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Ashes and Snow

Gregory Colbert
Ashes & Snow


Throughout history, only few men and women: The Christ, the Buddha, Galileo, The Mother, Tesla and Krishnamurti had the courage and insight to see a new way ahead, and what they taught changed the way of the world - forever and for the better.

As Tesla is to physics, Jiddu Krishnamurti is to spirituality. After Krishnamurti's death in 1986, a great void was left. For the past two decades the world has, as never before, begun moving in the wrong direction and few world leaders today have the direct vision to deal with the emerging violence.

The 21st Century has now quietly swept to its surface a new visionary and one of the most creative minds alive, an astrophysicist who speaks to the most fundamental issues facing our humanity, and who has seen the ending of time. His name is Michael St.Clair.

He has written three ground breaking books in six years leading to a new way of living: Atlantis Oracle, Zen of Stars, and FORESEEN. Now, his latest book being simply the hardest hitting and most challenging, presented in a world premiere on this website. In it he states:

Humans have to change now, there is no time left.

Governments all over the world know what is about to happen, and they are going to save themselves, and leave you, the mass of people on this planet to be hit without warning

They do not want you to know what is about to happen...

Through experiencing a spontaneous awareness of past and future events that Swiss Astrologer St.Clair calls Psychic Recall, a stranger than life History has revealed itself. In essence, the world we live in today is a disconnection from our true past. What St.Clair has discovered will seem almost like science fiction to some, but in the real world truth is stranger than fiction.

In his acclaimed video by Hollywood producer Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, St.Clair gives a 44 minute grand tour of all the subjects facing mankind. Click this picture to watch it, while you read on:

During states of heightened awareness where he has experienced being taken outside of the earth, to witness catastrophic changes and traveling through dream like states where he has often experienced multiple lives, St.Clair has been shown in detail how human reality was hijacked from its own true past and placed in this present time-illusion.

The very nature of which is destroying us. Just as Michael Cremo is uncovering the physical truth indicating that on an evolutionary scale who we are today is a fallen race, and that the human race is de-evolving from a once great and powerful past, St.Clair has discovered an even more devastating vision of how we came to fall into the state we are in now, a state where humans are destroying the world that sustains them - where we have developed weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying all life on Earth, and are headed for a war that is unthinkable in terms of violence. He asks:

Is this really to be our future?

Over the years, St.Clair has attempted to uncover the reason behind this insane world wide drive to destroy the foundation of physical life, and the carrier of the Soul experience: The Earth Itself. What he has discovered is almost frightening, and yet we humans have to face this if we are to survive collectively as a race.

If the truth remains hidden from plain sight, and we continue to destroy our world, we shall eventually enter the domain that is the source of the darkness now covering our planet. It is our decision to choose which future we will take, and the key to our choice lies in knowing our true past. The key to our future lies in the past, and in uncovering the past, in uncovering the truth and inwardly reconnecting to the other reality, our true heritage.

St.Clair has been shown that humans are in a state of Psychic Amnesia. This forgotten state is not something that just happened to us. It was created for us by what could be termed an old enemy of mankind. During the fall of Atlantis, humans were attacked, and our reality was hijacked from what it was to what it is today.

This attempted manipulation of our timeline has created something of a monster. The human psychic has become infected with dis-ease. The manipulators of our reality are in a sense aliens, but their true form is closer to a distortion of reality, rather than that they inhabit our physical world as we know it. The insane experiments taking place: Haarp, the Genetic modification of the food chain, and the future Implants, are really an attempt to merge two incompatible realities. The creatures many Ufologists describe as Reptilian do not fully inhabit this physical earthly reality.

In FORESEEN Michael St.Clair explains in a matter of fact way how the intra- and extra-terrestrial forces are competing for control of our planet, and his book is an eye opener based on ten years of in-depth interviews research and studies, unparalleled and quietly brought to the surface by one of the most calm and Taoist minds the earth has in visit now.

What St.Clair has discovered in his many encounters with this other reality, is that these older alien races are dying. They are about to fade into or be drawn into a completely non-physical dimension, where they can no longer access or interact with the earthly reality, or any other reality for that matter. The secret war now taking place on the earth is an attempt to shift the human form, or the human soul onto the lower level in which the Reptilian creatures have become irreversibly trapped.

Human scientists -- Dr. Dan Burisch of Grey fame BEING THE GREAT EXCEPTION -- on the physical earthly level are co-operating with these alien races in an attempt to create the wrong kind of future, through the calculated introduction of destructive forces capable of wiping out all life on earth. These experiments have been going on since the Second World War, and are a continuation of the experiments developed by the Grey Aliens under the guidance of Black Tibetan Masters of the lower and inner worlds - also known as The Nine.

As the world's leading astrologer, Michael St.Clair has seen in his inter-dimensional time travels the documents of the secret governments in both the Western and the Eastern World.

Sources in the United States of America, in Iran and in India have confidentially shared via telepathy with St.Clair what they know after they have studied his books ZEN of STARS and FORESEEN. The New Group that replaced MJ12 and the group around the EU & the European Central Bank in Frankfurt have shown St.Clair what will happen if the time travel technology falls into the wrong hands. The Taoist astrologer is unfazed, as he took note of what he knows, and he is not surprised.

Why is he not fazed?

The Nordic Blonds and Tall Whites and the Vedic Spirits protect the world's leading astrologer as the man of the future who has let people know in time what they can do to protect themselves. FORESEEN and ZEN OF STARS are roadmaps for the present most probably future. If the ordinary people do not wake up soon to the ongoing distortion of reality, the resulting war will not only create a dead planet, but will also create a sealed tomb for the souls of man.

The insane scenario of a third world war makes no sense, unless there are hidden forces carrying out a hidden agenda. It makes no sense for any kind of economical-industrial and military world complex to carry out a war that will destroy them as well as the target they choose to hit: Their chosen enemy. In reality the individuals directing the Military strikes, and who are choosing the targets, are products of a damaged psychic reality that is in essence not human. The war unfolding on the earth is not being controlled nor directed by humans. In fact, humans are the targets.

The key to undermining human defense and to undermining the survival of the human race lies in secrecy. The beings controlling the unfolding events, mostly military in nature, must remain hidden if their plans for the earth are to succeed.There is a very fine line between human beings being awake or asleep, and this is also the reason that moves are being made to increase instability between nations. Those who were able to distort the human Psyche are very much afraid of a spontaneous awakening of the Psychic within man.

This is the essence of the predictions made according to the Mayan calendar.

The approaching changes are in essence more spiritual than physical. The ongoing wars on earth are attempts to damage the spiritual nature of man. The wars keep humans at a basic non-developmental level. Like a primitive animal trying to survive, and one who is continually employed in rebuilding its social, political and physical infrastructure, over and over again. Fear creates a frozen awareness that becomes locked in survival, and can think of nothing else.

Physical war is an attack on the psyche, and is not only a physical attack. Taking this one step further, the secret government is employing radionic weapons to their arsenal. The attack on the human mind is indeed becoming more direct.In his heightened awareness experiences, the world’s foremost astrologer Michael St.Clair discovered that the veil between the worlds is exceptionally thin. He has seen the end of the old world, and beyond it. In fact, brutal methods are employed to keep humans in this lower awareness state, and to keep them asleep to their true origins.

The human soul is not asleep, it has been moved slightly out of reach, almost like a bad out-of-synch movie that is running, but the story is not being told. This is in essence the state of our world today, and secrecy is keeping it all in place.We are psychic beings inhabiting a physical reality. The physical world is the vehicle for movement through time and space, but the psychic is the journey. The elemental physical world is not the target of this growing war against mankind. The target is the human mind, the human psyche and ultimately the human soul.

Disconnected from our past . . .

The technology we use is messy, but this does not make sense for a species that are highly inventive. The message being transmitted to human beings is that we have the capacity to develop and utilize a powerful and effective non-technological force. The people who have experienced seeing unidentified flying objects describe these crafts as appearing to be of a superior technology.

Naturally to someone driving a petroleum driven vehicle this might be so. In reality, these craft are using a technology that is inferior to the craft humans could create if they had not lost the connection to who they really are.The work of Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich was the beginning of a reconnection to our true past. These men were rediscovering a form of energy that is an old ally of humankind. Our true selves are more in touch with this energy form than anything we are using today. This source energy enhances our psychic development as well as providing a safe and clean power source.

Orgone radiance is good for us. It also provides a non-violent form of protection. St.Clair builds his own "Nuclear Resonators" - works of art which balance your life - from handheld antennas to magnificent sculptures decorating a home. Orgone energy can be used as a shield as well as a concentrated beam that is peaceful but effective. What Wilhelm Reich inadvertently discovered is that the energy he called orgone radiance very effectively dissolves negative energy depletion, and certain types of UFO’s.

Certain kinds of Entities or Aliens cannot be near high levels of orgone energy, but humans can. This energy can be used to power a highly effective form of non-technology, a totally new area of development for this world, but an area in which we once excelled.

The reason the US secret government destroyed Reich and his work is because the Entities hiding behind them cannot deal with high - or even low - concentrations of orgone energy.The beauty of Reich’s discovery is that although it is powerful and effective, orgone radiance cannot be used by the military in the way the Atom bomb was used. Simply put, it cannot be used to destroy life. What orgone radiance does is that it dissolves negative concentrations of DOR and reestablishes balance.

Unknown to humans - large areas of the earth have been artificially changed so that they become areas of low-level radiance. The planned microwave network being built in every town and city will create a dead orgone radiance field suitable for life forms other than human.St.Clair has experienced a world in the future that has freed itself of the alien parasites that are today making one last and final attempt to control us.

The radionic war being waged on the human mind is the real key to the question of whether we can be controlled or not. The building of an artificially created network of dead orgone radiance will need an incredible amount of power to maintain, because the frequency moves against the earth’s natural harmonic resonance. From what he has seen, St.Clair feels that it is this network that will trigger most of the earth changes.

The human psyche and the human mind are powerfully linked to the earth’s harmonic frequency. If the mind is artificially shifted to an even lower radiance through this inhuman technology, the fine balance of the earth will be greatly disturbed through this. The final battle, in many ways, will be between the alien presence and the earth.

Tesla and Reich were a danger to the hidden forces seeking to decide our future. Both these men were reconnecting mankind to the true past through the rediscovery of a very old power source, one that we know well, and one that would alter our psyche in such a way that we would begin to remember.

When they destroyed the work of Tesla and Reich, they destroyed the heart and soul of each one of us on this planet.The difficulty for us in understanding what has been done to disconnect us with our past is because a certain psychic function within the human biological field first has to be active. In a Psychic sense we are both deaf and blind. How then can we begin to understand the magnitude of exactly what has been done to us?

Our real and true past is a psychic development, not a physical development.

In fact, one way to begin to understand why we are a fallen race is to understand that reality is psychic and the physical world is simply a medium of transmission. Our enemies were able to separate us from our fully functioning psychic awareness through the destruction of Atlantis. We do not remember, the world remembers for us!

The single-minded focus on the physical to the exclusion of all else is helping to hold in place the illusion we are now trapped in. In a way we are maintaining the walls of the psychic prison for ourselves. One way to create freedom would be to question everything we now accept as normal and real. In the questioning, the walls of illusion dissolve without any effort.

They simply disappear. Human acceptance plays a large part in the ongoing destruction of our world. We do not need to rediscover the ancient tablets of wisdom hidden beneath the Sphinx. The true connection to this wisdom lies within each one of us, and is essentially more powerful.

We are the living truth.

The capacity to feel connects us with our past

We all imagine that we have feelings, and that what we feel is real. The truth is that the vast and conflicting array of emotions we experience are largely reactions to events rather than feelings.

“The love you withhold is the pain that you feel”- Alex Collier (Defending Sacred Ground)

The reality is that if we had retained our true capacity to feel we would not be in the mess we are in now. It is our depth of feeling that connects us to the past.

Extreme swings of emotion are not feelings.

When our emotions are in a state of conflict it is because we are not using our senses through our feelings. The rapid change of emotions is similar to a magnetic compass swinging this way and that without bearing, and our feelings are similar to the compass signaling true North. When we listen quietly to what our feelings are telling us, we receive guidance. The bearing of this guidance is linked to mankind’s true past.

The feelings inside a human being are like the colors of a Rainbow. They not only alter the color of the aura field, they connect us with the earth’s magnetic field and they connect us with the surrounding reality.

Somehow, humans were cut off from directly perceiving and feeling the guidance of their senses, and became trapped in the irrational spin of emotions.Because we have allowed this to happen, we only have ourselves to blame for the direction the world is now taking.

With the general mass of humans accepting the way things are, it is easier for the secret elite to take out individuals who see what is happening, who speak out and who do not accept the way things are. The answer to this is that man must begin to feel again as opposed to reacting.

When we react it is a signal that it is already too late, and the resulting emotional reaction is also a sign of being in a powerless position.In studying the shamans and astrophysicists of the ancient world, St.Clair discovered that the initiations in Mexico, Egypt, at Delphi or in the Pyramids of the Sun were very exact teachings in which a sophisticated language of feelings activated psychic powers in the apprentice.

This is the key hidden in the hieroglyphics and in the petroglyphs. We find ourselves unable to read or understand them, because they are written to activate the Psychic in man. The parts of the brain that can read and understand have unfortunately been disconnected. The key to regaining our psychic ability lies in us knowing who we really are.

When we begin to retain an irrepressible feeling that we are something other than we realize, living as we do in a world without soul, this energy then pushes further.

If we do not give up the quest the thin veil of illusion falls away and we instantly reconnect to our past. Not the idea we may have captured in thoughts, but the real movement as it exists outside of time. St.Clair has been shown that our future have regained their connection to all that is. Their message to us is that our time-line will only reconnect with us if we reconnect with them. And so, he states:

“The way out is IN”.
The "planetary crash" coming in a few years is not related only to the physical world. Most people do not realize that the physical world they experience is not what makes this reality sit in place.

St.Clair has been shown that beginning in 2008, with Jupiter in CAPRICORN and Saturn in VIRGO, a major shift in energy is about to happen, taking the energy away from service to self and returning to the concept that we are one humanity.

This means the selfish economy and insane society will reach its final days, through a powerful unseen alignment at the end of 2007. What humans have forgotten is that the flow of energy makes everything happen. The difficulties we face in the five years from 2008 to 2018 will be directly related to the changing shift in levels of energy at which point St.Clair sees a few of us surviving by walking though a thin veil of reality into a new world.

The old world order will perish, and the new world order will also be abolished. The colonial empire has grown arrogant in the belief that physical life is a “free for all” with no immediate consequences. Apparently, there is no force on the earth to correct the free will actions of a society gone mad.

However, according to the Mayan prophecies, which the western mind does not understand, the earth has simply held back the consequences for this approaching spiritual alignment. The time that has passed since the fall of Atlantis was a test, or a "spiritual initiation."

Approaching 2011 whatever is stored behind the walls of that dam is about to flood into our lives. I hope you can swim.

The final challenge – opening the passage of the 8th BrainThe worl by St.Clair is about the moment when most of us – at least those of you who read these lines – will understand that the system we live in is about control, greed and secrecy, and it is about having more than you need (at the expense of others), and it is about hiding knowledge from others.

Yet, the good news is that it is just that: a system, about to crash. Most people are not ready to let go of this system, which is built on rules for those who believe in service to self. Those who are hopelessly dependent upon the system will even fight to keep it, and that is the way it will be until there is no more system left, which will be soon. Very soon, like in 2014, or 2017.

That is when we will have Peace.

In FORESEEN -- the sequel to ZEN OF STARS -- St.Clair writes: “To understand the events that are ahead you must be able to FREE YOUR MIND totally, and honestly look for knowledge, yet question also everything you take in. I can show you the star gate. You are the one who has to walk through it, if you so wish, through letting go of fear, belief, doubt and disbelief.

Enter the world of the astrophysicist and pass through the star gate into a world of knowledge and exploration, without control or rules, with no borders or boundaries, and most importantly with no secrets. Just so you know, the star gate is within you, close to your heart. It is not a mechanical device, nor a spot on Earth, nor on a star. It needs no technology

You are your own power! In my astrological world – described in my two previous books – everything is possible via an inner knowing. But please understand also that there is a difference between knowing the cosmic or shamanic passage and walking through it.”

“Let me explain to you what I have seen and you might find you are as open to this as I am. Seeing is a mirror, an all-seeing mirror. It is the silent observer inside all of us, non-movement: absolute stillness. It is a state of mind that exists day and night whether we are aware of it or not. It functions regardless of whether we perceive its presence.

Shifting our awareness is the key to knowing or entering the new world. When you 'shift', you see with another part of your being. It is the 8th brain or the 8th sense that takes the psychic information and uses it.” Through this timeless awareness St.Clair can observe the past, the present, and the future as one reality.

The brain responds creatively to multiple realities. It begins to wake up when it gets to connect as it becomes aware of the realities beyond the visible. Don't forget the more 'disconnected' and selfish humans are, the more asleep they are. Experts call this 'dissociation'. The inner Spirit connection is missing. What does that mean?

It means the person looks out rather than within. We can say that selfish action is “Rational Thought” looking OUT, in fear. If in those moments of selfishness the individual turns the energy around and looks within, something totally new happens.We are souls who once walked freely through passages of initiation that awakened the inner spiral of the 8th brain.

On a soul level we have a timeless knowing inside us. The only difference between now and then is that after the fall of Atlantis DNA strands were cut. We have the power to reconnect the DNA and regain the Psychic. Human beings have the ability to move between the worlds using the power of imagination.

Our imagination is like the high-powered drive of a star ship. If we know how to use it, the universe is open to us. The DNA sequence is only a template, and it can be altered using the power of the mind. These are the “secrets” being hidden from you as you pass into the fifth world of awareness.The human mind is the most powerful tool on earth, the psychic is its master and the soul is the guide. Whenever he was asked by people about UFO’s or aliens and whether they exist?

Jiddu Krishnamurti would always indicate that the answers we are looking for lie in a totally different direction. He suggested to people that it is not a question of whether races from other worlds visit our world, but what is the quality of the human mind in meeting this problem? He often pointed out that if our minds are in a primitive state, in fear, caught in problems, confused and unaware of the greater meaning of life, then the question of UFO’s and aliens would overwhelm us.

In a speech in 1986 in Madras, Krishnamurti addressed the issue of the future electronic manipulation of mankind. He said:

“When genetic engineering and the computer meet, what are you? Your brains are going to be altered. Your way of behaviour is going to be changed. They may remove fear altogether, remove sorrow, remove all your gods. They are going to; don’t fool yourself. It all ends up in either war or in death. This is what is happening in the world actually.” - Krishnamurti’s Last Talks

As human beings we have been educated not to consider that the brain has any power. The psyche is a topic either for a visit to a psychiatrist or is associated with some kind of New Age – way out there – movement. Something you do at the weekends, but which is not a part of a human beings daily existence in the struggle to survive. Some of us may have a great deal of money, but in some way or another we are all struggling. Our collective energy as a race is concerned with fear, with survival, with uncertainty. If you do not have to struggle physically to survive, then you struggle psychologically.

If we do not make an effort to consciously enter the problem with our minds, then the approaching wave will overwhelm us. The capacity of the human mind holds the key to our individual and collective future. The responsibility to use this or not to use it lies with us. You can be lead and moved around perhaps by elite groups seeking your destruction, but you do not have to believe anything they tell you. You are capable of stepping back from the edge and making the decision that will create another future for yourself and all your incarnations across the mystery of time and space.

The scientific discovery of the human soulWe are living in times of extreme violence, not because the people of this world want “War”, but because there are forces hidden inside the earth who do not want to give up control of the human race. Even as a military operation the move to occupy Iraq is not only suicidal, it is completely insane and unnecessary. More could have been achieved through diplomatic means, and more damage has been done and is being done in the name of “Freedom” than existed before the country was invaded.

The war being waged is not a war against individual countries.
It is a war against all mankind. It is a war against the MIND.

Whitley Strieber in “The Key”, and Dr. Neruda in the fourth interview on the Wingmakers website, both suggest that the indisputable scientific discovery of the human soul will lead to a radical and necessary change in human awareness.

Dr. Neruda suggests that the discovery of the Grand Portal will unify mankind. He also says of the Grand Portal: “It is the connection to our human soul, which has been broken into hundreds of pieces and strewn across the globe in the form of different colors, cultures, languages, and geographies, and is now in the process of an unalterable reunion.”

As Krishnamurti said to his “followers” when he dissolved the organization that had been built around him by the theosophists:

“Truth is a pathless land. Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, nor through any philosophic technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection.

Man has built in himself images as a fence of security - religious, political, personal. These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of these images dominates man's thinking, his relationships and his daily life. These images are the cause of our problems, for they divide man from man”.

– Excerpts from a speech by J. Krishnamurti.

The divisions created by national and religious beliefs are tearing us and our world apart. There has to be soon a worldwide sense of global unity that denies all division of race, colour, sex and religion. As a species we are stronger together than apart.

Dr. Neruda points out at the end of the fourth WINGMAKERS Interview that, the reason to become a unified people on this earth is far greater than the personal gains of a few individuals seeking to impose a new world order. In fact, what these factions are planning is not unity, because they have always and only will ever benefit from dis-unity. Iraq being one example of this.

Seeing Things the Way They Are:

In Times of Turmoil - What is “Right Action”?

“We are conditioned to act, but our activity is incoherent; we do not normally take the time to observe and see before we act. As the world situation becomes ever more dangerous, it behoves us to look both outwardly and inwardly at what is generating this state of affairs, to look unflinchingly and, in so doing, to eliminate the gap between perception and action.”

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is a natural and healthy function of life for a species to protect itself and its offspring.St.Clair is an Astrologer with worldly training. His general was a spiritualist when it came to designing ways to save the lives of the people he was to protect. St.Clair’s army training was to save civilians in city wars in Switzerland. He was trained to extract civilians from cities once a city comes under fire. It was a brand new defense concept, realistic and humane.

St.Clair points out that Swiss military training is different than the rest of the world. In some ways it is a people's militia for self-defense, a system people worldwide know and respect.If you study nature carefully, every species has its life mission.

Each species also has its own built in defence system. Plant colonies will each use a special chemistry to create a soil environment that will deter the encroachment of other plants, and will increase their own chances of survival. Animals will protect their young, even at the threat of losing their own lives. Observers have witnessed UFO’s defending themselves from attack.

Protection and defense is a natural and healthy part of life. In this essay, we are suggesting that the discoveries of Reich and of Tesla could be used to power a non-invasive, non-violent defense system. That this powerful technology also creates an environment which benefits human growth and development, and that the development and use of this technology has been suppressed by forces who ultimately plan the destruction of the human race.

What St.Clair suggests is that the present development of the military complex has moved away from protection to become a force that destroys its own species.

He warns, when this happens - the world has no future.

St.Clair states that we will not find solutions to these problems,
but that we are the solution.

We will not discover our future. We create it - now . . .

Michael St.Clair

Photographs in this essay by
Gregory Colbert - Ashes and Snow