Tuesday, January 2, 2007


(Above title contains a link to my future alignment analysis)

Looking into 2012, 2025, 2049 and 2099 with astonishment and wonder -- using this ability of SEEING -- we time travel into a dimension within our own selves and we envision optimal outcomes.

Now, in 2008 and 2009, the outermost planet of our solar system, Pluto, is settling into Capricorn, star sign constellation associated with time, structure, mathematics, society, cosmology, etc. and this is a once every 250 years cycle.

When in rare aspects to Uranus and Saturn, as is the case in 2011, and in 2047/49, it is a once every 2,000 years development. What does this entail for us here on planet Earth? Complete transformation of everything we thought to be the truth or known.

The truth is never the known, it is more likely always new.

So-called "scientific knowledge" is no different really from what "organized religion" or so-called "spirituality" was a while back. Meanwhile what is regarded as "occult" - or hidden - will be true science tomorrow. This tomorrow has begun today and is manifesting very shortly, by 2014 at the latest when Uranus and Pluto begin to make challenging aspects to one another for a while.

An unchallenged life is not really worth living. Well, think about it! Similarly, unexamined beliefs are not worth holding unto. System managers and world "leaders" of today will run into serious identity crises very soon because they are trying to lock in on structures that are useless.

Belief systems - scientific as well as spiritual ones - will see extreme changes with the discovery of new sciences - DNA breakthroughs, language communication, psychic perceptions, particle physics and molecular biology – that transform all social structures and institutions of humankind, such as governments, schools, religion, art and culture at large worldwide.

New technologies for disseminating these realizations in form of time capsules will appear, are in the process of manifesting. This blog and its web sites shows this trend now well ahead of its time. Human mind-soul is the technology.

This is a big realization, and it is also the discovery that humanity has been evolving towards for the past 25,000 years. First of all we will address where we human beings came from. A new history will be taught. All this will help to put mankind in to its proper context. At the same time this will free mankind, one soul at a time.

St.Clair is here now to assist the development of this discovery. ZEN OF STARS was his first public step in this direction. Others are also in the here and now to do the same.

Scientists, philosophers, artists, creators, and ordinary people, advanced new children, etc. they are all here to help this "thing" along its way; and if you apply the work and integrate some of the ideas presented by St.Clair here in your own existence, you too are helping the process and therefore you are one of the few who are now ahead of their "time" . . .

Web sites (listed in resources to the right of this blog) discussing this trend and exemplify it: MetaHistory.org, AlliesofHumanity.org, OpenSETI.org, KarmaPolis.be, DavidSuzuki.org, AntonParks.com, WingMakers.com, and more to come... while the new site of http://MichaelStClair.ca will soon present a grand tour of these subjects in a short synthesis, succinctly simplified so as to be easily understood. Example: Gerry Zeitlin has made enormous progress in presenting to the English speaking world the works of Anton Parks.

"Notes" - external link - by Gerry Zeitlin on Anton Parks

Resuming the St.Clair narrative: Strategies and the fearful notion of "time" are not necessary nor helpful to move on in to these new times of more advanced understanding and knowing. We are reaching the ending of time. A strategy is usually a "tool" and an escape from reality really, to confront - or to follow - issues and aims, usually devoted to avoid pain and acquire gain of some form.

All this business of analyzing a potential future and past is best done without fear. Strategic "thinking" - typical of Pluto in Capricorn traits - is, however, often closely associated with fear, or doubt, or trying to take an advantage.

In the timeless time ahead, 2012, 2025, 2049, 2099 and so on... we are well advised to move like water, to be like water, to become Cosmic, and to leave old thought structures, such as doubt and fear, behind. Where the soul is located there is no fear. There is no strategy needed to let the soul soar.

The soul is its own "strategy." Action without thought becomes possible then, and this knowing is its own action.

Now we are in a cycle in which we realize these fundamental things. A few at first, one by one, we begin to mutate to these facts of new life. The discoveries of our soul are a long process, thousands of years in the making, and reaching a decisive momentum in the four to forty years ahead. We are moving into the eye of the needle of this truth.

The thoughts presented here are designed with light-encoded words that transmit them. Best would be to "see" the toughts, psychically, in stillness, rather than to read and memorize them in linear ways, or even think about them, thoughtless thought, stillness, is needed to move on now. Selflessness is also helpful in order to better understand what we are discussing here.

The new mind will no longer process information only in a linear manner. The evolved mind realizes that to apply all this it is necessary to be selfless, without "self." The work here on this blog and its web site networks is not presented for "survival" in mind, but for living in a new development and for being this development. Look at what David Byrne is doing in Tasmania in terms of sustainable living:

David Byrne - external link: Solutions for Sustainable Living

David Byrne wrote about the book Zen of Stars:

"Michael St.Clair has done something very special with this publication. For he has gone places that few if any could go. As Cosmologist, Astrophysicist, Historian of the ancient world, Shaman, Researcher, Political Observer, and all of the other qualities and Learnedness that becomes him, has been brought to bare in this work.

St.Clair deals with topics that go beyond the drama projection of that which is portrayed as life. He does this in a fearless way, while dealing with difficult subjects.

He writes on the history of a time before, what we have been given as history, and speaks to the spirituality of our beingness, our origins, aliens, religionists, the luminous ones beyond the creation, and the creation itself.

The cosmologist in him looks to the stars, here he finds links to the present and future. As mundane Astrologer he sights and links the past.

There is a seamless thread that flows through the whole of this writing. It is a filament substanceless, yet more real than physical matter. It is a connection of oneness that permeates the energy field, and brings order, harmony and balance from out of the disturbed energy of chaos. Only the few who be in such place can project this.

St.Clair has linked so much in the life that is and that which is beyond. That so, so much that is fragmented in human awareness can be brought together. Can be seen and understood on the one page, the page of ones life. He does this with no projection of fear, the reader does not have to go into fear as NONE is projected.

A Pure Intelligence is at work in this writing.

So for those who want to taste, learn, and understand why this world is the way it is, where it is going, of the dramatic changes to come. What choices there are for the enormous potential that is you, then this is a must read.

As St.Clair states, " If we can predict the future, we can change it "

Highly Recommended."

As these new realities begin to merge and as the psychic which gives rise to the physical becomes visible, the unseen world becomes the predominant reality we live in. Some of us will see the Elves and other inhabitants of many more dimensions we thought "possible" or existing.

This is a process that will challenge most human beings to their very core. Thus, it is worth devoting some meditative moments to these discoveries. Eventually, scientists will "explain" all this better, for the still linear-minded ones.

Time travel begins to become a more common place occupation of time well spent. Travellers from another reality have been -- and are now -- in contact with some new minds that have emerged to share some totally new ideas, to assist the process of the grand scale transformation of mankind. And this is good, as well as BIG.

Again, when you can apply this in your life, you are a very important key part of this new humanity that is about to emerge in the coming two generations. Now remember, that this what we discuss here cannot be "managed", nor "gained" or "acquired" since it can only be applied. It will be realized.

Welcome to the new work by Michael St.Clair !