Monday, September 20, 2010

Foreseen Beyond Time

Question: I heard that God has read your latest book. How do you feel about that?
Answer: I hope he understood it ..

In FORESEEN - Beyond Time, St.Clair shows how our future selves are the unseen guides of our own destiny. We are the guidance of the future, gently communicating with mankind across the mysterious bridge of time.

FORESEEN takes readers into a state of knowing who they are at a much deeper level. By 2080 the concepts in this book will be widely understood by societies intent on achieving convergence with their innermost self.

FORESEEN gives essential astrological information about the core navigator codex, activated through conscious awareness, allowing the spirit to time travel the paths of its own existence.

The spiritual sciences were lost to mankind, as individuals lost the ability to understand the guidance of their own design. The Codex is embedded within the light encoded DNA, resonating to create the future.

St.Clair connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars.

Either we abandon the long-honored Theory of Relativity, or we cease to believe that we can engage in continued accurate prediction of the future. Indeed, knowing the future raises a host of questions which cannot be answered under conventional assumptions unless o­ne first projects an Observer outside of Time and, second, nullifies all movement.

If you accept the Theory of Relativity, it can be shown that Time and the Observer must stand still in relationship to each or inaccuracies will intervene. This would seem to say that it is impossible to engage in accurate prediction of the future. How, then, do we explain the continued seeking after this visionary goal by respected scientists?

Among St.Clair’s noted 1999 predictions were rising oil and gold prices, the falling dollar, collapse of housing markets, the 2000 ballot recount, as well as future elections and re-elections of key heads of states. He predicted wars, global land degradation, and ever more powerful hurricanes. He also shared his highly original and unusual insights about the future mind of mankind.

St.Clair advises people world-wide to seek safe places and to engineer islands of light communities, to sail the seas of change. He advocates sustainable living, natural health and the use of orgone energy to rebalance the earth.

His compelling documentary at Ch√Ęteau Chillon –
masterful video shot by Hollywood producer director Kerry Cassidy – has been met with increasing awareness. This unique interview provoked significant interest across the internet, inspiring many to look beyond the illusory paradigm.

Zen of Stars is being translated into many languages, and is hailed to be the most relevant work in delineating the future. Spontaneous and heart-felt reviews praise this unique work of quantum field High Magic. This is a time traveller's master piece of guided writing.

ForeSeen Beyond Time is an advanced hyper-dimensional guidance for the most fascinating times humanity will ever witness. The book touches the essential nerve of mankind and co-creators in outer space. St.Clair’s visionary work immediately comes alive.

Within moments of seeing it, you discover from within that it is indeed the living time travel technology the world was waiting for.

As part of the NewMind, ForeSeen is designed for you to engineer your own incarnation from your future, while transcending into the now. Possibly, St.Clair – his master of the light, and his work – will change your life, as he frees mankind, one soul at a time. Foreseen alters reality with light-encoded words.

St.Clair's Radiant Zone Networks - are part of an advanced client advisory service - showing individuals and small groups how to enact meaningful and life enhancing transformation in their newly self-empowered existence.

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, on 28 February 1959, renowned astrologer and leading world councillor St.Clair studied law and political sciences as a young man, and served as aide-de-camp and Intel officer to a senior Swiss army general.

Today St.Clair specializes in issues pertaining to Radiant Zone Networks .. St.Clair RZ Network