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"The future belongs to him who knows how to wait." - Russian Proverb

While FORESEEN is in preparation, this blog offers timely opinions on issues facing humanity, and updates on the explosive content of the new book.

St.Clair discusses forty years ahead:

"Thought shattering itself
against its own nothingness
is the explosion of meditation."
- Krishnamurti

The WingMakers creator - known simply as James - answered certain readers questions over the past years, and St.Clair gave astrological timing context to this following exchange of ideas:

The arrival of the outermost planet of our solar system in 2009 into the sign that rules time and structure, society and governments, heralds a complete overhaul of everything to do with structural society as we knew it. What can this entail? This is the subject of the book ZEN OF STARS - Futures of Planet Earth. It is then delineated with precise predictive material in FORESEEN - due out 11.11.2008 world wide.

Although we can track back Pluto every 250 years in the sign of Capricorn, and in theory we can look at the cycles of changes that occur each time the planet of transformation reaches the sign ruling societal structure, nothing in known human history compares with what we will witness. There is a vast test ahead for mankind.

The events on the horizon are most probably to be seen as symptoms of a far deeper inner change our species - human beings - is entering into now. 2012 is widely seen as an important time marker. Much has been made of the date "2012", but much of it is disinformation and fear-mongering.

This astrologer sees it as a mere transition point among many in a zone of time ranging from 2008-2024. There will not be a singular event that we can single out as a cause for future changes. The changes have begun a while back and reach a climax during the time Uranus and Pluto square off in 2014 / 2015. New abilities are on the horizon among the positive changes foreseen.

See for this the "OUTLOOK 2008-2050" - by St.Clair, which gives an overview of what will matter in the long run.

Once the planet’s population reaches the ability of global seeing and communication -- shown in ZEN OF STARS -- those who can apply the new global communications platform naturally seek a conceptual structure that unifies the population of the world, via any world order, new or old. And this is not new. However, meanwhile we witness simultan earth and climate changes bringing security issues we must address without fear.

This development towards safety is done first economically, and then, militarily. Earth is well underway in both domains, economy and defense, but the dampening effect of the so-called terrorist network is what will help to temper the will of the population to unify.

Questions: Who really are the "terrorists" and what is the state within the state? How much is known about "social engineering" & "controlled disorder" and the techniques of mass manipulation used by hidden governments?

Once this unification of the human mind group is established, the population will be better able to collaborate and share resources and technologies that come from the discoveries awaiting mankind. Unification as such is NOT a bad thing. It is only dreaded by those who fear that their roots are taken away.

Our political, military, and media leaders do not share this perspective, not because they lack sensibility, but because their systems of reference are designed to protect what has been established by previous generations as our self interest, rather than to understand the broader context as it relates to the vital discoveries that lie ahead.

Uranus - planet associated with awakening, liberation, and often seen as an omen of "disruptive" events - is making very challenging aspects to other outer planets for a long time. The tracking of Uranus is discussed in FORESEEN in great detail, sign by sign. Uranus represents really the UNFORESEEN.

In the minds of each of you who reads this lies the gnawing line of question related to the OUTER world: where will this invasive terrorism lead and how far will it go? Will it lead to a world war? Will the world economy weaken as a result?

I can answer yes to the last two questions, but it will not overtake the world’s progression to unify, but rather hasten its realization. While sacrifices will be required, it will generate a new sense of collective purpose and connection among the nations and tribes of Earth.

If you remain absorbed in the media-defined expression of this dramatic story as it ensues, instead of asking your own anticipatory guidance for advice, you may be misguided to think and act as our leaders do, which is centered on the protection of the self-interests of the "free world." You can ask yourself this: how free is this world really?

You may instead choose to rely more on the leadership of your inmost self during the times that will come, and place the disruptive and yet enlightening events in the broader context of the journey that lies ahead — both for you as an individual and humanity as a whole.

Each of you feels probably that you have walked unwittingly through a gate, and, having seen what’s on the other side, you want to return from whence you came, but the gate locked behind you. You have passed a point of no return whithout knowing you did so... now what?

We have entered a new world where our vulnerability has been drawn in sharp relief. What lies ahead is not of our conscious designs, but rather it is an expression of our accumulated self-interests and general ignorance of the First Source and its plans for us, and of our not knowing our own Wholeness Navigator; and subconsciously, there are few on Earth who do not realize this. In fact it is fair to say everyone knows deep down that things will never be the same again.

There is no one to blame for this condition. Remember this well.

It is an evolutionary element of the long process for a humanoid species to achieve the scientific discovery of the higher dimensions from which humanity is woven. Upon this journey humankind has struggled before, after it originated from the stars, but it has always found its way forward to its ultimate goal, and it is this goal — subtle as it may be — that seeks to articulate itself in the hearts and minds of all of you who are incarnate at this time.

There will be new tests that will assail humanity throughout the 21st century; some will be more profoundly shattering than those witnessed this week, month or year ahead. We can track these tests via the alinments the planets make to one another quite clearly, ahead of time. Invariably, the world leaders will draw a line between good and evil and seek to eradicate the evil, and in every instance the target will only extend further into the deep recesses of obscurity and de-centralization.

There is a strategic plan for all life-bearing planets, and this plan is not established at the outset and then cast aside. It is constantly undergoing refinement and adjustment. The only stability in this plan is the ultimate goal; the journey itself weaves, stalls, accelerates, and sometimes even reverses in direction.

St.Clair addressed these issues in his own way, over many years. His grand summary is located in his book Zen of Stars. Multiple essays of his are published in several venues, forums, and web sites dealing with the future, such as the prestigious e-zine: The Remote Viewer

"Action With No Past or Future?"

"Having lived on earth for millennia why are we as we are? What is the future of all of us? During that evolution of experience, knowledge in actual fact what has happened to each of us? What shall we do if we see the fact that we are the entire humanity? What am I to do living in this corrupt society? Will whatever I do affect society? Am I different from society? Is there an action without motive, self-interest, or seeking gain that is not dependent on the past or a pattern of the future?"

- J. Krishnamurti


In 2007 the Saturn-Neptune opposition dissolves and with that things receive clarification. The "social engineering & controlled disorder" techniques - a form of legal black magic used by secret governments - will become clearer as the Saturn-Uranus opposition builds by 2008 / 2009.

PLUTO passes in line of the Galactic Center two more times in 2007 - the first time having been at the end of 2006. This event happens about once every 250 years, and the last two windows in time were in 1760, when Halley comet was discovered, and in 1514, when Korpernicus first observed Saturn.

What is interesting this time around is that this happens as Jupiter is also in Sagittarius and will make its own approach to the Galactic Center / Sabian Symbol is a Sculptor at Work / in the first week of December 2007, when Mars (in retrograde motion) is moving OPPOSITE of that point. The exact opposition moments for Mars to the Galactic Center are on 9/22/2007 and on 1/11/2008 and again on 2/22/2008.

Then, Pluto enters Capricorn, where it will travel until 2024. Things Capricornian will then be the mega trend and meta issue of our time. Capricorn is a slice in the Cosmos associated with trans-personal considerations, and this means we look at society as a whole, and we investigate the workings of the "inner governments" and the subjects of attempted controlled disorder and social engineering - programs used by dark forces trying to rule the world in its melt down phase.

In this context, St.Clair wishes to thank Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan for their work in publishing a fascinating and at times riveting series of video interviews with those experts in the know who chose to come forward and share what they know at PROJECT CAMELOT - Dr. Dan Burisch at Area 51, Gordon Novel and John Lear among them. You do well to spend a rainy day or two watching all the videos shot by this Hollywood writer director producer team.

There will be disclosure on many subjects, ranging for instance from genetics or the role NASA plays to alien-sourced technology - a mega trend issue which scientist Dr. Gerry Zeitlin has commented on for years.

The Decade Ahead

2009 - 2024 is Pluto in Capricorn - with as its background factor from 2012 onwards Neptune in Pisces, simultan. The most important societal movements on this planet earth began while the U.S.A. paperwork was signed in 1776/77 when Pluto was in Capricorn, and the development of what we know as "America" and its history unfolded within one Pluto cycle. This means also that the societal and industrial developments started around 1760-80 have now run their full course.

Geopolitical changes are now in the works, and its powers will initially concentrate in the hands of the few super-powerful and super-rich, until all of it will implode. Keep in mind that no civilization is conquered from outside until and unless it has been rotting long enough from inside. You will see the relevance of this very soon. The fear of secret enemies and hidden governments will fuel a growing conservatism, peaking out in early 2020 when Saturn passes in line of Pluto in Capricorn, sign ruled by Saturn.

State and corporate leadership and their plutocratic governments may become oppressive under this influence, and consequently, one is advised to anticipate more police state type developments, but also equally powerful - albeit secretive - factions to rebel. "9/11" was one such signal to the powers that be, but this has so far eluded the masses.

This trend is indicated also because of the challenging alignment Uranus makes to Pluto from 2012-2016, and that includes "state within the state" factions and militia groups, and ordinary citizens movements. This development will show world-wide, not only inside America. Europe, Russia, and first and foremost China and India are also ripe for extreme transformations from within.

This (Uranus-Pluto) alignment pattern was what mirrored (some say "caused") among other things the thirteen American founding colonies to begin revolting in 1764 shortly after Pluto last entered Capricorn, which was when Uranus was in Aries, which created a compelling popular force urging chaotically for freedom and independence. The almost exact same signature shows up soon, from 2012-2016, which is the time St.Clair considers as the "dangerous" but also the "enlightening" phase ahead.

((In parenthesis: Themes of this nature are presented well in advance to the public in the much acclaimed, cancelled and revived new TV series "JERICHO" - distributed via the U.S. news network CBS. This is mentioned here to show social engineering at work, at its very finest.))

These explosive Uranus-Pluto energies will be the most defining influence for the coming decade, bringing the cultural, social, scientific, political, and military revolutions that began in 1965/66 under a Pluto-Uranus conjunction into the next dynamic phase, until that syndrome resolves around 2047/48 when Uranus opposes Pluto.

Everything birthed in the mid Sixties (you who read these lines included if you were born then) is bound to take quantum leaps forward, such as movements for social justice, civil rights, paradigm-busting technologies like the i-phone and black-berries, and the management of human genetics and the world-wide eco-systems.

Now - 2008/2009 - is the time in which not only to envision, but to begin instantly manifesting the results we wish to see, to make miracles happen in our personal lives - a thing for which we are wired by DNA; and it is a period that shows also quite a volatile time ahead during these dates of fundamental transformative event zones.

All this comes on the heels of the long standing Saturn-Neptune & Saturn-Uranus opposition which is - as we now know - indicative of tectonic shifts, tsunamis, earth movements, water shortages, replacement of oil as a source of energy, and all the themes associated with sustainable living and thinking new thoughts. This is certainly also a reason why this astrologer has aligned himself early on with experts on subjects like safe place engineering.

If we look at Saturn in Virgo -- NOW -- as the manifestation planet and bringer of form to these disciplines of frugality and of logic, and places of retreats and restraint, in constructive aspects for over a year to Jupiter in Capricorn during 2008 -- that can expand these matters positively and usefully -- then we see that these windows of time when Pluto makes its alignment with the source of wisdom known as the Galactic Center are well starred for ventures dealing with solutioning the problems we perceive on the horizon.

To be in "problem solutioning" mode, St.Clair suggests we study calmly - and apply as best as we can - this outstanding modern version of the ancient text known as

Another excellent text is The Songs of The Tibetan Masters - click into the inscrutable face here:

Once Pluto settles into Capricorn after 2009, things turn seriously towards the transformations of earth and humanity. Usefulness becomes a key concern. Pluto and Neptune - always seen as a couple, and discussed at great length in FORESEEN - show and suggest that on the whole, as a humanity, we move from fear based thinking to a more conducive behavior of cooperation over the next decades. This is delineated with the time tables of planets shown in the books by St.Clair who likes to remind you of this enlightening story:

"Emperor Wu of China was a very benevolent Buddhist. He built many temples and monasteries, educated many monks, and performed countless philanthropic deeds in the name of Buddhism. He asked the great teacher Bodhidharma, "What merit is there in my good works?"

Bodhidharma replied, "None whatsoever." The Emperor then asked, "What is the Primal meaning of Holy Reality?" Bodhidharma answered, "Emptiness, not holiness." The Emperor then queried, "Who, then, is this confronting me?" "I do not know," was Bodhidharma's reply. Since the Emperor did not understand, Bodhidharma left his kingdom.

Later, the Emperor related this conversation to an adviser, Prince Shiko. Shiko reprimanded him, saying that Bodhidharma was a great teacher possessed of the highest truth. The Emperor, filled with regret, dispatched a messenger to entreat Bodhidharma to return. But Shiko warned, "Even if all the people in the land went, that one will never return."

The time lines shown by St.Clair suggest a certain degree of caution is indicated for the windows of 2/22/2008, and 11/22/2008 - moments bridging a phase in which many forces align for a potentially explosive as well as exciting denouement. The reader needs no knowledge of astrology to follow the easy to grasp outline given by one of the leading astrologers of the world.

Read much more at - FORESEEN - Beyond Time

" F O R E S E E N " - sequel to Zen of Stars - is published.

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