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Safe Place Projects

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In keeping with his proposed global network of safe places -- as outlined in Zen Of Stars -- St.Clair spends time between his home in Switzerland & Europe - and other places - advising clients globally where he helps to settle his first multi-dimensional safe places networks for sustainable living around the world. While it is an intense and time-consuming effort while St.Clair travels, he meets with clients to implement strategies that are useful to future sane living.

(Photo of icepans in safe place Newfoundland by Lisa Day)

Seekers and clients meet with him in exceptional retreat type settings of vast beauty - either in power-point type older cities or in an untouched nature - to discuss longterm change of direction. These meetings take place in Europe mainly, or in Newfoundland, or in the highlands of Japan, or also in Tasmania which will be next among the places of retreats.

Here some news from certain spots St.Clair has personally looked into:

Newfoundland & Labrador are in the process of finding a new "moral economy" - a term coined by its current Premier Danny Williams who has declared to the New World Order government in Ottawa that he sees the necessity for Newfoundlanders to be "Masters of Our Own House."

St.Clair salutes this development in the knowing that many Newfoundlanders want their independence and wish to see The Republic of Newfoundland, as he pointed out in his book ZEN OF STARS the importance of an economic place of sustainability to stand in autarch autonomy from government, economy and energy structures which are bound to fail systematically during the coming decade.

"Our primary message to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians today was that we will confidently move forward to strengthen Newfoundland and Labrador’s financial autonomy and strengthen our fiscal capacity to meet our own social and economic obligations,"
said Premier Williams.

"We will achieve this vision for our province by reducing Newfoundland and Labrador’s burden of debt on our children, diversifying our economic base, pursuing a fair fiscal balance between levels of government and reducing our dependence on equalization payments."

The Premier added that the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador has never been more ideally positioned to take control over its own destiny and lay out a path for renewal and economic prosperity.

Here is the full speech. See: "Masters of Our Own House"

Rich with history. Rife with culture.
And sprawling with natural beauty.

All these wonders have been here for thousands of years, embraced by those who happened upon them, since the now extinct Beothuks settled the lands. It’s up to the traveler to enjoy them, to go vigorously in search of people, adventure, of experience. Around every corner, around every bend, you will find a piece of heaven, a delightful sight, a playful breeze that will help your journey of inner and outer development. Click on this picture to see what Newfoundland and Labrador have to offer to the visitor who comes to stay in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Wikipedia on Newfoundland - facts & figures:

Read: "World Under Siege" - by St.Clair

Prospective clients see more:
International Consulting Services - by St.Clair

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David Byrne - external link: Solutions for Sustainable Living

David Byrne wrote about the book Zen of Stars:

"Michael St.Clair has done something very special with this publication. For he has gone places that few if any could go. As Cosmologist, Astrophysicist, Historian of the ancient world, Shaman, Researcher, Political Observer, and all of the other qualities and Learnedness that becomes him, has been brought to bare in this work.

St.Clair deals with topics that go beyond the drama projection of that which is portrayed as life. He does this in a fearless way, while dealing with difficult subjects.

He writes on the history of a time before, what we have been given as history, and speaks to the spirituality of our beingness, our origins, aliens, religionists, the luminous ones beyond the creation, and the creation itself.

The cosmologist in him looks to the stars, here he finds links to the present and future. As mundane Astrologer he sights and links the past.

There is a seamless thread that flows through the whole of this writing. It is a filament substanceless, yet more real than physical matter. It is a connection of oneness that permeates the energy field, and brings order, harmony and balance from out of the disturbed energy of chaos. Only the few who be in such place can project this.

St.Clair has linked so much in the life that is and that which is beyond. That so, so much that is fragmented in human awareness can be brought together. Can be seen and understood on the one page, the page of ones life. He does this with no projection of fear, the reader does not have to go into fear as NONE is projected.

A Pure Intelligence is at work in this writing.

So for those who want to taste, learn, and understand why this world is the way it is, where it is going, of the dramatic changes to come. What choices there are for the enormous potential that is you, then this is a must read.

As St.Clair states, " If we can predict the future, we can change it "

Highly Recommended."

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