Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: Multi-Polar ET World Order


A new reality emerges: Is the multi-polar world order a sign towards an inter-planetary society?

In his books FORESEEN and ZEN OF STARS, world leading counsel & astrologer St.Clair correctly predicted the rising value of gold, the fall of the US Dollar, and the emergence of a multi-polar ET world order for the time when Pluto enters Capricorn in 2009.

His foresight proves correct in light of the EU Lisbon Treaty - signed during the Jupiter-Pluto alignment - to form a single diplomatic force by 1.1.2009, and based on the fact that Russia and Iran implement their nuclear deal.

China masterminds its own world diplomacy, as explained in this Chatham House Study by Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron.

This world briefing blog by St.Clair shows that the planet's body politics are divided into a stratification of knowledge and vital intelligence. He suggests to his clients to seek his knowing. The leading group known as The Incunabula which is the world's alpha organization - NOT affiliated with The Illuminati - does indeed control a dominant share of the world’s money supply and hard assets.

St.Clair further shows in his highly researched forecasts how extra-terrestrial forces are negotiating secret treaties with world governments - designed to control future time travel technologies and earth resources. These subjects are the core of his visionary work.

The question posed by St.Clair: Will mankind join the Cosmic community? His views and comments are presented in this acclaimed Chillon castle video by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.
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DeAnne Hampton wrote:

"Having read St. Clair's informative and inciting Zen of Stars, I greatly anticipated this follow up to that brilliant work, and I was not disappointed. We are living in prophetic times of great and necessary awakening. We all have roles to play and as St. Clair states, are each representatives of future Earth. What I trust and know is that in playing these destined roles in lives of purpose impeccably and fearlessly, we are lighting up the cosmic light-board, so to speak, activating the universal mind and cosmic brain to be the guiding force of the new world we have long anticipated.

Michael St. Clair is not only impeccable and fearless in his reach, he is a master at grounding the intergalactic intelligence in such a way that it stimulates the dormant potentials lying within the remembrance and hearts of humanity. He is a visionary, a pioneer, a way shower and compassionate Universalist whose connection to the heart's intelligence allows for a higher intelligence to express through his work and being.

When I first held a copy of Foreseen in hand, as with Zen of Stars, I felt deep gratitude and the electrical impulse of my entire memory, past present and future being activated. In this, The Foreseen serves not only to be a captivating, riveting, provocative, intelligent read and use of precious time..... but an activating prism of each person's future self and the important work each is charged with for the future of our planet.

These are compelling times. These are times of change and courage and radically fierce authenticity to step up and out from the veils of this dimension, into our agreed upon and timely responsibilities to future Earth. St. Clair has given us the reflection of our own potentials and possibilities as a stellar representative of the cosmic mind, manifesting purpose.

I highly recommend creating the space for Zen of Stars and Foreseen to come into your reality as you know it today. I guarantee that there will be an intelligent and empowered awakening within you that cannot help but alter your awareness, your perception, your current level of consciousness and most importantly your own willingness to step up to the plate of your divine destiny!"

The books Zen of Stars and Foreseen by Michael St.Clair have made it possible for me to see into the future -- Profoundly informative essential reading I could not put the books down until they were finished - I have been changed by these writings.

Sally Williams

His predictions are of thought-provoking accuracy. St.Clair is the architect of a series of stunning star-guided power divination tools which he calls:

Magical Nuclear Astro-Resonators