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The Obsidian Mirror

"Here is the mirror of Galadriel.
I have brought you here, so that you may look in it, if you will."
"What shall we look for, and what shall we see?"
asked FRODO...

"Many things I can command the mirror to reveal,"
Galadriel answered...

"And to some I can show what they desire to see.
But The MIRROR will also show things unbidden,
and those are often stranger and more profitable
than things which we wish to behold.
What you will see . . .
if you leave the MIRROR free to work, I cannot tell.

For it shows things that were, and things that are,
the things that yet may be.
But which it is that he sees,
even the wisest cannot always tell.

Do you wish to look?"

"Activating the teachings of The Master of The Light is to apply the inner guidance of your own higher self, from the future into this moment of your life now and beyond. You become a time traveller as you step into your very own future, and imagine you are guiding yourself from a life yet to be." - St.Clair

Activate your own Time Travel abilities!
See into the future through your own eyes!

We are the guidance of the future, gently communicating with mankind across the mysterious bridge of time. In FORESEEN - Beyond Time, St.Clair skillfully shows the reader how our future selves are the unseen guides of our own Destiny.

FORESEEN - Beyond Time, takes the reader into a non-linear state of knowing who they are at a much deeper level. The inner knowing is our ability to connect consciously with who we are to be. Within the next 100 years, the concepts in this book will be widely understood by societies intent on achieving convergence with their innermost self.

At the moment mankind is veering - out of control - down the fast flowing rapids of a narrow canyon, in a canoe without a paddle. Individuals in society are aimlessly thrown around by the currents of life with no clue as to their ability to navigate the flow of events surrounding them.

This book gives the reader essential astrological information about the core navigator codex, activated through conscious awareness, allowing the spirit to time travel the paths of its own existence. The spiritual sciences were lost to mankind, as individuals lost the ability to understand the guidance of their own design. The Codex is embedded within the light encoded DNA, resonating to create the future.

St.Clair reveals the convergence of the 13th consciousness, beyond time, illuminating the mind of man and re-establishing the ancient science of the soul. He connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars.

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"We are living lives devoid of dreams, and yet our dreams are the real and true power behind the world. Humans no longer know how to use their imagination to make the fading shadows of their dreams come true.

In sharing his life time work with you, the leading visionary and astrologer Michael St.Clair shares his power to dream. A shared dream empowers the whole tribe of man. The source of our dreams comes from the stars; the power to understand comes from the heart.
As I searched for a way to introduce this work by The Master of The Light, I was shown this intense vision:

In my quest I turned and looked to the people of the past. I saw a partly sandy beach where the sea had washed up many shells of different shapes and sizes. I knew I could not look within these shells to find the answers that I sought, because as beautiful as they were, all of them were empty.

The sea had left them upon the shore for people to find. But the real mystery, I was sure, lay within the hidden depths of the waters beyond. I cast my eyes onto the Atlantic Ocean, and there I saw an Eagle, its talons reflecting Scorpion energies of rebirth and light. In its talons the Eagle held a round obsidian mirror, highly polished, eyes looking through a glass darkly.

Beyond its smoky surface the mirror reflected a light between the worlds: The head of a Jaguar, its green eyes shining brightly, whose teeth became the talons of the Eagle - held the obsidian mirror in its open mouth.

This was the mystery I was to behold. The Jaguar Serpent became the Rainbow Serpent in its last and final release of energetic power. The dark mirror of obsidian reflected clearly the smoky release of the human soul.

The energies associated with shamanic power are Vortex energies. The upward spiral of the DNA is a pathway of intertwining strands of light filled with a power which the Mayans long ago knew as the “Rainbow Serpent”.

The bright colours of the Serpent were reflected within the polished mirrors of obsidian used by the Mayans. The face of the Rainbow Serpent appeared before them in the form of a Jaguar. The secret of the Jaguar, black as night, held the mystery of the Rainbow Serpent.

The Rainbow Jaguar was the Scorpion doorway to an essential transformation that allowed the apprentice to walk between the worlds. Death was the sign of profound inner transformation, and was not something to be feared. Those who could fearlessly cross between the worlds became the peaceful warriors of light who guard our world from the dark lords of the nether worlds.

Those who looked on the surface of the mirror would see their face reflected in the depths and beyond – seeing truth.

Scorpio Rising is the power of inner transcendence. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the transformer, and Mars, the warrior. For the ancient Egyptians the soaring eagle symbolized the calm but intense and focused energy of Scorpio. Those born with Scorpio rising and planets in the Scorpio sign are determined, intuitive and highly perceptive people; they are natural clairvoyants and can be gifted councillors and healers.

The sacred serpent associated with Scorpio is grounded in earthly reality, but also penetrates into the higher levels of consciousness, thus imparting cosmic wisdom. Transformation is the underlying theme. The serpent sheds outworn habits, beliefs, and illusions, facilitating the death of that which is unnecessary in order to give rise to something useful, functional, and new.

This process of transformation is the main concern of St.Clair’s work narrated by The Master of The Light in the two spellbinding books – Zen of Stars and its sequel FORESEEN.

St.Clair uses his unique insight into planetary forces to reveal that we are not individuals, as such. This is a shocking realization for most of us.

We are representatives of our own destiny, time travellers riding the interplanetary waves of the Cosmos. We are souls holding a universal discourse with the stars. The language we use is carried back and forth through background harmonic light frequencies; the same light that forms all that is life.

The findings are not always pleasant, as this can become a dialogue of personal misunderstanding and resentment, unless we begin to understand for ourselves why we exist at all, and in doing so take responsibility for our actions and our many lives.

FORESEEN is a reflection of our own selves upon the surface of a highly polished obsidian mirror. If you look further into this dark mirror of the soul there are other worlds beyond this one, whose graduation ceremony is that we understand this world as a perfect reflection of the Spirit. Each one of us wishes for something better. St.Clair goes beyond wishing – to enact his vision directly here on earth in this most troubled of all times.

From the ancient Sumerians, to Egypt and beyond, palantirs or "seeing stones" and crystal mirrors have been used throughout the ages for the purpose of divining or seeing past, present and future.

Nostradamus and St.Clair himself – and who is to say that St.Clair was not in a previous life the doctor from the south of France – used a black obsidian mirror as well as a dish filled with ink to make his famed predictions.

Many others have used obsidian crystal to see the unseen, a practice known to have existed in ancient China as well as in ancient Greece. In Mexico, the Mayan and Aztec god called Tezcatlipoca - "Smoking Mirror" - being a sorcerer, used his mirror to see events unfold, into people's hearts and minds, reading thoughts as well as seeing into the future.

St.Clair is well known to read peoples thoughts – even from afar – while seeing into the middle distance from beyond.

Obsidian, a volcanic dark natural glass formed by the cooling of molten lava – and thus a gift from the earth’s core – was used by Aztec shamans and magicians for healing what they called the "soul loss".

They called obsidian “Iztli” or “Teotetl”, a “divine stone” – an earth matter for divination. Like the Aztecs, some people in parts of Mexico and of South America today still feel that 'soul loss' is a cause of illness. The native cultures around the world knew that only those who had lost their souls would harm the earth, thus creating great sickness on the planet.

St.Clair’s message is that we have within us an ancient soul awareness – to be activated immediately through our own intent. Many people are here on this earth now to awaken this inner power of the soul within their own self. This wake-up call is due in 2013, so predicts the seer St.Clair in his groundbreaking work.

For St.Clair it is an instant awakening. You only have to do it. This is about finding our lost soul again as we come to the end and in some ways to the most dangerous part of our journey through the fourth world.

The message is that we have lost something essential, and if we are to survive we have to discover it again soon. Can we know the past – our true history – really directly, without the illusions we carry? Or are we to stay bound in make believe stories of our ancestry?

The past is the movement of something real, and the thoughts we have about the past are moving away from that reality. If we remain in hiding, running from a deep inner contact with our own souls, we are in the process of creating the reality St.Clair is warning about – which is a future of horror.

However, if we inform ourselves and look into the "secrets" hidden from the mass of human beings living on this planet, St.Clair states that a few of us – he calls them “The Few” – can command our own destiny, rather than give that control to other entities.
Using a natural ability he calls “Psychic Recall”, St.Clair is capable of seeing or connecting with the path of his own possible futures. He suggests that coming in from a life time yet to be lived those of us who perceive the negative outcome can change the future before it happens in this life now. Too often we carelessly make moves in our lives without thinking of the consequences.
When it is too late to change the outcome we are left with needless sorrows, regrets and the burden of repair, if repair is even possible. We seem to live continuously in the past, like victims cast around by the forces of "fate". But few of us realize that we are the drivers of those forces, only harvesting the consequences of our own actions. How many lives were wasted by ignoring this truth?

The future can warn us of the dangers, and guide us to change before we take the worst possible road to destruction. It is of vital importance that many people rediscover this natural time travel ability and use it to steer mankind away from the rocks and into peaceful waters.

"The key to changing our world lies in an essential revolution to take place within the human mind, in each human mind that is. The new brain is now activating world-wide simultaneously. It is a mind beyond thought - it realizes that thinkers and thoughts are one, and that action without thought is based on the knowing that time is thought."

St.Clair warns us that this is the major reason why the world’s secret government is activating a network of electromagnetic interference known as controlled disorder, or "mind control" and social engineering - which is more realistically speaking a population mood suppressant. The frequency of these electromagnetic waves inhibits the brains’ ability to be seeing or psychic.

As we approach 2012... And later 2026, with Saturn and Neptune aligned on the cusp of Pisces-Aries, our minds are about to develop an acute and psychic super awareness, one which St.Clair terms "The 13th Consciousness".

He has seen that the twelve ages or astrological aeons are different types of awareness’s that come in cycles of about 26,000 years... and that only the 13th consciousness is ultimately the one key point of entry - timeless - through which the knowing from beyond time reaches us, which will lead a few wiser ones outside the cycle . . . and hopefully towards a new essence.

This knowing is extra-terrestrial by design in the sense that it comes from the stars - via highly advanced carriers of wisdom who encoded it genetically into a higher form of intelligence over a bridge of timelessness. This higher intelligence hides among us here in planet earth in 2009.´

The Master of The Light declares:
The 13th Consciousness is Beyond The Web of Life
“Build a human being who can work with the force.”

Out of fear, and steeped in a desire to maintain "control" of human populations, the secret government -- which in turn is obeying an alien force presence of a lesser intelligence form here on earth in fear of this ancient knowing -- wants to stop this development, because it certainly will put them out of control when people awaken and realize what has been done over the past few hundred years.

We have the inner capacity to be highly evolved beings of light and by definition we are designed via our DNA to be time travellers, each and every one of us, yet we are living as if we are the beggars of this solar system, without a future, when in reality we are cosmic masters; but, soon all that is about to change.

Obsidian – sharp as it is – was used by ancient shamans as a spiritual tool to sharpen their inner and outer vision, revealing flaws so they can be corrected. It also protects the psyche, and dispels negativity from within and without. St.Clair uses this sharpness in his time travel tale FORESEEN, to expose the false and to uncover the truth behind the lies. If people do not see through the deception, they may possibly walk into a disaster too terrible to be described in words. In this sense, this book is surreal.

In dreams and visions St.Clair has seen the "best and the worst possible" future, and his message is that in becoming aware of the danger we instantly take action and avoid it.

SEEING IS ITS OWN ACTION - so the axiom coined by the sage astrologer. No sane human being would sail a boat full of people onto the rocks for everyone to drown, but you have to become aware first that the rocks are there. Only then will you steer your boat away from them and into safety. The problem with planet earth as a boat is that the rocks are hidden in shallow waters.

The work by St.Clair is an eloquently formulated and carefully crafted warning to all who read it, wherein the dangers are very real, albeit hidden, that we are coming close to the rocks below the opaque surface of the waters of falsified history, and that we can change course now to avoid the worst from happening. In this sense, St.Clair is The Obsidian Mirror.

Due to his prophetic gifts, many are deeply afraid of St.Clair, although they begin their encounters as his “friends”. His message to everyone is to live beyond fear. His "No Fear Zone" emanates from within; and its light is essential to bring about change. His added message to his "friends" is to look inside the mirror of their soul. If you are afraid you can be controlled. If you can be controlled you can be driven onto the rocks of despair, where hidden forces plan to control your future – as well as the future of your children.

Rather than being manipulated by these forces, it is time to wake up and take control of your own life, by acting as a sovereign being – and not as an ignorant slave of the unseen masters of deception. St.Clair maintains that the Divine does exist, and that as mankind was born from the Divine it cannot be controlled.

However, only when man finds true, or distant, compassion will man be the master of his own destiny. This then is the challenge facing us in the months ahead. The issues presented in this sequel to Zen of Stars may shock or surprise some, but very soon these things will be known and discussed openly, with anger even when people find out how they have been deceived. So you are among the first to read the truth.

St.Clair chose to narrate FORESEEN in the form of an inter-dimensional voyage; while he lives in safety as this is published underground for a few only to see in select circles. Soon, it will be shown to the public, when the astrological timing is correct, and the readers are ready for the message from beyond the portal of time itself.

Over the years many have run away from Michael St.Clair and his obsidian mirror – sadly mistaking the highly transformative energies around his magical presence for the individual man, instead of recognizing them for what they are – the searing truth.

Krishnamurti – the Indian teacher of the world who experienced similar interactions – stated during one of his famous talks in Switzerland:
"You wish to run away and hide, but where will you run to?
The self is where you are. You cannot escape it."

Copyright 2007 by St.Clair, NewMind Technologies

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जेन ऑफ़ स्टार्स शोवेद पार्ट वन ऑफ़ थे फुतुरेस ऑफ़ प्लेनेट एअर्थ।
फोरेसीं - आउट ब्य थे एंड ऑफ़ २००८, विल देलिनेते पार्ट तवो। थे अलिग्न्मेंट्स।

जेन ऑफ़ स्टार्स शोवेद पार्ट वन ऑफ़ थे फुतुरेस ऑफ़ प्लेनेट एअर्थ।
फोरेसीं - आउट ब्य थे एंड ऑफ़ २००८, विल देलिनेते पार्ट तवो। थे अलिग्न्मेंट्स।