Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guidance From The Future

The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait.

In his new book - F O R E S E E N- St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.

By 2080 these concepts will be understood by societies intent on achieving convergence with their innermost self. He shows how our future selves are the guidance of the future, communicating with mankind across the bridge of time.

YOU can read a book for entertainment, or you can study a book that changes your life. With FORESEEN you will do both.

F O R E S E E N gives essential astrological information about the core navigator codex, activated through conscious awareness, allowing the spirit to time travel the paths of its own existence. The spiritual sciences were lost as individuals forfeited their ability to understand the guidance of their own design.

The Codex is embedded within the light encoded DNA, resonating to create the future. St.Clair connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars. He frees humanity, one soul at a time.

With FORESEEN published, Michael St.Clair stands to win the Nobel Prize for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. The outstanding book convinces readers with its precision-guided prophecy.

Readers around the world are connecting to this work by The Master of The Light via spontaneous awakening. - FORESEEN is essentially a reality time travel mystery, an entertaining ET thriller based on our future interactions with off-world cultures.

FORESEEN - published by NewMind Technologies - the global consulting group created for this purpose, is circulating now. It is not necessary - but recommended - to know Zen of Stars when seeing this presentation.

There are a total of over fifty essay-chapters in Zen of Stars - five of which are contained in this blog. They represent the core trends. While it takes relevant time and energy to ponder their meaning, it is a most beneficial process - designed to expand your higher consciousness.

Here is the ultimate work explaining meta issues & mega trends, as well as how safe places will function over the next generations. Friends who read Zen of Stars, ask St.Clair questions about its sequel FORESEEN, to which both this introduction - "Surfing The Impossible" - and this blog answer.

Zen of Stars is very well received. The Spanish version is done. French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, and more, are in preparation - thanks to readers who volonteer their professional services while applying NewMind Technology. A new video with St.Clair is forthcoming soon.

Spanish: El Zen de Las Estrellas released.
ATLANTIS ORACLE HandBook is available.

This intense blog highlights transformative events facing safe place earth. It shows how best to prepare and adapt inside yourself. In essence it suggests to make First Soul Contact - which is a good point to start your journey here . . .

"The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait." - gives you a much anticipated update. Enjoy it!

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This blog is filled with very unusual resource links to the right, making FORESEEN - the blog version - a veritable anthology of astrology and star science. You will find for instance the Ephemeris by Khaldea, with thousands of years worth of alignments, and all fixed stars here, as well as a list of the 360 Sabian Symbols

KRISHNAMURTI - His famous UN speech on World Peace

A R G O N A U T - by St.Clair is the special news service for followers of the labyrinthine web site group developed around Passage11.com where more indepth studies and resources are stored for future research reference.

Rising sea level is primarily a concern for sensitive, low-lying coastal areas. Sea-level-rise

New: "Ashes & Snow" -"MY MEMOIRS - by St.Clair"

Visit regularly! Expanding into the future - NewMindTech Videos - presenting components "The Modern Tao" or "The Cave" and the essays of "World Under Siege". To the right, St.Clair features many resources he recommends you study. His three major trend outlooks are shown in a première here:

The four decades ahead - An analysis by St.Clair
World Outlook 2050 and 12 MegaTrend Longterm Horoscopes

Short term outlook four years: 2008-2011 HOROSCOPES

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November 11, 2007 – Ahead of us lies a new reality. In his latest supra-natural thriller, FORESEEN – Beyond Time, astrologer Michael St.Clair introduces for the first time a true extra-terrestrial message from the future, looking back into our world through his seer eyes of tomorrow. This compelling book gives hope, while delivering mind-altering, precision-guided, and prophetic prediction techniques.

Michael St.Clair picks up where Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey left off. Once a decade an intriguing, paradigm shifting book emerges: FORESEEN, a high impact success, underground bestseller and future classic. Extremely useful for generations to come, destroying fear-based myths and “2012-Y2K-9/11” type deceptions, this visionary work frees mankind, one soul at a time. It shows how we guide ourselves, from our own future.

In the sequel to Zen of Stars, St.Clair speaks to the soul, not to the mind. Readers connect with his writing via spontaneous awareness, awakening to the liberating truth within. This book, a time travel living technology, is what the world needs now. It captures in simple terms the psychic core issues facing us and suggests the trail-blazing solutions we are left with in a world under siege.

The sane future is open source and hands on innovation, created and shared by people, for people, to express and develop their creative talents, without the ruling elite exploiting them via mass mind control. St.Clair foresees communities of light, developing networked solutions, using local resources. Imagination and guided power to dream take the mind beyond the grey zone of commerce, and into an existence worth living.

In FORESEEN St.Clair states: “The technology of the future is the human mind.”

He reveals long lost secrets of the Atlantean Knights Templars. Their simplicity and adaptability made them the functional enemy of the hierarchy. He writes Cosmic laws in light-encoded words into the unfolding story, in an entertaining and enlightening way. Light-hearted at times, FORESEEN makes even dark subjects – such as alien-resourced technology exchange and artificial intelligence – a spell-binding experience.

Readers develop skills to imagine subtle dimensions of time travel and true extra-terrestrial contact. St.Clair does not give all the answers, because looking back from the future, he knows we are the answer, where each one must find his own way of understanding the mysteries of life. Travelling into our future, revealing a strategic overview of many incarnations woven together to create a timeless tapestry of life, the soul is the weaver, and our incarnations are the threads of the fabric in which we clothe our spirit.

St.Clair connects mysteries of Atlantis with extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars. This life-changing and mind-altering book opens new perspectives on the role of extra-terrestrial intelligence, by the world’s leading political astrologer St.Clair, is released by NewMind Technologies.

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