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2008 - 2011 HOROSCOPES

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As The World Turns in 2008
The Year of The Change

EARTH YEAR -- 2008 is a new beginning - a ONE and an earthy energy type of year at that - with Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), and Saturn in Virgo (ruled by Mercury). Things become more grounded, more 'real'. It is also a year of 'no-nonsense'.

This means the earth will start to regenerate itself, even if this process will take many years. We will feel the effects of the sun and the coronal mass ejections and there will be very palpable and visible changes in climate and weather patternings.

The aspects formed between the planets in earth signs are rather benign and lead one to believe that the economical reality could in fact be positive and even become somewhat prosperous for those attached to the planning of the safe places.

The signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo will benefit most from this year; Pisces and Scorpio come in second here. Uranus in Pisces makes both challenging and uplifting angles to both Saturn and to Jupiter during 2008.

However, Pluto will spend 14-15 years from now in Capricorn, so Capricornians can ask Sagittarians how their last 14 years to transformation were experienced, totally restructuring what is up or down on this planet.

In essence, Nostradamus predicted 500 years ago - or two Pluto cycles ago - that what is up would go down, and what is down would rise. This is meant spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and literally. Jupiter in Capricorn will ask on the upside that society and humanity be somewhat institutionalized, respected and wizened up a bit, while Saturn in Virgo will simply insist that the harvest be real, and that service, work and ethics be meeting the demands of functional sanity.

I know that gold will rise by a factor unseen ever before in a few years, probably go up to 1,500 US dollars and beyond... and if the international monetary system collapses, then we may for instance come to see this replaced by a centralized electronic control over everyone’s economic interactions - (Not to mention control of whereabouts and other things). We must look upon it as a phase in a cosmic plan, this is the time period when many of the scenarios described by conspiracy theoreticians may come true. Regardless of the concrete forms it may take, this is when everything will be made to keep people in the fold. Uranus at that point admonishes you to free yourself. Here is an excerpt of a statement in "The difficult Fifth NIGHT ruled by Tezcatlipoca."

"The paradox to understand is that the very process that seems to break down the world economy and political dominance is also the one that paves the way for Enlightenment.

The emergence of a fully enlightened collective state of consciousness can only thrive in a global consciousness that is balanced. This is because the imbalance that has been dominating humanity for some 5000 years has had its direct cause the dualist frame of consciousness that was ruling throughout this time.

I know that the kind of Enlightenment humanity will approach as the cosmic plan is completed in 2011 will not be like anything that has existed previously. Although there are many descriptions of enlightened beings and ascended masters from human history I personally think that their states of consciousness in various ways have been limited by the creation fields that were ruling at the particular time they were (or are) living.

Only in 2011 will all veils separating human beings from the divine be removed and the supramental consciousness of the Universal Underworld will be unexplored territory. In a sense we are talking about the emergence of an entirely new species of human beings.

For the first time Enlightenment will take place in a balanced global creation field and this certainly will influence the depth and scope of the cosmic consciousness that may be attained." - Carl Calleman

Uranus' position in Pisces demands - across from Saturn in Virgo – that the new technologically advanced science type spirituality minus beliefs be implemented. This opposition means essentially that the FUTURE and the PAST oppose and create a maximum openness aspect.

The old in earth opposes the new in water. it's the match ball of the titans Kronos and Ouranos. The shock waves that started out in March 2003 will still be resonating by then through the ether and the oceans. The USA will see by Summer of 2008 the equivalent of a workers' revolt, or a class war, as the status quo of the plutocracy 'democracy' will be challenged to the very end. This will then show clearly during the elections in November, when a new President is elected during an explosive alignment.

Saturn in Virgo insists on cleanliness, timeliness, as well as functionality and practicality. The rule of thumb is the further out the planet, the stronger it is, so game set and match goes to Uranus rooting for the underdogs and the untried, while Jupiter sustains Uranus, and bridges its demand via a beneficial aspect back to Saturn, saying: "Let's try it out, come along for the ride!" The structures will begin to crumble and a new society will start to emerge, but only really see the light of day in 2012-2013 when Neptune is in Pisces, assisting Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto - inching in average one to two degrees per year forward – hovers all year long on the cusp degrees between Sagittarius and Capricorn, closing a few last loose ends in the belief system and truth sector of Sagittarius, where only the full truth will cut it. By year-end, Pluto begins the definitive long trek - 14 years - in Capricorn; to herald it is now time to crack the wall apart. Remember the song by Pink Floyd named "The Wall"? That is Pluto in Capricorn. We do not want your system any longer.

The North Node of Earth's Destiny meets with Neptune at 24 degrees Aquarius in early May and with Chiron a month later, a couple degrees further back, saying the same. That is a spectacular alignment, again one in a millennium. Chiron the Centaur wounded healer, teacher of magic, he who can heal the world but not himself, reaching conjunction with Neptune the food for the soul, on the Node of Destiny, when necessity must follow the secret mechanism of the stars...

Multiple Aquarian Age paradoxon: We the people want individual rights and pluralism. Neptune on the Node would mean the Cosmic soul announces its entrance on the inter galactic stage, and Divinity manifests for the peoples of the world. It can - on the delusionary side – also symbolize the age of deception reaches its peak. Last time Chiron and Neptune met was in 1945 - in Libra - at about the time the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Japan. Chiron Neptune joint can play tricks on the mind and spirit.

The mutual reception aspect between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius (the two planets sitting in the signs ruled by each other) would indicate that things will pan out the way they are supposed to, in an altogether spiritually favorable or at least acceptable way. A new President will be elected. He/she looks to me like a far seeing and cosmopolitan person of the people who understands what things eternal mean. Whoever he (she?) is, will have a big cleaning job ahead, since the war started years ago will just about be winding down. At least phase one of that war will be ending, and it is this new President who will have to end it, maybe unconditionally so.


In January, you still have to tread easy with Mars retrograde in Gemini, and see to it that your local neighborhood matters and friendships are straightened out. Your ruler looks Pluto straight in the eye over in Sagittarius, so do not go for a power play or you will lose easily. In February, you retrace the same steps once more, but at increasing warp speed, as you like it. Smart ideas will soon be tested and actions must pass through the forge of time. All of spring you should attend home front issues, building a home, a hotel, a castle, a structure, tending to your clan, with wise leadership. Again your ruler opposes Pluto from 3/3 - 3/13 (but this time from Cancer over to Capricorn, hence structure and timelessness) and then later from mid April to early May you oppose Jupiter, so again caution will be the mother of the porcelain box. Definitely do not overdo it for 5 months. The forces watch you in many ways. In the fall, you have to deal with partnerships, and year end puts you into total over drive.


Other people's money, issues of trust and intense encounters get the year off to a far seeing start for you. Grounding forces are with you all year long. The earth sign cycle sustains you mostly and gives you an air of practicality. Things seem to come easy to you this year. Easy come easy go. Love picks up speed in April, becomes sleazy in May when you feel most pampered. Brilliant women appear in June, but their ideas are spun backward, so watch what is being said. Your career is still some dreamy landscape after all these years, and you should try to make an effort to either teach what you are good at or heal people in the aspects you suffered. You feel at home in July, and in love, yet you should go do your work. All summer and fall details matter, you must excel at practicality and be functional. Attend pleasant partnerships and business affairs, relations in general from 9/23 to 11/15. Build alliances and you end the year on a note making you feel you actually achieved a lot, and yet you seem detached, aloof, healed, and somewhat spiritually sober.


2008 starts backwards, so be careful what you say, think, or do, and how you drive. Best is do not drive and do not use machinery, tools or anything that can backfire on you. Last opposition forces to Pluto could trip you up at the 11th hour, due a partnership gone sour, a hidden secret revealed, or a smart move gone astray. 1/29 - 2/19 Mercury turns on you in Aquarius, your thoughts, words, and visions do not synchronize too well either. However, Jupiter gives you a big opportunity to dig deeper, or climb higher, or both, but this time you will need a solid game plan. Your home front is visited by the master of time Saturn. Who is boss at home? Are you on time? Is your living structure sound? 5/26 - 6/19 your ruler turns in your own sign on you, definitely no traveling, no signing of papers, and no stupid remarks. There are lots of no-no's this year. However, you feel happy and loved in June, and your radius of activity certainly expands in summer. 9/24 - 10/14 one more air retro round of mercurial expression in partnership sign Libra. By now, you know the drill of thinking before speaking. Relate by year-end!


Partnerships, relationships, business alliances, and hidden enemies are highlighted for a year. The climate in your own life comes under your control by March when you must exert control, and give your life definitive direction. Friends, siblings, neighbours, and colleagues need your attention, which you thrive on, as long as someone needs you, you feel useful, this is your year of usefulness, albeit by relating to you via others. One of these days, someone needs to take care of you too. Spring and summer you take the lead, and let others help you. Check financial opportunities well. September is your time to climb a notch on your career ladder, although you do not like social climbing. October adds intensity as well as happiness to the drama of people and situations you will deal with. In November, you want to hibernate in a shell of your own making. If you listen to the stranger who enters your life, he or she may build you a castle - in the sand of your choice. By year's end, the pace is fast, and you must move swiftly.


2008 starts on an adventurous and loving note. Creativity is high. Workloads are hefty this year, but work makes you free, and your notion of service is a key; your health is well aspected. You must give your part to make success become a tangible reality. Networks, groups, causes, associations and clubs are places of ideal encounters. You demonstrate your ability to lead. Financial dealings are well starred, as long as you see to the feasibility studies and insist on practical results. May, June, and July are your strongest moments to rise and shine. Convince by your presence! A total solar eclipse on August 1 may steal your show. Yet a long cycle ends, as a new one starts. Tricky times abound. September sees you at ease around creative artistic talent; you should be an agent, if you are not the star. Recruit the best and manage them! In fall, be careful whom you trust. On the other hand, you may be left in the dust. Not everything that shines is golden. Select light from shadow light and use discernment this year.


In the first four months of 2008, you must work backwards by double checking progress reports of last year. Make sure that commitments are doable, and to your satisfaction. As of May, the seriosity of the situation kicks in. Simultaneously the expansion is on hold until 9/9. Yet, financial windfalls are likely in September, as relationships and associations expand. Decide by year-end if you want to be allied with the old guard or be of service to the new movement. You gain authority, as 2008 is a fine year with Jupiter in the sign ruled by Saturn, which tests your own sign, a time of earthy balance. Your mercurial & precise engineering skills make you a hot item. Summer accentuates the harvest type climate that permeates the year, and the fruits of many years of intelligent labor will be yours by year-end. However, workloads are intense and time compresses as you must attend the here and now while keeping an unusually wideangle eye for the long term. Do not sign contracts during the phases of 5/26 - 6/18 and 9/24 to 10/14. You want to function at home, which is beneficial to you.


Fast love early in the year, and partners are too self involved for your fine taste. Yet, you must see it their way, guide them and forgive them for their errors, and relate to them at a soul level. That is the theme until May, when they almost wear you out. However, Jupiter in your house of home and internal affairs means this is your year of relating with your roots, adding members to the clan, and fortifying your beautiful surroundings. 2008 is nevertheless a tad too uncomfortable or serious for you. Get used to it, as Pluto will spend the next 14 years in this sector of your life's chart. As much as Jupiter expands matters close to your serene taste, Pluto will ultimately force you to transform them over time. What you begin now from within your four walls, could well become a very long lasting success, but you must come up with a strategy. Capricorn is the sign of strategy. Bring in a foreign lone ranger, a person of perennial wisdom to guide you. Attract the right people to your career and grow steady but surely.


The planetary forces assist you from both earth signs in 60-degree angles around your sign. This year see you both networking with timely professionalism as well as expanding connections that will be of positive long lasting effect in your immediate surroundings. Early April to early September, Pluto turns backward. During that time, you must again transform from within. May and June your career is highlighted and you must carve out a territory of authority for yourself. At the same time, and for many months, your roots and family issues become an issue you may look into, in order to understand where you really came from, what your spiritual ancestry is about, and where you should settle down. These things change over this coming year. In October and November, you receive powerful boosts in your personal affairs, when you assert yourself and use compassion. By year-end, you must be able to stabilize your financial situation. Once Pluto moves into Capricorn your overall life settles for the long haul, and you feel at ease with who you have become.


You have become your new or higher self at this point. 2008 is the end of the long transformation. You must set a goal early in 2008 when people love you. What is it you want to have achieved and how do you wish to be seen by year's end? Financially, your life improves as of now. You must deal with partners and associates and yet keep your independence. Until early May, you expand with a massive outlook and the force of your ruler Jupiter is with you in timeless ways. From 5/8 - 9/7 you need to scale back the attack and review how far you progressed. September is the best time to enhance your networks, and in October, you feel strength coming from the background. Popularity soars and optimism permeates the air from 10/19 all the way to the end of 2008, when your way of doing things proves to be right. Remember to be happy, not only to be right. From 11/16 on, you go on cruise control, but watch a tendency to 'outrageous' righteousness. The adventure continues...


Your ship has arrived. The trek of Jupiter through your sign brings you to the heights you have been aiming at for years. At the same time be aware that soon the transformative powers that are Pluto's will start chipping off a few of those timeless ageless looks of yours. Even an ancient structure like yours needs renovation once every two centuries, and this time has now come. Results of work and of well-laid plans are spectacular; balance is fine tuned, and the precision with which you have your act together will bring you admirers as well as a few jealousies. Expansion is the key during the first four months of 2008 while commitments will not hold during that time. Reverse mode during the next four months when expansion is turned inward and seriosity is asked for. And the last four months it's full steam ahead for you, toward total success, and ambitions fulfilled. What will you do, by year's end, when all you ever wanted has become a dream come true? This is when your very own structural transformation will begin for many years...


Born from 2/6 to 2/13, you feel the power of both Chiron and Neptune on you particularly. Healing and teaching takes place. Your views of egalitarian global village concepts need now to manifest into tangible assets. All of your sign gets aspected deeply by the North Node of Destiny, calling on you to become now the grail bearer and messenger of the Divine knowledge that we are all ONE. Winter is a time to review communications. Connections become more fruitful in spring. May and June you deal with many influences challenging you to prove what you know. Jupiter spends the year in your 12th solar house where you may want to retreat and at times seclude for higher studies of things eternal. Times may seem impersonal and global, and yet now is the time for you to demonstrate individualism, and to come to the forefront. End of June to end of November you must revise plans for financial expansion. Your visions are tested now. Career is necessary in fall. Year-end you are magnetic to the people around you, and you aim far.


This is the year you begin to feel in your element, after years of floating through zones of mental psychism. Time for dreams to manifest in tangible forms; you sit pretty in functional spirituality. Networks you built and alliances you created endure a test of time. Yet your sense of freedom seduces those around you. Even people from afar are attracted to your cove. Precision is a key; not your forte, but you will have to learn. Spring is your strong time, even though partners are not as reliable as they should be - you are on your own until May Day. Finances are looking up. Meditate all summer, but with the goal to emerge by All Saint's Day with a solid vision to convince the group you serve. Creative healing powers enhance. In October, undercurrents take you to new levels of understanding. By year-end, you must walk the talk and fight for what is right. You are looking at a year of important development until you sail your ship into her final harbor of serenity. Your career as such is over by year's end. Now you must be a living legend, and live with/of it. What will you do with it now? That is your challenge.

OUTLOOK into 2009/2011 -
Study the forecast in silence

The pictures contain inspiring links
St.Clair discusses forty years ahead:

"Thought shattering itself
against its own nothingness
is the explosion of meditation."
- Krishnamurti

2009-2011 OUTLOOK

As The World Turns in 2009
- The Eleven Year -

The year of the floods... I remind you of the words by the little boy from Mars, Russian born Boriska to a 'Pravda' chronicler in 2004: There will be a catastrophe in 2009 on a continent he could not specify.

I feel the children born in the mid nineties will take on a leadership function by 2009 as seer teenagers. We will start to figure out the invisible world then, as unusual things will start to transpire by the time Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune meet in Aquarius...

2009 begins with the moon moving into Pisces, and Mercury into Aquarius. Mars treks in militant if not military or warlike manner through Capricorn, conjunct the sun and Pluto early 2009, between life and death, giving 2009 a distinct ambitious mode. I see 2009 as the year of the aliens. A new U.S. President will take office on January 20th, to face a huge economic mess that was left over by his/her war-time predecessor.

The year 2009 is also profoundly hopeful, or upbeat with Chiron, Jupiter, and Neptune in humanitarian Aquarius, giving faith for a global or Cosmic one world solution, which will need alien or extra-terrestrial help or intervention, seen or unseen. My impression is that the space ships will make their presence known to us, and urge the world to move toward peaceful solutions.

However, realistically speaking, the world will be at war, Islam will rise and make its view points known to a world that has for too long treated the Muslims like slaves of the earth. Saturn opposes Uranus from Virgo to Pisces, creating extreme volatility and a kinetic energy to planet Earth that spells out the total sea change in practically all matters ruling society, science, economy, ecology and energy.

In March an interesting, psychic, inspiring, and visionary passage or stellium of Mercury and Mars occurs in line of faraway Neptune, and mysterious asteroid Chiron, in Aquarius, reminding the world that imagination is limitless and that anything humanitarian is possible. The Chiron-Neptune alignment is long standing and can mean many things, from scientific breakthroughs to ill-thought through scientific applications.

The Jupiter-Neptune alignment is deeply spiritually uplifting, but can also exaggerate anything having to do with leaks, oil, floods, super storms, and misunderstood spirituality. It can bring giant deception to a hoodwinked world populace. It will be important to see clear during 2009.

Saturn, the dispenser of lessons and of structure spends most of 2009 still in Virgo, asking of humankind that practical solutions be of service and functional, until it moves into Libra by Halloween. Saturn in Virgo means cleaning up the planet and working very hard for a better economy.

* However, Saturn in opposition to Uranus in Pisces means a great deal of confrontation, and let's face it, conflict, between what is tested and old on the one hand, and what is new and untried on the other hand.

There will be the beginning of revolutions seen in 2009. This time brings a structural rethinking of earth's resources and of the human society at large. Things that I have discussed in my work in 1999 will become clearer in 2009 as my predictions are inherent time capsules, revealed by the position of Saturn. The 22nd of July sees an oscultation of the sun, or total solar eclipse at the cusp of Cancer/Leo, inconjunct to the Jupiter-Neptune alignment in Aquarius.

Saturn in Libra will square - and be severely challenged by - lord of nuclear power Pluto in Capricorn at the end of 2009, and this square is historically seen as a portent of wars and certainly does not bode well for an economy.

The least we can predict here is a clear restructuring of world-wide alliances, and in a way the events at the end of 2009 will show where the USA as a whole will be headed to since Saturn and Pluto begin to make very sharply challenging aspects to the birth chart of the 1776 birth of the USA. It is to be expected that China makes its grand entrance on the chess board of the world players as its natal chart is aspected in ways to propel it into a lead function.

Mars begins a long retrograde trek in Leo at the end of 2009, indicative of a period when we must work through our misunderstood notions of pride and courage. At least the war machines will be on hold for a little while. The conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius in reception to Uranus in Pisces during the last weeks of 2009 further indicate that the world will want to think about Peace. 2009 is also a time of great technological discoveries. Some of them will have a practical meaning for the future, as they could imply free energy and a more democratically accessible distribution of resources.

The year 2009 is one of practicality, frugality and functionality. All things must make sense on an earthy level. You are well advised to put savings away that can be of use, i.e. tools, gold, and buy fertile lands so you can live of the land.

On the more transpersonal note - as we are entering very large scale cosmic of scope issues in the years ahead, you are then advised, while being at work and of use, to think larger than life and use your group orientated imagination, i.e. how can I be of use to things bigger than myself, and then you will do very well.

2009 is also a year of great networking. So, do start to become friends with all sorts of people around the world, use the internet to the fullest extent, make your web site and make friends, study what goes on worldwide now in 2006 as you read these lines three years ahead of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, and you will see that a farmer in China and a doctor in Wisconsin or a scientist in Sweden and a painter in Australia may have more in common than you think, and you may be the MISSING link...

As The World Turns in 2010
- The Transpersonal & Cardinal Signs Decade -

2010 begins the transpersonal (Pluto in Capricorn) decade of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, because planets Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and the North & South Nodes position themselves in these signs for years ahead. Cardinal signs have the energy to get things started and going, yet they are not known for moving around the energy too peacefully. Furthermore the planets involved in the longstanding and in some instances many years lasting challenging alignments are very ponderous and shock absorbing, such as Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus - the latter one in fact is known for dishing it out.

The South Node is often not taken into account at all, and yet it yields a lot of information about the choices humanity made in the distant past. South Node of 2010 is in Cancer, anchoring the squares to the other positions, so that the development is one toward the shell or abode earth and its karmic destiny.

Jupiter races through the zodiacal sign Pisces - enhancing an altruistic mode and spiritual attitude, kind and benevolent, and very happy - from mid January to 6/6/2010, a fast run of less than half a year through one sign. Then Jupiter moves into Aries, to heat things up. But Jupiter slows down then, it will move for a long time in tandem with Uranus (also in Pisces to the cusp into Aries) and in September both planets back into Pisces again until mid November when they return to direct motion, out of the last degrees of Pisces, the most metaphysical part of the 360 degrees spanning Zodiac.

One could say that thusly 2010 is the Alpha-Omega year of transition, where the old will end and the new will begin. The total lunar eclipse of June 26 is exactly on the the Cancer-Capricorn axis involving Pluto, and out of sign in Virgo Saturn, and Uranus-Jupiter. This will then show what the next decade will be about. War and Peace and breakthroughs of humanity. Saturn begins 2010 retrograde at 4 degrees Libra, backing into 28 degrees Virgo end of May while opposing both Uranus and Jupiter at the end of Pisces. Then Saturn resumes direct motion in June and reaches 17 degrees Libra or the middle of the scales by beginning of 2011.

August 2010 is a rather brutal alignment with Mars and Saturn in Libra on the one end, and Jupiter-Uranus in Aries on the other end, while Pluto in Capricorn anchors a T-Square on the North Node. This is then a potentially volatile or polarized time of extremes, where alliances and relationships at all levels go through a testy phase.

Throughout most of the year Jupiter highlights and in a way transmits the extreme energy of Uranus down on earth. End of 2010 then has Mars in the last Sagittarius degrees and early Capricorn degrees magnifying all these alignments, and in a way challenging the status quo. 12/12/2010 is the day when Mars conjuncts Pluto on the North Node, that is a day when we want to be ambitious and set goals for a decade ahead, and the total eclipse of the winter solstice of the 21st-22nd December 2010 highlights the cusp line to the Cancer-Capricorn on the Pluto-Mars axis yet again. Difficult how not to see this as a portent of a decade of great structural change if not long war games ahead. Mars in Capricorn on Pluto is Strategic with a capital 'S'.

The upbeat Cosmic signature of 2010 is definitely the rudely liberating and mood enhancing duett and gambit of Jupiter-Uranus that will most certainly serve as a massively awakening element for the earthlings trapped in their three dimensional existence. 2010 sets the tone for many years ahead, as Pluto will be in Capricorn and in square to a hotheaded and rebellious Uranus in Aries until at least spring 2016.

Neptune reaches the end of Aquarius in May 2010, and will only enter Pisces in April 2011. It hovers in the area of the equinox precession for the years 2011 and 2012, when one could say the preparation of the Age of Aquarius begins. Some say the vernal equinox precession point is only reaching the Pisces-Aquarius cusp in about 300 years, while others want to believe we are already inside the Age of Aquarius. I tend to agree we still have a few more degrees and centuries to go, until the cap stone is placed on this extreme Age of Pisces. Meanwhile the visitors will be more and more frequent and they will teach us very advanced things that we had forgotten, because we all tend to discard the fact that we all came from the stars, yet this knowledge will start to become commonplace as we near the moment of the crossing into the 5th world at the end of 2012...

End of 2010 the planets are positioned around the sun and the earth in such a way as to give us a taste of all these issues. All this, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn for a decade ahead until beyond 2020 means a transpersonal decade. As the natives said: Take nothing personal, least of it yourself; look at how you can serve the group. We are headed for an extra-terrestrial one world management of Peace. But to get there, we will have to clean up the abode earth, and if it means wars, so be it. In our heart we will have peace, and those who take things personally will learn the hard way after the year 2010 is over.

As The World Turns in 2011
TransPersonal & Mutual Reception

2011 begins with the moon moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, as it did on the 1999-2000 'Y2K'switch... but on a dose of great optimism, while Jupiter, wise ruler of far seeing Sagittarius moves through the mutable and last degrees of Pisces, conjunct and in tandem with Uranus. There is synchronisation at work as 2011 opens to a new Cosmic reality and people will have to wake up or go to sleep forever as the Matrix veils fall away.

Neptune-Uranus in mutual reception mean that potentially people will see the invisible world and understand the message from afar. This is an absolutely stunning opening gambit, because the ruler of Pisces and of Cosmic spirituality - Neptune in Aquarius - is in a 30 degree angle to Uranus, and thus in mutual reception of and to Uranus in Pisces, the awakener and liberating planet that rules Aquarius and the masses which Neptune will have dissolved by then gently with its own deceptive brand of mind control...

This alignment augurs well for 2011, and beyond. However, come March, Uranus follows Jupiter again into into Aries, and then things do get intense, as we saw in the opening gambit of the decade in 2010. The sign of Aries, tenacious, and where things begin, hosts both the energizing planets that impel and propel humanity towards change, trail blazing and knowcking down all barriers; things will have to be new then or die. but then, these two planets are opposed by Saturn, ruler of order, in Libra sign of justice and peace, while all challenged by transpersonal Pluto in Capricorn, urging the earth to restructure, and to ultimately unite as a race known as humankind. All this spells out into a fight of the Cosmic Titans Chronos, Ouranos, and Zeus. Based on who is fartest away and thus impacting time longer, Uranus the breaker of resistance will win...

Asteroid Chiron moves into Pisces in February, for a long time until 2017/18 adding to this spirit of merging humans and diluting the artificial boundaries and divisions existing between all the races of humanity. Chiron travels still close to Neptune, enhancing this mood toward the transpersonal altruistic learning curve of mysticism. Jupiter will race through Aries fast, and reach Taurus on 6/6, while Neptune will have entered for the first time its own realm - Pisces - after over two centuries, on 4/4. Neptune will dip back into late Aquarius once more from August 2011 to Januray 2012.

Memorable May Day may be Code Red: An intersting highlight is May 1st, shortly before the new moon, when the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus (six planets) all travel in the Aries bandwidth across from Saturn in mid Libra. Moon and Jupiter align with Mars that day at 22 degrees Aries. It will be grand! You'll have to get up early to catch that Aries me first display of planetary power. Sun being at 10 degrees Taurus that day - 20 degrees apart - I am not certain the alignment is visible, maybe barely, just before sunrise. The Node on the galactic center trines the alignment, so I read this as really spectacularly empowering stuff, loaded with Cosmic wisdom.

Jupiter in Taurus after early June will bring a grounding energy to all things transpersonal. This means that in June and July, Jupiter and Neptune form a very beneficial alignment of 60 degrees, which may well translate into some useful and peaceful, or practical as well as spiritual activity world wide, and I feel the food chain will be glad to see all this happen.

Saturn spends all of 2011 in Libra, making certain all alliances are useful and beneficial. Saturn in Libra is concerned with justice and fairness, and yet its drawback in that position is that it can be too exacting, highminded, and often negate justice, and in fact lead to rupture of agreements, or produce unrealistic expectations. On top of it, and for most of the time in 2011, to spoil it all, Saturn makes demanding aspects to its fellow Cosmic wanderers, the other outer planets in Aries and Capricorn.

Pitted by a cross aspect against Pluto in Capricorn, sign ruled by Saturn, when in Libra Saturn stands no chance, but the combinations spells war, not peace, I must admit. However, 2011 does end on a spactacular triangular note between Saturn and Neptune, where spiritual and imaginary concepts might synchronize for a moment and actually yield results, and I know this will be a good time to sign treaties or make a new global agreement a reality.

The total lunar eclipse on June 15th is of geometric perfection as it puts the sun close to Mercury at 24 Gemini and the eclipsed full moon exactly on the North Node at 24 Sagittarius, or close to the Galactic Center. There will be a wise moment of Cosmic Peace during that day, and the days thereafter. The total counter eclipse of the moon on December 10th puts sun and moon in the opposite degree signs and is equally well aspected by other planets.

We will see in 2011 that an oversoul type first cause, or original source, known as 'Cosmos', is linked by an energy or motion, call it time and spirit, to all the little souls on earth where past present and future meet in one great gateway to Cosmos. There will be an upgrading of awareness going on, and whatever happens in the real world, it will be meaningful and suggest this teaching here:

A new understanding of very ancient and fragmented wisdom.

Major discoveries will be made while Uranus and Jupiter are in Aries, and these breakthroughs will change the future of earthlings for the better. Science will make vast steps toward self-empowerment, and enormous progress to join spirituality in explaining that which no religion has ever been able to comprehend or to impart to people will be achieved. By then, the secret of life might be found, and artificial life and the explanation of what a soul is about is within sight, but elusively out of reach...

2011 may well be seen in hindsight as the year of empowerment, although I cannot exactly predict what kind of crisis will usher in this new consciousness. 2011 is technologically speaking not for fainthearted - and these little aliens will have a say in it too. You can rest assured of it and you want to well prepared mentally and spiritually to see through the "techno-spiritual paradigm" as 2011 become the famous 2012... the details of which... and the next decades are subjects of the books "ZEN OF STARS" & "FORESEEN" . . .

- St.Clair

Post Script to my friends ...
the ...
" e - p e o p l e "

" e - p e o p l e "
Note to friends and selected clients.
Transformation of the astrologer into the seer . . .
This is the time I had been writing about for many years, preparing people I met on-line or face to face for things no words can explain really, and it is why my two books are circulating now underground, but highly visible nonetheless, as Pluto and Jupiter are in CAPRICORN.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto was exact on December 11 and 12, 2007 - and as the gap tightened, life on planet Earth began to take on a supra-natural atmosphere. Many of us know that now something BIG is about to happen in 2008 and 2009 - and change is due. Psychic sensitivity flares up, making many of us uncannily accurate about who is contacting us on the phone, and what will be said before a contact begins. In fact most contacts at this point are purely via telepathy and are in no need for emails or phones, and I just experienced this with my friend who lives half way around the world.

Try not to mistake these psychic gifts for the true spiritual "thing." Jupiter's rendez-vous with Pluto parts the veils of consciousness and allows many dimensions of space time to be felt simultaneously, and with magnified clarity. But do not fear this either — it is only of the moment and just possibly meant to stimulate curiosity about the multitude of realms we cannot see but definitely feel. This is the beginning of invible worlds my books describe. Remember, this is a test on personal participation in a larger cycle of transformation. And the only "right" answers are real and authentic answers.

Pluto's transit through Sagittarius began in early 1995, and some of us began then a huge journey, and the first end of that cycle occurs on January 25, 2008, when Pluto enters Capricorn. That is when a new atmosphere will be felt. Yes, Pluto retrogrades back into Sagittarius once more next year, but the end of that retrograde will not have the same impact as the one we are feeling now. We will have tasted Pluto in Capricorn, which will have already catalyzed a new journey of much higher consciousness, and the second ending isn't punctuated by a Jupiter / Pluto conjunction; it is however then accompanied by something much more intense: Saturn, ruler of the sign that hosts Pluto soon, will oppose Uranus, and that theme is about the internet and information revolution, and with it the real disclosure of treaties with extraterrestrial influences comes along... as shown in FORESEEN.

Pluto is breaking down resistance and is bringing a total transformation, and it will have already started the next process by next year. In Capricorn Pluto will transform society and government. In FORESEEN I show what Pluto in Capricorn will most probably mirror and what we should prepare for.For the last thirteen years, as Pluto journeyed through Sagittarius, it has changed global communications into a transformative tool. During that same time Uranus passed through Aquarius and half of Pisces, and this then brought a whole new style in how we connect to "e-people."

The Internet has united us seemingly -- and we actually became a global market, so feel some people. Pluto always reveals shadows, and one of the shadows of global communication visible under Pluto's presence is the dark side of cyber-space. While the Internet is a fantastic tool for research and connection, it has also become a dumping ground for fear-driven psy-ops and mind control via things like "myspace" and in so-called alternative news web sites and forums in a network that i call the "conspiracy cave central." In that cave people discuss conspiracies, but they do not really understand what is going on in the world at large, let alone inside of themselves.It is not difficult by now to download the entire contents of psyche, personal and collective, into a virtual vacuum without an understanding of how the psychic transfer might impact the ether and the e-people.

The internet has also become a tool for mind control and for infecting otherwise sane minds. The hoax of 2012 is one such example, but you will understand that when 2013 begins... Just as the explorers and missionaries infected indigenous peoples with diseases and religions, so, too, the electronic world has its germs, and those viruses have infected minds and hearts.

Too many of us can no longer delineate fact from fiction and truth from tale, even the wisest among us have a hard time contextualizing the data. But forget about being intellectually capable to synthezize it all -- like I did in my two books ZEN OF STARS and FORESEEN. One of the biggest lessons of Pluto in Sagittarius is how mentally and spiritually damaged people now are, and how ill equipped most of us are to handle the intensity of that psychic overload from too much dis - information. And nothing is private.

It is why I say we best move on fast to telepathy and face to face meetings.

During this time ahead - the age of heightened psychic insight, contemplate your attitude and response to the digital age, as well as your relationship to privacy. How do you use the internet? Observe and then ask yourself this:Is it really wise to share everything that goes through our minds? What constitutes too much information? Are there other remedies to isolation and loneliness? Was Krishnamurti trying to teach something fifty years ago and ahead of his time? What would he do today if he had the tools I master now?

Well, what should I do next with Capricorn Pluto-Jupiter. That will be the next story for later - next year starting in few weeks... Is it possible to create healthy boundaries in cyberspace? With Pluto in my first house I should be the expert at that now. Well, there are no "right" answers to Pluto's questions — there is just the truth each of us holds in our heart. And in keeping with the Sagittarian theme of diversity, there is also the hope for mutual respect coupled with cross-cultural compassion for all sentient beings. That includes the ETs.

And then there is Krishnamurti who stated: "Truth is a pathless land." And I said that "Intelligence - faster than thought - is defined by the purpose of its use."And I said that under this aspect of telepathy begins the age of time travel. The ability to guide ourselves from our own future is challenged now, which is what I show as my astrological timing specialty to my select clients, in lengthy emails that travel via google into their homes, where they learn how to defeat the 4th dimensional parasitic entities that haunt some of them - while this ambitious age of timeless Capricornian realizations dawns.

The best I can suggest to my "e-people" is that they meet me in my safe place, face to face, or in the EuroZone airport -- and that we discuss these things in private meetings known as confidential seminars attended by only one or two human beings. Yes I know I am by now the most expensive astrologer on the planet, so I was told, but perhaps clients have found that astrology was a mere disguise for my real work which has no name. How do you call a guy who has the sight - expensive? So be it. Probably I also know what I am doing . . .

Clients do thank me for the time I spend to assist them in taking new directions for their destinies. It is true that considering the time I invest into my clients, the fees they pay are actually small.As to my seeing of the events, I am sure the hidden governments would like to know what I see. Some of their remote seers contact me via telepathy now, asking me if it is a good idea to position the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. It is an interesting question. Others ask me if it is smart to sign the next ET treaty.

I think humanity must first be sovereign and then make a wise choice based on knowledge...

When I press "send" on this message, during Scorpio moon, this e-mail will also go to "e-people" in places where the Greys of time line 45 are in serious sessions with the Nordics of time line 52 and the humans from 2008 . . . working on that new treaty to save 2012. So they wanted to know what I see in my own Looking Glass Technology`?Well: I think the above says it all. Transformation from astrologer to seer.And from seer to Transformer of events...

Have you seen
Peace -

St.Clair discusses forty years ahead:

"Thought shattering itself
against its own nothingness
is the explosion of meditation."
- Krishnamurti

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