Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Art of SEEING

Case Study:

People see, foresee, and envision many things. Some of them include zones of lands under water, burnt by nuclear detonations, or ravaged by illnesses where no human being can stay alive. Therefore people ask questions - such as: "Is it safe to live here or there? Will the BIG nuclear event happen? Will Germany be fine? Will Australia be the place to live? Will this or that be better? When is the economic crash due? Will water levels rise? What is my purpose here?" etc.

Is a scenario of the future, any scenario, a reality to expect? No, by definition it is not yet formed. However, it is one of many probable futures that potentially lie ahead if the timeline takes that route through the unfolding events. There are other probable futures which are all active and just as valid as the one just described.

The extreme future of a nuclear event is not active as we ponder and write this for 12.12.2007 when Jupiter passes in line of PLUTO and the Galactic Center. The events that would create that future in 2021 -- see Zen of Stars -- have not unfolded, and they probably will not unfold as is described.

Leaving The Maze

Before we go any further in this line of thought about the FORE-seeing of events, and about the seeing of this world, we must consider, however, something else of great importance: All these things happening around the world are a mere percent of what is really going on.

What we see in this physical world is what one might call "the maze" and it is thus not very conducive to personal enlightenment to ponder if this or that faction, or group or nation, gets the upper hand on another one, etc. Human beings, and even and particularly their perceived "leaders" are not in charge, let alone in control of what goes on here. Therefore any time and energy spent in the media stories relating to you the progress of "the maze" is somewhat wasted, or a futile endeavour.

We want to leave "the maze" of this planet intellectually and spiritually, so as to see beyond. We must remain unaffected by all these "world affairs issues" so as to regain the true ability of SEEING (clear) and of being able to discern what matters. What really matters - if anything - is that off planet groups have always been - and are - attempting to influence world leaders and nations; and only when each human being can overcome his / her own internal division will all this business of world-wide conflict end.

As to the fact that off-planet elements are influencing, for better or worse, affairs of this world, the best place to go to learn about this is Gerry Zeitlin's Notes on
"The Chronicles of The Girku" - by Anton Parks. Gerry Zeitlin states in his compelling web site "OpenSETI":

"In the twentieth century we broke our earthly bounds and walked the sky.In the twenty-first century we will seek companions there. Through science we hope to gain advance knowledge of who we will find.

The program designated to gain this advance knowledge is named The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). But SETI is nothing more than a badly-contrived myth. It seeks legitimacy through claiming membership in the larger scientific community, which itself is a collection of old myths that have outlived their usefulness.

You have suspected as much. Now for the first time, this issue is fully explained, in this website, which also strives to provide something better. Perhaps the SETI cheerleaders were your introduction to this subject. Prepare now to go where they will not and cannot go -- to where myth, mind, physics, consciousness and reality all meet. This subject demands no less. You deserve no less.

The journey is crucially important - especially now, as we face the oncoming wave of chaos."

(( On a rather critical and yet profoundly awakening side-note, you do well to study quickly this exchange between the Greek teacher Socrates and one of his students - known as "The Cave Dwellers" - a most enlightening classic indeed. Then ask yourself if you have really exited "The Cave" ? This picture of the moon reflection opens another realm - known as FIRST SOUL CONTACT...))

Of Seers, Prophets & Fools

Over many millennia, seers of perennial value have experienced diverse difficult situations such as the Romans invading the Celtic homelands, the hunting down of the Knights Templars, the occupation of Tibet by China, and many other unwritten histories similar to Tolkien's saga in The Lord of The Rings.

"The Inuits" living around the arctic circle from the Russian to the Alaskan, Baffin Island, GreenLand and other territories, and the Aborigines in Australia, and the Tibetans, and so many more, have seen it all - come and go.

What I mean to say is that I have seen the assault on the Elven Kingdoms, the wars with the underground Dwarf races, the genocide of the native people in North America, the destruction of the Toltec and Mayan kingdoms -- and the ruin of Egypt, and of the Sumerian and other even older cultures from faraway stars in the Orion system. So, what is a temporary dictatorship in some human country of 2011 or 2021?

The granite and the mountains of the "country" will survive and all dictatorships come to an end, one way or another. From a Nordic Blond ET, or Arctic, or Tibetan, or Celtic perspective the 'Seeing Arts' -- also known as Zen -- are the most elusive and the most dangerous of all the Arts. They can be deceptive to those who do not understand the background frequencies of visions, especially of the 'futures'.

To better explain a little more why people make so many mistakes when they see what they think is a vision of what is to be. Entangled psychism and mis-guided minds lead to envsioning problems. Which then results in the foreseen chaos to expect. Are the minds going to be clear? Or will they be limited by restrive thought frequencies?

We live in a multitudinal latitude-bundle of converging time-space lines. Many dimensions and alternative realities exist super-imposed on the unifying cosmic energies or the sea of frequencies we call life. In those Baffin Island territories, or Aboriginal retreats or Tibetan and Swiss mountains many different future realities co-exist.

OUR CHOSEN FUTURE will merge with one of those realities. We will be their past and they will be our future. We are their future and they were our past. However, there are NOW - TODAY extremely different and sometimes suppressive realities in the mountains called Tibet, or Switzerland, or in the cities of the United States and of Europe.

The Future of The Seeing is developing now. It is happening as our present reality is happening, we are running parallel to each other. I often visit those realities and I work with them when I am doing things different than thinking about all this. That work is part of the 'Unified Theory' where the more finetuned and perceptive energy vibrations bring the lower human base frequencies back into balance.

The ART of SEEING - to know when one is seeing a not to be avoided future (due to the unfolding of events), or one is seeing a parallel reality, or one is seeing a probabale future that may or may not form in this reality, just yet - is an art of discernment. It can happen that our inner guidance, when aligned with The Guides, will send the seer into a situation even if the probable future is apparently dark.

That was the case in Egypt in the time around 3,500 BCE, in Tibet in the 12th Century, in France in the 13th century, in 1939 in Nazi Germany, only the Nazi society actually exists in an alternative reality as we live our reality, and they are trying to create that extended reality here on this planet. So, it exists and it does not exist. Who do you think the world-wide armies are working with? It is not ET's (in that sense). It is more likely humanoids gone wrong here.

The future for all of the Americas and of all of Europe has not yet taken form in the sense of what will actually unfold. Many good things have taken place that indicate a non-radical and salvageable future (so far).

You also have to understand that if country "X" of 2008 becomes the future dark place of 2020 described in negative predictions, then the whole world will fall and you wont be safe anywhere. On the other hand there are certain prophecies of great wisdom, such as this one - steeped in astrology:

Remember this... The Toltecs

Tibet, or Tasmania, or Patagonia, or the Arctic - or any place of your choice - are neither good nor bad, neither nor unsafe places as such, as no place is really safe. Safest place is in your heart, but there are some places with special merit, and FORESEEN looks into this subject.

One place of interest is Switzerland, which is not only at the hub of world events, it is the hub. What do you think the Celts were doing there? Why is it the home of the Knights Templar? Why did the Helvetic Celts flee to Northern Scotland and the Isles of Scotland? Why did they move from there to Newfoundland and to yet other hidden places?

What did they bury there? It still has not been found. So, if for instance Switzerldand falls, then the whole world falls. You will not be safe anywhere if and when chaos begins. So the foreseen fall of a small mountain country in Europe CAN be the portent of the fall of the planet. It would seem that at least the financial "set-up" of this planet is about to fall apart. Planetary alignments indicate it, and the research shows that the markets and the economy are ready to implode soon. But this is not a bad thing when we consider it more deeply.

Many (most) psychics see many different alternative negative events and they do not have the skills to understand or discriminate. I was taught by the invisible realms and the Elves to discriminate. There are real time markers all along the way of the script. You can see whether the events unfold as physical reality or if they take a different turns than foreseen.

I have seen a very special future for Switzerland (and for Russia & some parts of America and of Europe), but of course certain forces on and off earth wish to destroy that possibility, because they are a parasitic force and will not be able to live off a healthy host.

One way they have to create disorder is to broadcast the vision of the worst possible future into the minds of the sleeping psychics who then manifest that future into the minds of people. What people think creates their daily world. That is a fundamental tenet of The Law of Attraction.

However certain futures are pre-selected by forces beyond the mind of humanity because by definition higher Cosmic forces from other star systems and beyond are in the works with this solar system.

The human mind is full of distortion, so that it is hardly capable of seeing clearly now, never mind seeing the future clearly. The energy portals that will allow man to survive the coming shifts are connected all through the ages. Time line 1 is what I summarize as "throughout all the ages." Time line 2 is the not yet formed future.

When we meet this shift so do the Celts and the Tibetan and the Toltecs etc, in their time dimension. THAT has to be balanced no matter what the ordinary world is doing at any point in time.

This is in essence what The Master of The Light shows in more detail in the book Zen of Stars - how to read the correct timeline and how to interpret its signs. Which script are we reading here from? A Magi type wise person is beyond the state of society at any point in history, he stays removed from outside cycles, apart from - and aloof of - it all... The guy from the future can appear at any point along the time line. He is not effected by it. This means that he is able to walk through the foreseen, and yet be free from it.

That is The Art of Seeing, or the ability not to be taken in by the predominant thoughts of the time lines. However, to see the possibilities and the details of multiple realities living side by side within the same astrological alignments. This is what FORESEEN describes: The multiple futures which will make the realities we will choose to trigger and to live in, and how to find the solution within the chosen reality. To observe is what we are here for now.

If these issues interest you, please read this introduction: