Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First Soul Contact

The Master of The Light - in keeping with his ability to enter into any time zone of choice - fast-forwarded the time lord into 2048 - forty years from when you read this. He entered the castle walls via the rainbow bridge and looked at the situation in 2008 when Pluto had entered structural Capricorn:

In 2048, PLuto opposes Uranus in the same axis it did in the year 5 BC. The Master of The Light reminded the time lord of what 5 BC meant in the bigger picture of the aeon (age) rotation. This exact alignment - from Pisces 9 to Virgo 9 - is in effect once every 2,000 years, if that. It is discussed in "Zen of Stars" where we look beyond the stars...

Now, imagine that 2,000 years ago or so, while Pluto in Pisces was opposed by Uranus in Virgo, a few timeless and guided wise ones in Aramea -- call them sages & seers if you like -- were holding very interesting "talks", kind of like Krishnamurti (known as "The K") was doing during the last century in India, England, Switzerland, and California. But the original or ancient talks we are talking about here were held in what is now known as "The Middle East".

"The K" gave talks that could be taped both on audio and video, and he drew a crowd of unwanted "disciples", ranging from flower power movie and rock stars to future politicians and leaders, some of who became seers and sages in their own right - but that is another story; plus he wrote his own "talks" into his own books, had them published on his own, so we have an advantage in this century to read, hear and see the original words, and what he meant them to mean to say...

"The J" - that is the guy who was known as Jesus or Immanuek - gave talks we have no video of. But now imagine that 2,000 years ago some people who could write were actually recording the "talks" of the sages while they spoke of highly unusual things such as the stars and cosmology, ETs and the invisible worlds. They scribbled the "talks" onto parchments and scrolls. But maybe they only wrote down what they heard after the talks were given, with a failing memory, or "system error." Well yes, and eventually the memory got lost altogether.

Then later even the writings themselves were lost, or made to disappear, or whatever. Then much later you know the rest of the story... the "talks" re-appear in altered fashion, and now we call these talks "The Bible." Now new talks of old talks resurface, we call them now "gospels" or better even "codices", plural for Codex. Now we have with Pluto in the galactic center the ultimate revelation of ancient wisdom: The Judas Codex -- a collection of "Gnostic Files" from beyond the space-time continuum. Meanwhile... what does it mean?

Here is the future or a high tech analogy:

"Error 110101011 --
Belief System Failure"


The interesting thing about the Judas Gospel (and by extension all these other Gnostic re-discoveries) hoopla - which is officially a Codex - it is not a Gospel, ok, is that Judas was not part of that system of obfuscation and dis-info - which is going on now as everyone discusses what it means. He was not part of the psy-op known as "religion."

This here - well - is part of a transliteration of Zen of Stars and of what is going on here now: The hiding of the true - or the real - teachings of the sages, whether they came from India, Tibet, or The Middle East makes no difference - and what it really means. Which is what he (they) - (Jesus & Judas) - say/s to the 12 disciples:

"Why do you hide?"

The sage knew that his disciples had no clue who or what he really was since he had come to them from beyond the space time continuum. From a psychic review Ta-Lor woke to consider that these masters of reality were teaching not only that we came from the stars, but that the many forces flying around were ETs, some of who were of the spiritually advanced kind from the future.

All those who understood the original teaching were overthrown through violence; and their cultures and their knowledge bases were destroyed. There was a basic truth that some group did not want passed from generation to generation. And it continues to this day until the lie collapses.

The sages in Aramea said:

"The illusion is over. This is the end. Wake up!"

That was 2,000 years ago, as the age of Pisces dawned. In association with that phenomenon, the dracos, reptilians (and others) began to rewire the hard drive inter-face of the human being as a whole race. They followed up messing around the DNA with a fear-based mass mind control project, to make sure that their configuration did not return to its original form of free human being. The error they created is actually what we now know as "the ego."

You can imagine that your soul, which exists as a dynamic non-physical quantum field - interfaces with your physical form in a similar way you interface with your computer OS operating system. The creator of all that is sets up the XXP system within the DNA - and later the reptilians come along and hack into the system; which is kind of what happened. Here we are now 2,000 years later. We are approaching yet again the famous Pluto-Uranus alignment of 2,000 years ago. By 2048 we are within reach of the light code.

A new aeon dawns, as the Pisces age of belief becomes the Aquarius age of knowing, with the water bearer pouring knowledge of Cosmos over this realm. This is a living medicine sign over the twelve astrological ages, known in the timeless Codex as "aeons"...

You are a little kid and at each stage of your astrological development - and until late in life - your soul is clicking on files, opening them up, working on them. You are akin to an internet connection into the real world, allowing the soul to communicate and interact with reality.

This is what "ID-2025" - FORESEEN online - is perhaps all about. See below what Database ID-2025 is introducing to the internet, at the very bottom . . .

Someone -- however -- wants to disrupt that communication and so they spread a virus, they hack into the operating system. Which makes it real hard for you to use and develop the network you were given at sovereign birth. One way of showing how this affects us (the ego) came to me - was really told to me.

I get up and I switch on the computer and click open a file on the desktop. But the operating system has been hacked into and changed. It has been reconfigured so as not to do what I command. I click to open the file, "First Contact."

But the file does not open - seems gone - because my XP operating system (OS) has got an egotistic identity of its own, created by the hacker program of the believers anti-soul systems. I click on the file and instead of the file opening, another box opens and asks:

"What are you doing?"

So I click again. "What are you doing?"
I am opening the "First Contact" File.

"Why are you opening this file?" Because...
I want to upload a new report onto the server. MY SERVER.

Error 11011010011 * File cannot be found.
Please contact Micro-Belief-Soft Support.-

So, I try again.

Error 1110011010
- system failure

Blue - then blank - screen

Computer crashes . . . will not turn on again.

You follow me? Brain crash. Belief system failure. Melt-down.
A new reality is now envisioned, co-created, as the mind takes flight...

There are many ways to imagine how a damaged operating system (OS) will sabotage your efforts to work through the computer. The corrupted OS is "ego" - me - I - self importance - fear, time, THOUGHT. The thought creates the thinker, remember the Krishnamurti principle? Thought and thinker are ONE.

Ok. What the reptilians did is this:

They introduced a fear virus, or a fear based Trojan into the OS, in order to counter-act the commands of the soul, which means you answer back, rather than carry out the required upgrade as part of your own soul development. As you grow through childhood, at appropriate points, the soul clicks on files that will expand and enhance your development, and to carry out the necessary tasks.

Reading a certain codex from the future, or a soul-expanding and mind-altering book -- Zen of Stars -- is such a "life file of enhancement" . . .

Living in nature is a "file of enhancement", as is planting and eating the right food, healing and protecting the earth, developing new ways to interact with the environment, humanly and energetically engineered economy while moving between the worlds... and so on. But due to the ego, which is time- and fear-based, when the soul-enhancing files get clicked open, thought says: "What's this? What is going on? I am afraid. I don't want this. I can't deal with it. Let me trash it."

The problem you recognize here is this: People run thoughts through their brain machine. Non-stop all the time. Until thoughts run amok, wild, go off on tangents, and take over the whole brain. This reminds me of HAL-9000 in Kubrick and his Space-Odyssey. The human brain disconnects from the human machine.

When that is the case, one must STOP & press PAUSE. Where are these thoughts coming from? Do you see a pattern? Observe! A force field from outside, not of your own making, takes over and sends you thoughts. That is when you want to sit still. Create silence in the mind. Zen of Stars suggests ways by which to achieve this tranquillity - also known as "peace of mind."

All that reaction and reacting behavior comes from thought, which is time- and fear-based, made of ego, interfering with the original OS and this type of interference divides our existence on earth from the first soul contact. All religions, political and scientific systems take the human earth child and they bombard the OS with fear-based Trojans and viruses. They are there to activate the damaged hard drive and to suppress or destroy the original system.

Basically, the human race has been hijacked. This is indeed where things stand now. However, there is good news, but you must be still to see it: Connection to First Source or God is possible from within. However not via the "manuals" known as "scriptures." New directional dimensions and guidance from another continuum are demanded and ordered in.

Remember this: Intelligent Cosmos responds to directives, not to questions. So, Ta-Lor opened the super computer no one had ever operated before, and entered the required commands, using very ancient Tai Chi and Tao Te Ching techniques.

The sign appeared:

In comes "First Contact" // "Database ID-2025" known as:
The "Codex From The Future" & we start all-over again . . .