Sunday, March 11, 2007


Climate & Earth Changes -
or The BIG Disinformation Campaign?

Since the appearance of St.Clair's website in 2001, and the publication of Zen of Stars in 2006, it has become popular to present people with an ongoing apocalypse described as Climate Change. "An Inconvenient Truth" - film documentary by Al Gore - has done much to obfuscate the true issues and to misguide people.

It is important to understand that the general mass alarm that seems to have human beings caught like a deer in the headlights of a car, has nothing to do with what is actually happening. The mis-information (and purposeful DIS-Info) you see appearing all over the mass media, about Climate Change and Global Warming, is not at all what Zen of Stars is talking about.

Zen of Stars and its sequel FORESEEN are proposing to address our internal changes and describe what REALLY is also changing in our outside environment.

Unless we have a sane, healthy, relationship with the land we live on and live of, we do not even have a relationship to our own self. Without respecting our own selves we will not respect the earth. This is what is going on now with most people alive on this planet.

Thus, the books by St.Clair suggest we first establish our own "self/relationship" by using an anticipatory guidance from within, while paying attention to the living signs our environment gives us on a daily basis.

The problems facing mankind are not so much of a runaway planet, but are related to the psychic and psychological state of our minds. The unseen reality is that the Earth is protecting itself and us with it, although the eco-system is currently in a state of upheaval and collapse.

There are key points in the Solar System and galactic orbits where things change, transformation occurs and the magnetic frequency of the earth is altered. It is not only the Earth that undergoes these alterations, but the sun and all the planets known to our scientists now undergo the same cyclical changes. NASA and other space agencies have reported that we see the effects of storms and warming also on Jupiter, Triton and Mars, and many other orbiting bodies in our solar system.

It is therefore not correct to say that mankind is the cause or responsible for global warming. It is, however, equally incorrect to think we can continue to pollute and literally distroy the earth we walk upon, and we better know for sure that this planet is a host we have borrowed from our children and their future children. It was not inherited by our ancestors.

The process of warming and of change is natural. This cycle of change will happen regardless of the ecological situation on Earth. The problem for mankind is its own collective state of mind. Human beings are not in danger from the planet they inhabit, they are a danger to themselves. In that respect people are totally out of step with the cycle now unfolding.

The popular whining about Climate Change is misleading. When St.Clair began to warn people that catastrophic changes would alter the earth, he also pointed out something that most people prefer to ignore, and that is the value of our lives as we enter this time. He points out what we can do to transform our relationships to our selves and to our host planet.

The quality of human experience has largely degenerated at a time when people need to be alert and sensitive. This is the problem facing human society and not the natural events unfolding in this time. Mankind is in for a reawakening to its own potential as well as to its own thought patterns.

As bad as things appear in terms of physical human pollution and the ecological deterioration of the environment, the real disturbance is the psychic and psychological pollution. The pollution of the way humans think and behave is far more toxic than the physical pollution.

It is indeed the disturbance of the collective psyche - seven billion misguided minds - that will disable most human capacity to cope with the challenges facing us all in the next decade. Our way of thinking is a far greater danger to us than the "Earth Changes" everyone likes to talk about now; but no one wants to seriously address this. It seems convenient to discuss whether or not mankind causes global warming or not and it is all too easy to lament the OUTSIDE events, rather than to face the INNER landscape of the mind. The discussion of the coming decade will be about how we THINK.

St.Clair offers concrete suggestions:
"EarthShield Project 2012"

The situation we have now is that at this time of cyclical change in the magnetic field of the earth, the support we need from the natural environment is not there anylonger. That is quite obvious by now in 2007. We collectively destroyed it. The local environment is not going to destroy mankind during this planetary upheaval, but how can the environment protect and nourish us when we have destroyed most of it?

This goes all the way back to the destruction of the native indiginous cultures living in harmony with the earth. If you take a look at the Inuits living close to the Arctic you see what this entails now in 2008 and 2009 as the ice caps melt away; and we must think about how we treat the ancient cultures still alive. We have an interest in learning from them, as they will be the survivors of "WaterWorld."

That is the issue facing us, our learning ability, and not the weather changes.

The fact that goes in tandem with planet Pluto in Capricorn from 2009 to 2024 is this: We are leaving the times of abundance and we are entering times of scarcity. How we adapt to this new paradigm is going to define how we will live through the decades ahead.

The self-indulging and greedy societies we have built will not be able to cope with the harsh reality they are about to face. Rather than look at the earth and grow fearful, we need to take a good look in the mirror and re-align our personalities and our priorities. Who are we (really), why are we here? To indulge? A mind that cannot contain its greed will create conflict when it has to share. This is why Zen of Stars was written, and not to announce that coastlines will be hit by big waves.

Perhaps it is time that we learned some kind of compassion for our surrounding environment, for the animals, rocks, plants and trees. Earth is giving birth to a new age, and by destroying the planet during this process we are killing ourselves. The natural environment we need to see the next generations through the changes is rapidly disappearing. That is FACT.

The cause of this destruction lies inside our minds. That is the central issue of Climate Change: The human mind. The human psyche. Not to focus outside, but to be aware of what is going on inside.