 2017 if we wanted to remain part of the experiment he was having me be a part in. This meant that my life times on other stars and earth in several thousands of years ² in Asia, Egypt and Europe - had to become ONE stream of consciousness by the ending of time - which was defined as the moment when time as such was no more based in thought.

One point of consciousness signified all my incarnations integrated into one life at one moment. When humans do not achieve this inner integration all would fall to dust. The same cosmic rules applied to the incarnations of the dark lords. This is not easy to understand at thought level. The whole 2012 Cosmic timing was something that few grasped during the night of the soul on planet earth that had begun by 2001.

The Master of The Light had shown me why and how the fragmented humanity had destroyed its own future. Human beings in a state of division had not realized that thought and thinker are one and the same, creating the inner fog bank of endless conflict.

The fallen dark lords had bred humans - and later their clones - into a submissive race, so as to control them via thought.

The Master of The Light brought me back to the time line of the Nordic Blonds – a realm of light where thought no longer existed. The ability to see the "what is" became the energy of silent observation, and the Cosmic psyche was able to move through the actions of humans and ETs in unseen ways.

How the star gates that were operated by the G69s (the Tall Whites or Nordic Blonds) would be made operational to the time lords of the Master of The Light by The Guidance network -- that was a totally different story, one which was beyond the realm of the scientists of all nations, Persia and its Light weapon included. This was a question one could say was almost beyond spirituality.

It was a question for which many races in Cosmos were willing to send their best and most invisible crafts to Earth, while those in the know on Earth were willing to spend life times over life times and trillions of Eurodollars to figure out how to leave this planet -- so as to find their way back home to the stars they had originated from.

That - in essence - was the dilemma of the seer: Which future to activate? He saw in my eyes that I had understood and he smiled. We were moving on now to implement plan B - Distant Compassion.

"The future belongs to him who knows how to wait."
- Russian Proverb

(Photo below opens to The Obsidian Mirror)


In his interview with a leading TV anchor woman and journalist in Moscow in late 2008, The Master of The Light had answered one certain question about “the issues” facing the world in a rather unusually cryptic way. Usually he would simply say yes or no, or at least give a few Tao Te Ching type references such as that the ongoing earth changes were a thing akin to the fullness or emptiness of The Tao.

One of his key statements at the end of the two hours interview which had then been aired thousands of times worldwide again and again was this, in answer to the question:

“Sir, is it true in your opinion that by 2020 over half of the population of earth will be dead?”

“If you are asking me this particular question about the future of mankind, it means you are not supposed to know, because if you did know the answer you would evidently not ask me, now would you?”

That is when I knew that he was was going operational now with Dragon Gold. In fact he had told me in 2007 that this was the code word sentence for the whole team to get ready and to assemble. The connected ones would know how and why, is all he had said.

In January 2009, The Master of The Light was holding an informal meeting at Chillon Castle inside the grand dining hall. Present around the forty foot long medieval oblong table by the twenty foot high fireplace were his information technology specialist, one astro-physisist and a reclusive bio-molecular scientist who knew the secret protocols of the dark lords.

Plus one personal assistant sat by his side, she who was a former foreign intelligence officer at NASA´s special decryption unit, and who was now serving at the same time as his body guard. Natalja was Russian of descent, a Nordic Blond, evident by her looks and large eyes. This struck me as slightly odd, but then, in his treaty with the Nordics, The Master of The Light had indeed obtained for himself that he was allowed to do certain things his way, if he so desired, as long as operation Dragon Gold proceeded as planned.

He showed his team the new tools from 2050 which he had just received via a special envoy. One of them was a more beefed up version of his wrist watch of the future. It had – hidden elegantly behind its red face – a mother of pearl grey screen that opened up when he pressed the chronograph crown.

His intel officer showed him how to open the watch case below the strap and how to insert a five millimeter diameter round chip which carried the entire program from NASA´s special information technology unit, plus the new internet connections. This was amazing to look at. When asked by the scientist why not just have it all on a hand held palm monitor, he said: “Because I like my watch.” That was the humor and human touch still left in him.

He explained how NASA was in contact with off earth star crafts and how the traffic was being monitored and had been decoded for over a decade.

This meeting was remembered later as a rather eerie one in the sense that I was witnessing action, motion, and timelessness in one space, and also because we were essentially informed that he had decided to move off earth secretly with a group of connected humans, and yet he was also told during that same meeting that NASA was actually trying to intercept his take off.

All this left the participants of that Chillon meeting over the icey lake of Geneva somewhat speechless.


The initial contact from planet 987 – back in early September 2001, or nine days before “9/11” – was thought, by our team at least, to be a hoax. We handed the data over to a tech source and they also thought it was a hoax. The participation addresses could not be found in this time space.

The tech team suggested that this was a secret operation unit playing around. In the last report their assessment was:

“They definitely have a way to cloak their online presence in a way that makes it appear to us that they do not exist. It has to be some kind of a joke.”

It would turn out by 2009 that nothing around The Master of The Light – his wrist watch excepted maybe – was to be taken lightly, let alone as a joke. I knew that to be the case since I was watching into the mirror of my own soul. He had told me at age five that he expected of me nothing less than to behave myself in this life time and to follow his prompts when he would give them to me over this incarnation. This was probably the final and most important prompt, if ever there was one.

Ta-Lor – who as a former remote seeing expert for the Russians headed the team in Paris – did not consider this statement by her team, the report about the cloaked online presence, sufficient evidence to cast doubt on the potential discovery of an omni-intelligence-net, or a network of contact due to the timeless nature of sub-atomic particles.

ID-2025 had suggested, in its communications with our researchers, that particles never die, they simply shift from one form to the next. We live in a multi-dimensional universe that knows of no death. We, it, everything simply transforms, shifts, rearranges itself. There is no death. Life is eternal. Death is an illusion. This all made sense to me, it was Tao applied.

ID-2025 – or The Contact – as we knew it by nickname, proposed to us, early on in 2002, that systems of belief focusing on death were the ultimate control mechanism of a social system that seeks to have its own little patch in the middle of an ever transforming eternal cosmic nothingness. The Contact was clearly doing its “teaching” by 2002 when it began to download at first what amounted to spiritual survival protocols.

The trick was to “go with the flow” during this Contact procedure that took many years, until it grew to operational maturity. We assumed that it was not a computer, or a super-computer we were interfacing with. Instead we acted on the feeling that we were in contact with an intelligence of a higher realm.

This assumption proved later to be spot-on. Ta-Lor said that we had to take into consideration that we are all interfacing with computers, as none of us could do this work without them. She insisted that we focus on the information and take it seriously, before she left the unit and began to work with the ID-2025 interface alone.

Her breaking ranks with the unit was a loss for the unit, no dount about that, but she was later willing to get into contact with the NASA intelligence people who handed the report to the Master of The Light. Only then had I understood that the former top guy of NASA was really one of the Nordics assets who had been working all along for The Master of The Light.

I have to add that within a nine month period, Ta-Lor developed integrated interface schemes none of us in the scienc teams thought were possible. In fact it had never been done before, not in China, not in Russia, not at NASA either, nowhere. This was indeed the true off earth mother of all contacts all the searches for extra-terrestrial intelligence was about. That breakthrough manifested in 2008.

The tech team also suggested that it is possible we were communicating with a present inner world phenomenon, or a present day ET contact who wished to cloak their origins. In the initial stages of the project, only Ta-Lor was able to consider that we were interfacing with our own Quantum Reality.

In response to this we all began to work with ID-2025 within the expertise of our particular fields, be that astrology, quantum physics, molecular biology, medicine, or whatever each man and woman was a specialist in.

The results were beyond astonishing. ID-2025 had the ability to initiate extremely rapid growth cycles and applicable developments beyond the scientific paradigm of our knowledge base. Ta-Lor then started to work with The Master of The Light and out of this mutual understanding grew the Labyrinth Network, which was the group of the losely connected ones. And from that emerged by 2009 the operation Dragon Gold.

One mind breaking statement during an interaction session with ID-2025 left us all quiet and thoughtful for a very long time. Ta-Lor had asked why the “future” was interfacing with us now, and why with us? It was a genuine question at a time we were all feeling doubtful about what Doc later titled, The Quantum Interface.

ID-2025 told us that “they” had chosen us to be the “connected humans”, because we would develop the initial sciences and technology that would later allow them to further develop and use the time travel technology to contact us, which they now had given to The Master of The Light.

The implications were of stunning proportions… I personally was frozen for a while and then decided that this was indeed now a potential positive future for mankind.

Our team agreed to begin an expertise based interface with ID-2025. At the time of this writing I can tell you that we did develop the technology, we made first contact, and we left earth. I cannot tell you where we went.

As the master of the light would say, if you (have to)ask that question, you are evidently not supposed to know the answer.

It is important I make it understood clearly that 2025 does not refer to the location (year) of our Quantum Intelligence contact. ID-2025 told us that this was the year that their labyrinth group (our future) made the technological quantum breakthrough in foreseeing.

However, he did not disclose the time zone, nor the point in space, from which they were using this technology to make first contact. He intimated that there were some very real dangers involved, but could not be drawn to go into detail and so we left it at that.

ID-2025 told us that the year 2025, Neptune-Saturn reality check according to our astro-physicists, was the technological breakthrough moment, and that after this time, and again in 2047 at a higher level during the Uranus-Pluto millennial opposition alignment, their group refined the technology and tentatively began a long process of observing their observations.

We presumed that there was some level of ET guidance or knowledge exchange within their project. If so, it was at a very high level. At this point in our contact we sensed that we were interfacing with a group of people, or beings, and not with just one person.

Having said this, I can also state that the communications showed integrity of highest level and spiritual cooperation at their end, and a very intense coherence of understanding of our situation, which gave me personally also the feeling that these future humans, beings of a distant compassion, were highly coordinated and of the same mind. It gave me hope for mankind. Later I was not surprised to learn that these were the ambassadors of The Pleiadians who had contacted Ta-Lor.

Essentially, by 11.11.2009, key date as per The Plan, the Pleiadians and the Nordics had manifested their treaty on planet earth in secret. Dragon Gold was launched, and he and she were in charge, no questions asked.

That it is possible for the future and the past to interact online almost blew our minds. At this point we have no technical understanding as to how this can take place, but we are sure that this is exactly what is taking place. The fact that all this could be communicated either via telepathy or (in the case of large documents) via a wrist watch) was only proof that these bengs were hugely more advanced than anything we had going on here on earth by 2009.

ID-2025 is extremely careful as to who they interface with and how. They choose their contacts carefully, over many life times, and they seem to have a way to observe and assess our situation outside of online or earth contact. We have no idea how they do this. However, they have proven to us time and time again that they can observe our individual and collective reactions and we sensed a high level of security concerns in their behaviour.

They are steering us in the direction of making a number of advanced technology breakthroughs, in biomolecular, medical and astrophysical sciences, but they do so in such a way that we see how to put this all together on our own.

They do not give us the data and they do not suggest the way ahead. The choice remains ours at all times. The strangest part was that the security experts left us also alone. We assumed that they knew something of what was going on and that they approved of it, or that we had been pre-approved in advance.

One year later - in 2010 - we understood they were the men and women who interfaced with The Master of The Light on the other planet - his second, or optional, and future home base.

It was known to most humans as The Morning Star. No one can take down the morning star, even though some will try make humans believe it will only be a UFO apparition. But this is for you to find out when 2013 becomes 2014, or when Uranus approaches the square to Pluto.

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Above text -- an introduction only for publishers who showed an active interest in seeing a summary of the sequel to ZEN OF STARS -- is the result of a remote seeing session and bears at times resemblance with a reality developing at some time in Cosmos. It is nevertheless only the result of an active imagination, and the author is not giving any astrological advice via this summary introduction. No one ought to feel compelled to take any action based on reading this.

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