Sunday, April 15, 2007


Mass Migrations

The alignments made by Uranus & Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn during the years up to 2017 clearly show a trend discussed in great detail in ZEN OF STARS (Chapter dealing with MIGRATIONS) where we outline how the ongoing and accelerating climate and earth changes will lead to water wars, societal upheaval and thus then also to a massive security issue for ALL human beings on this planet, regardless of creed, religion, nationality or ethnicity.

In Zen of Stars we outline in deeper ways the proposed solution, which is to engineer and build a network of safe places far away from cities, off of the grid. Some of the key elements promulgated in Zen of Stars were FORESEEN by St.Clair as far back as 1965 and first published in parts in 1995.

The vision of a safe place in the making to avoid the consequences of an obviously FORESEEN societal meltdown that goes hand in hand with the coming years of Pluto in Capricorn is delineated and structured so as to help the readers to see the importance of this issue on their own.

Now, after several politicians, thinkers, scientists and think tanks (in Arlington, Virginia) have studied the book ZEN OF STARS, we see the emergence of an AP article -- quoting retired admirals and generals at CNN -- fully validating in broad public daylight what the book discusses: Why do we stress so much the point of sustainable living safe places as the solution to the trends we SEE clearly ahead?

Read St.Clair in: "TRANSITION ZONE"

This report -- quoting retired highest ranking military officers such as General Zinni -- published by Associated Press (AP) in many main stream media outlets such as CNN disappeared from the internet as soon as it was made public, which is strange as it is, as it repeats now in 2007 what I wrote about in a chapter about MIGRATIONS in the book ZEN OF STARS, when I spoke about the water wars we will soon be facing.

Report predicts:
wars over water, hunger, displacement in the next 30-40 years;
• "Climate change exacerbates already unstable situations."
• General Zinni: "We can pay with money now or with lives later to address problems."

"University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver said the military officers were smart to highlight the issue of refugees who flee unstable areas because of global warming. "There will be tens of millions of people migrating, where are we going to put them?" Weaver also said that over the past years, scientists, who by nature are cautious, have been attacked by conservative activists when warning about climate change. This shows that it's not a liberal-conservative issue, Weaver said."

St.Clair discusses forty years ahead:

In context, study the speech by Krishnamurti at U.N. given by the teacher of the world to the United Nations in 1985. The entire dialogue with questions & answers between the top diplomats & J. Krishnamurti is reproduced here. Click on his portrait:

Krishnamurti said:

"We are concerned in observing all this, how to bring about a radical change in man, how to bring about a total revolution, not the revolution of bloodshed, physical revolution, that doesn’t lead anywhere. There is only one revolution, psychological, inward revolution, because the human being, you, is the society. You have built the society. And in that society, in that culture, you are caught, therefore you are the world, and the world is you."