Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Light-Seeds Almanac 2011 - 2013

2011-2013 Light-Seeds Almanac, outlining a vision into the future. Ahead of us lie a number of probable futures, spread out like the fingers of a hand. Only one of those futures will become our physical reality; but that does not mean to say that the other futures do not exist in parallel realities - it simply means we do not take those other routes.

Alternative realities span out across a quantum landscape like paths, trails, roads and motorways .. directions many people take on multiple journeys across the illusions of separate time and space - with some of us going in the same direction on different roads. It is often the case that psychics or seers view alternate realities similar to our own and mistake these visions as 'our future'.

In some ways our future unfolds in a natural organic way. The least understood aspect of the future is the hidden inner psyche of a planetary culture. The organic human species are one planetary culture regardless of race, gender or social status.

*September 29 2010 - This is a crucial time for everyone living on the planet, including the next four generations. Everyone on Earth is going to be affected by the emerging cultural changes happening in the three years from January 2011 to December 2013.

It will be discovered that plant cells transmit electrical current and magnetic current far more accurately that metalic magnetic compounds. This discovery alone and its applications, will alter the inequality and poverty of countries suffering under the weight and cost of elite metal sourcing.

*October 05 2010 - High Rents & Economic Constraints For Local Economies: The previous update related to a major breakthrough in technology from metal based (reflective) to plant cell based (absorbant). Technology is only part of the changes to unfold in the years ahead. One of the most important changes relates to how we value local resources. At present local resources are greatly undervalued. Like gold and silver local resources have a real value far greater than people today realise or appreciate.

Banks and financial societies bulding houses to sell and rent to make money will come to an end. To understand why, it is important to understand the real meaning of 'value' and how people in the future will determine value.

Light-Seeds Almanac