Monday, August 1, 2011

Light-Seeds Almanac - Beyond Disclosure

We live on a very strange mysterious world - and that world is even more strange than we can imagine. However, there is a 'paradigm struggle' taking place on this planet between the metal-fire 3D power base and the planet itself. This has nothing to do with ETs or UFOs .. this is between man and the planet.

The Earth is also a crossroads for Interdimensional Travel and Time Travel, life forms come and go across all the planes merging with each other and that are connected to the light-fibers of the planet. To most of these highly developed travellers humans on Earth are like an 'ant hill'.

The more mundane area calling for the 'disclosure' of secret alien interactions, is nothing new. There always have been these kinds of interactions as long as there were humans on the planet. At every level of human civilisation so-called Extra-terrestrials have interfered in human affairs and have given key humans access to various forms of technology.

Ancient Greece had secret access to forbidden technologies, so too did the Trojans, so too did the Hindu civilisations. They giveth and they taketh away... the technology interference is hidden and new interactions are formed as civilisations rise and fall. This game has been going on for thousands of years.

Earth humans have the capacity to create and develop their own planetary technology .. create new power sources and develop their own unique energy technologies. The real issue is that humans are about to evolve and to move beyond the metal-fire 3D power structure.

The immense changes taking place throughout this Galaxy are not going to come to Earth and influence man to change his or her ways. Changing planets from the outside is how "The Empire" works - control and influence.

In a way, what is happening on Earth now is much more difficult - because people are going to have to figure it out for themselves. The relationship with the rest of the Galaxy is organic .. it is from us to them. They wont come here and impose a stucture or give us 'technology'. We don't need to be given technology from outside (another form of control and influence).

The beauty of this change is that it moves through all layers of society leaving no one behind. It is natural and organic.

The idea of 'disclosure' is part of the problem of today's world. Human beings - in the future - wont be using that 'dark' technology .. based on obtaining power .. based on extending 3D limitations into spheres it should not go. Based on control and maintaining a superior position over one's fellow man. People wont be using that to create their future.

If humans were to develop certain types of technology without inner spiritual balance and awareness - they would completely destroy themselves in a very short period. Of course, the moment a planetary society forms on spiritual basis and develops its own form of spiritual base technologies, how they connect to the rest of the universe changes.

If we use this other dark-projects technology .. that is what we will connect to.

Beyond 'disclosure' requires a shift of human awareness from within - not looking outside - not focusing outside... A shift in awareness that connects with the power-base of the planet, out of which men and women form their own planet based technology.

Each planetary species is like a unique contribution to the cosmos and they bring with them a unique manifestation of their flowering as a species. If someone comes from outside and gives you that seed, then you are never going to germinate your own seed or bring about your own flowering.

There is no way advanced off-world civilisations are going to come down here and give humans 'technology'. That would be like giving an oak tree it's seeds - where the oak tree does not flower into seed on its own.

When creating a powerful Empire .. that is what you do .. you go into a society and you reform it in your image. There is nothing new about that and it requires destroying the original skills of the people you want to control. The Empire reforms society in its own image. The Empire model is based on limiting original expression of any unique species.

A planetary species learns to advance itself through its inner co-operaton with the planet it inhabits. That is the only way you are going to have peace among the inhabitants. Where there is intelligent co-operation. Where spirit and science are one.

2013 Almanac

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nordic Astrology 2011-2111

Adventures in Time-Travel

Spring Equinox 2011, while Japan was hit by the nuclear tsunami, St.Clair filmed eleven time travel segments, showing a Mediterranean Radiant Zone, timeless, and he talks about the Nordic Civilization; ecology, climate changes; astrology 2011-2020 Uranus-Pluto; ending nuclear power; creative solutions; the future technology, and what we must do now to live intelligently while the earth changes are happening. Watch this 2-part video, a thrilling account of what happens when we must adapt to new plans. With absolutely stunning original imagery, by the stormy seas, in this new piece of art video. StclairCrystals

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Light-Seeds Almanac 2011 - 2013

2011-2013 Light-Seeds Almanac, outlining a vision into the future. Ahead of us lie a number of probable futures, spread out like the fingers of a hand. Only one of those futures will become our physical reality; but that does not mean to say that the other futures do not exist in parallel realities - it simply means we do not take those other routes.

Alternative realities span out across a quantum landscape like paths, trails, roads and motorways .. directions many people take on multiple journeys across the illusions of separate time and space - with some of us going in the same direction on different roads. It is often the case that psychics or seers view alternate realities similar to our own and mistake these visions as 'our future'.

In some ways our future unfolds in a natural organic way. The least understood aspect of the future is the hidden inner psyche of a planetary culture. The organic human species are one planetary culture regardless of race, gender or social status.

*September 29 2010 - This is a crucial time for everyone living on the planet, including the next four generations. Everyone on Earth is going to be affected by the emerging cultural changes happening in the three years from January 2011 to December 2013.

It will be discovered that plant cells transmit electrical current and magnetic current far more accurately that metalic magnetic compounds. This discovery alone and its applications, will alter the inequality and poverty of countries suffering under the weight and cost of elite metal sourcing.

*October 05 2010 - High Rents & Economic Constraints For Local Economies: The previous update related to a major breakthrough in technology from metal based (reflective) to plant cell based (absorbant). Technology is only part of the changes to unfold in the years ahead. One of the most important changes relates to how we value local resources. At present local resources are greatly undervalued. Like gold and silver local resources have a real value far greater than people today realise or appreciate.

Banks and financial societies bulding houses to sell and rent to make money will come to an end. To understand why, it is important to understand the real meaning of 'value' and how people in the future will determine value.

Light-Seeds Almanac

Monday, September 27, 2010

St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown

Navigation is the key!

Powerful Earth changing events play out before us - as world economy melt-down leads the way to a future physical gold (resource) economy. St.Clair outlines in this easy to understand briefing what options we have through 2011 ahead of the 2012 star alignment - until 2020 - empowering ourselves to create and live in "radiant zones".

St.Clair Brief summarizes the most pressing issues facing us today, giving a unique perspective on future trends and adds that the state of the human mind is the most important aspect and the key to success. Take this easy to access handbook with you wherever you go. St.Clair raises awareness to totally unique levels with this compact and hard-hitting summary as he urges people to: 'Think outside of the cave'. St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown.

Relationship With The Mystery

St.Clair Brief weaves together many neccessary aspects of human existence with actual material survival suggestions for a world in chaos. Light-Seeds travels on the fringes of what society finds 'acceptable' - and now the "St.Clair Brief" goes further in challenging the 'old paradigm' thinking and behaviour of human's on planet Earth. St.Clair's message is that 'practical solutions' are fired from the 'furnaces' of the Creator ... and like some ancient Viking Saga the furnace is called imagination.

As a young man, St.Clair saw firsthand the banking and finance behaviour and practices that have lead to the complete meltdown of investment, banking and paper currency throughout the world. At a young age he left behind his 'future' carreer as a banker and Swiss Army Officer to research and study why human's live and behave the way they do. A gifted child and highly intelligent top grade student, St.Clair later experienced firsthand two main areas of destructive behaviour: the military and banking. Therefore he set out to understand the forces behind human existence, why we are here and where we are going.

St.Clair discovered that ultimately, where we come from (originate) is at the heart of deciding which paths we take in the years ahead. Human origins are not what modern society pretends.

The old-paradigm-mind is not going to understand the way the 'St.Clair Brief' is presented, because that mind lacks one key essential feature: Imagination! The reader may wonder why St.Clair includes extra-terrestrial presence on Earth as part of his 'Brief' ... because the hidden presence of extra-terrestrial influence on Earth is the biggest part of the game down here. Planet Earth has never been without an extra-terrestrial presence.

St.Clair also shares with the reader another, more important factor in human existence - a factor less obvious than UFOs and extra-terrestrial presence on Earth. This factor is an important aspect of man's survival and the key to us creating a 'future worth living': Human's are Time Travellers. St.Clair conveys this difficult subject in poetic story telling form, as the mystery is as beautiful and complex as the patterns of a butterfly's wings.

The important message conveyed in the 'St.Clair Brief' is that all aspects of human existence apply to navigating our way through our many lives on Earth (and elsewhere in the Cosmos). As a yong man St.Clair clearly saw that the dense, linear, rigid patriarchal system state of mind is creating the problem. Similar to Krishnamurti, he walked away from all of it - creating years of 'rejection' and hardship for himself. Everything he foresaw (until now) has come to pass.

The current unfolding of the economic disaster is what St.Clair calls: our failure to act. When you see that you are sailing onto the rocks you change course. However, 90 percent of people do not want to know the reality of where they are sailing - the ship is on auto-pilot and the people on board are lost in the game and trusting the system that runs the ship (ruins the ship is more accurate).

Very few people want to look at the whole picture. Society is addicted to the illusion and are now sailing too close to the rocks to avert disaster. With the 'St.Clair Brief' clues are given as to how people can leave the boat before it sinks. You need 'imagination' and contact to your own inner guide across the bridge of time. You also need to be practical and well prepared on a physical-material level.

St.Clair applies this in his own life on a daily basis. As an artist and skilled designer he brought together his 'dreams', his 'guidance' and his 'imagination' to create and produce crystal resonators and more recently Omega Artifacts. These tools are artistically crafted, but they are 'artifacts' not pieces of jewelry. Crafted by family Artisans the tools are intended to be produced in small quantities just as our Celtic ancestors did.

The mass production of material goods has led to the ugly world we see around us today. Mass production of weapons has made wars an easy option. The mass prodution of cars has standardized pollution. The mass production of food has made real food a 'luxury'. The mass production of plastics has made the oceans a garbage dump.

If the people in Greece innovated, designed, built and drove their own cars then they would not have to import cars as unemployment in the country rises. If local communities designed and built their own forms of transport then the materials and levels of pollution and sustainability would lie at the local level and not thousands of miles away across the ocean.

On every level St.Clair applies himself to finding and creating practical local solutions, as well as advising clients and universally sharing his vision with others across the world.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Foreseen Beyond Time

Question: I heard that God has read your latest book. How do you feel about that?
Answer: I hope he understood it ..

In FORESEEN - Beyond Time, St.Clair shows how our future selves are the unseen guides of our own destiny. We are the guidance of the future, gently communicating with mankind across the mysterious bridge of time.

FORESEEN takes readers into a state of knowing who they are at a much deeper level. By 2080 the concepts in this book will be widely understood by societies intent on achieving convergence with their innermost self.

FORESEEN gives essential astrological information about the core navigator codex, activated through conscious awareness, allowing the spirit to time travel the paths of its own existence.

The spiritual sciences were lost to mankind, as individuals lost the ability to understand the guidance of their own design. The Codex is embedded within the light encoded DNA, resonating to create the future.

St.Clair connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars.

Either we abandon the long-honored Theory of Relativity, or we cease to believe that we can engage in continued accurate prediction of the future. Indeed, knowing the future raises a host of questions which cannot be answered under conventional assumptions unless o­ne first projects an Observer outside of Time and, second, nullifies all movement.

If you accept the Theory of Relativity, it can be shown that Time and the Observer must stand still in relationship to each or inaccuracies will intervene. This would seem to say that it is impossible to engage in accurate prediction of the future. How, then, do we explain the continued seeking after this visionary goal by respected scientists?

Among St.Clair’s noted 1999 predictions were rising oil and gold prices, the falling dollar, collapse of housing markets, the 2000 ballot recount, as well as future elections and re-elections of key heads of states. He predicted wars, global land degradation, and ever more powerful hurricanes. He also shared his highly original and unusual insights about the future mind of mankind.

St.Clair advises people world-wide to seek safe places and to engineer islands of light communities, to sail the seas of change. He advocates sustainable living, natural health and the use of orgone energy to rebalance the earth.

His compelling documentary at Château Chillon –
masterful video shot by Hollywood producer director Kerry Cassidy – has been met with increasing awareness. This unique interview provoked significant interest across the internet, inspiring many to look beyond the illusory paradigm.

Zen of Stars is being translated into many languages, and is hailed to be the most relevant work in delineating the future. Spontaneous and heart-felt reviews praise this unique work of quantum field High Magic. This is a time traveller's master piece of guided writing.

ForeSeen Beyond Time is an advanced hyper-dimensional guidance for the most fascinating times humanity will ever witness. The book touches the essential nerve of mankind and co-creators in outer space. St.Clair’s visionary work immediately comes alive.

Within moments of seeing it, you discover from within that it is indeed the living time travel technology the world was waiting for.

As part of the NewMind, ForeSeen is designed for you to engineer your own incarnation from your future, while transcending into the now. Possibly, St.Clair – his master of the light, and his work – will change your life, as he frees mankind, one soul at a time. Foreseen alters reality with light-encoded words.

St.Clair's Radiant Zone Networks - are part of an advanced client advisory service - showing individuals and small groups how to enact meaningful and life enhancing transformation in their newly self-empowered existence.

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, on 28 February 1959, renowned astrologer and leading world councillor St.Clair studied law and political sciences as a young man, and served as aide-de-camp and Intel officer to a senior Swiss army general.

Today St.Clair specializes in issues pertaining to Radiant Zone Networks .. St.Clair RZ Network

Friday, November 27, 2009

Knowing The Future

What do we know?

Secrets revealed and how to merge the magical and the mundane, the otherworldly and the day to day stuff.

While we cannot measure the “Unknown” with means (astrology included) coming from the known realm, we can nevertheless see a certain development in the planetary alignments beginning 2010 and ending 2020. The decade of the economy of energy begins now.

The crystal resonators were all crafted during certain very rare alignments from 2007 to 2009, when Jupiter first was in line of Pluto on the Galactic Center, then in line of Neptune and Chiron, and now of course in line of Uranus, and in aspect to both Saturn and Pluto. These alignments define also how the resonators will work the miracle in the coming decade of change.

As Neptune and Uranus receive each other in their mutual signs they tend to bring out the best in each other until 2010, and the one cosmic mind is one manifestation we will see applied during this time. Beyond that point, things will get tough, and after 2020 we will move toward the extra-terrestrial of origin and fabled “blank slate technology” and the defense of planet Earth.

In 2010-2012 when Chiron wanders simultaneously together with Neptune from Aquarius into Pisces – in that surreal meeting zone between belief and knowledge where the two ages now meet – the planet ruling spirituality meets the planetoid ruling high magic. During this time the famous doors of perception will open for all of us. At that time Uranus (and Jupiter) will enter Aries to blaze a brand new trail without prejudice.

Jupiter will oppose until 2012 the birth Pluto position of everyone living on this planet and that is BIG....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: Multi-Polar ET World Order


A new reality emerges: Is the multi-polar world order a sign towards an inter-planetary society?

In his books FORESEEN and ZEN OF STARS, world leading counsel & astrologer St.Clair correctly predicted the rising value of gold, the fall of the US Dollar, and the emergence of a multi-polar ET world order for the time when Pluto enters Capricorn in 2009.

His foresight proves correct in light of the EU Lisbon Treaty - signed during the Jupiter-Pluto alignment - to form a single diplomatic force by 1.1.2009, and based on the fact that Russia and Iran implement their nuclear deal.

China masterminds its own world diplomacy, as explained in this Chatham House Study by Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron.

This world briefing blog by St.Clair shows that the planet's body politics are divided into a stratification of knowledge and vital intelligence. He suggests to his clients to seek his knowing. The leading group known as The Incunabula which is the world's alpha organization - NOT affiliated with The Illuminati - does indeed control a dominant share of the world’s money supply and hard assets.

St.Clair further shows in his highly researched forecasts how extra-terrestrial forces are negotiating secret treaties with world governments - designed to control future time travel technologies and earth resources. These subjects are the core of his visionary work.

The question posed by St.Clair: Will mankind join the Cosmic community? His views and comments are presented in this acclaimed Chillon castle video by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.
See the documentary in this window:

DeAnne Hampton wrote:

"Having read St. Clair's informative and inciting Zen of Stars, I greatly anticipated this follow up to that brilliant work, and I was not disappointed. We are living in prophetic times of great and necessary awakening. We all have roles to play and as St. Clair states, are each representatives of future Earth. What I trust and know is that in playing these destined roles in lives of purpose impeccably and fearlessly, we are lighting up the cosmic light-board, so to speak, activating the universal mind and cosmic brain to be the guiding force of the new world we have long anticipated.

Michael St. Clair is not only impeccable and fearless in his reach, he is a master at grounding the intergalactic intelligence in such a way that it stimulates the dormant potentials lying within the remembrance and hearts of humanity. He is a visionary, a pioneer, a way shower and compassionate Universalist whose connection to the heart's intelligence allows for a higher intelligence to express through his work and being.

When I first held a copy of Foreseen in hand, as with Zen of Stars, I felt deep gratitude and the electrical impulse of my entire memory, past present and future being activated. In this, The Foreseen serves not only to be a captivating, riveting, provocative, intelligent read and use of precious time..... but an activating prism of each person's future self and the important work each is charged with for the future of our planet.

These are compelling times. These are times of change and courage and radically fierce authenticity to step up and out from the veils of this dimension, into our agreed upon and timely responsibilities to future Earth. St. Clair has given us the reflection of our own potentials and possibilities as a stellar representative of the cosmic mind, manifesting purpose.

I highly recommend creating the space for Zen of Stars and Foreseen to come into your reality as you know it today. I guarantee that there will be an intelligent and empowered awakening within you that cannot help but alter your awareness, your perception, your current level of consciousness and most importantly your own willingness to step up to the plate of your divine destiny!"

The books Zen of Stars and Foreseen by Michael St.Clair have made it possible for me to see into the future -- Profoundly informative essential reading I could not put the books down until they were finished - I have been changed by these writings.

Sally Williams

His predictions are of thought-provoking accuracy. St.Clair is the architect of a series of stunning star-guided power divination tools which he calls:

Magical Nuclear Astro-Resonators

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guidance From The Future

The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait.

In his new book - F O R E S E E N- St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.

By 2080 these concepts will be understood by societies intent on achieving convergence with their innermost self. He shows how our future selves are the guidance of the future, communicating with mankind across the bridge of time.

YOU can read a book for entertainment, or you can study a book that changes your life. With FORESEEN you will do both.

F O R E S E E N gives essential astrological information about the core navigator codex, activated through conscious awareness, allowing the spirit to time travel the paths of its own existence. The spiritual sciences were lost as individuals forfeited their ability to understand the guidance of their own design.

The Codex is embedded within the light encoded DNA, resonating to create the future. St.Clair connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars. He frees humanity, one soul at a time.

With FORESEEN published, Michael St.Clair stands to win the Nobel Prize for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. The outstanding book convinces readers with its precision-guided prophecy.

Readers around the world are connecting to this work by The Master of The Light via spontaneous awakening. - FORESEEN is essentially a reality time travel mystery, an entertaining ET thriller based on our future interactions with off-world cultures.

FORESEEN - published by NewMind Technologies - the global consulting group created for this purpose, is circulating now. It is not necessary - but recommended - to know Zen of Stars when seeing this presentation.

There are a total of over fifty essay-chapters in Zen of Stars - five of which are contained in this blog. They represent the core trends. While it takes relevant time and energy to ponder their meaning, it is a most beneficial process - designed to expand your higher consciousness.

Here is the ultimate work explaining meta issues & mega trends, as well as how safe places will function over the next generations. Friends who read Zen of Stars, ask St.Clair questions about its sequel FORESEEN, to which both this introduction - "Surfing The Impossible" - and this blog answer.

Zen of Stars is very well received. The Spanish version is done. French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, and more, are in preparation - thanks to readers who volonteer their professional services while applying NewMind Technology. A new video with St.Clair is forthcoming soon.

Spanish: El Zen de Las Estrellas released.
ATLANTIS ORACLE HandBook is available.

This intense blog highlights transformative events facing safe place earth. It shows how best to prepare and adapt inside yourself. In essence it suggests to make First Soul Contact - which is a good point to start your journey here . . .

"The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait." - gives you a much anticipated update. Enjoy it!

Read about: The Star Children

NEW: Passage One One ForeCast ForeSeen

This blog is filled with very unusual resource links to the right, making FORESEEN - the blog version - a veritable anthology of astrology and star science. You will find for instance the Ephemeris by Khaldea, with thousands of years worth of alignments, and all fixed stars here, as well as a list of the 360 Sabian Symbols

KRISHNAMURTI - His famous UN speech on World Peace

A R G O N A U T - by St.Clair is the special news service for followers of the labyrinthine web site group developed around where more indepth studies and resources are stored for future research reference.

Rising sea level is primarily a concern for sensitive, low-lying coastal areas. Sea-level-rise

New: "Ashes & Snow" -"MY MEMOIRS - by St.Clair"

Visit regularly! Expanding into the future - NewMindTech Videos - presenting components "The Modern Tao" or "The Cave" and the essays of "World Under Siege". To the right, St.Clair features many resources he recommends you study. His three major trend outlooks are shown in a première here:

The four decades ahead - An analysis by St.Clair
World Outlook 2050 and 12 MegaTrend Longterm Horoscopes

Short term outlook four years: 2008-2011 HOROSCOPES

NEW - Of interest now: Updated readers reviews & opinions



St.Clair's Services Summary - in answer to readers - click:
Coaching, AstroCharts, Advice. Meeting St.Clair in person...


November 11, 2007 – Ahead of us lies a new reality. In his latest supra-natural thriller, FORESEEN – Beyond Time, astrologer Michael St.Clair introduces for the first time a true extra-terrestrial message from the future, looking back into our world through his seer eyes of tomorrow. This compelling book gives hope, while delivering mind-altering, precision-guided, and prophetic prediction techniques.

Michael St.Clair picks up where Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey left off. Once a decade an intriguing, paradigm shifting book emerges: FORESEEN, a high impact success, underground bestseller and future classic. Extremely useful for generations to come, destroying fear-based myths and “2012-Y2K-9/11” type deceptions, this visionary work frees mankind, one soul at a time. It shows how we guide ourselves, from our own future.

In the sequel to Zen of Stars, St.Clair speaks to the soul, not to the mind. Readers connect with his writing via spontaneous awareness, awakening to the liberating truth within. This book, a time travel living technology, is what the world needs now. It captures in simple terms the psychic core issues facing us and suggests the trail-blazing solutions we are left with in a world under siege.

The sane future is open source and hands on innovation, created and shared by people, for people, to express and develop their creative talents, without the ruling elite exploiting them via mass mind control. St.Clair foresees communities of light, developing networked solutions, using local resources. Imagination and guided power to dream take the mind beyond the grey zone of commerce, and into an existence worth living.

In FORESEEN St.Clair states: “The technology of the future is the human mind.”

He reveals long lost secrets of the Atlantean Knights Templars. Their simplicity and adaptability made them the functional enemy of the hierarchy. He writes Cosmic laws in light-encoded words into the unfolding story, in an entertaining and enlightening way. Light-hearted at times, FORESEEN makes even dark subjects – such as alien-resourced technology exchange and artificial intelligence – a spell-binding experience.

Readers develop skills to imagine subtle dimensions of time travel and true extra-terrestrial contact. St.Clair does not give all the answers, because looking back from the future, he knows we are the answer, where each one must find his own way of understanding the mysteries of life. Travelling into our future, revealing a strategic overview of many incarnations woven together to create a timeless tapestry of life, the soul is the weaver, and our incarnations are the threads of the fabric in which we clothe our spirit.

St.Clair connects mysteries of Atlantis with extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars. This life-changing and mind-altering book opens new perspectives on the role of extra-terrestrial intelligence, by the world’s leading political astrologer St.Clair, is released by NewMind Technologies.

Order your copy - Click cover here: